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Do you believe the prophets?

77 Prophets Speak of YAHUW!

Joh 5:39  You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me, 

Joh 5:40  yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life. 

Our Savior relied heavily on the Prophets. He quotes the Prophets in Mt 1:23, 2:5,18, 3:3, 4:4, 7, 10, 17 and many more. The first Prophet Matthew quotes is named "YashaYAHUW" (Isaiah) meaning "The Savior is YAHUW." Check it out in any Hebrew dictionary. So why would anyone other than YAHUW the Savior ever validate YashaYAHUW? No "Jesus" or YeaSus or YeSu would ever quote a prophet named "The Savior is YAHUW!" Many Christian scholars know this but ignore the prophets so that they can collect a paycheck. 

Simply put, you cannot serve Jesus and YAHUW. Jesus teaches you to be content with being a slave. YAHUW teaches you to "Live free or die fighting!" The Church's Jesus teaches you to ignore the Ten Commandments because "his grace saves you." YAHUW teaches us to memorize and pledge to the 14 Covenant Laws so that we sin no longer. Then we still need the blood of YAHUW and baptism in YAHUW's Name  to cleanse our sins.

Amazingly, the Holy Bible preserved this OS prophecy "I come in My Father's Name but you do not receive Me. If another come in his own name (like Jesus), him you will receive." Jn 5:43.

It is so amazing that in spite of all the major prophets proclaiming YAHUW in their very names, the Christian and Catholic scholars refuse to exhibit the basic integrity of using YAHUW for our Savior. 

But there is a reason for this conspiracy. It is not just about the Name YAHUW, it is about what YAHUW has stood for down through the centuries. The original YAHUWda were BarbariYAns! They were radical freedomites, bowing down before NO empires, kings, emperors or rulers other than YAHUWAH alone! This is why the only group of people designated as enemies of Constantine's new "Holy Roman Catholic Empire" at the beginning Council of Nicea in 326 AD was "the YAHUWdi." Constantine made it a death penalty to be a YAHUWdi, to have a copy of their Original Scriptures or even to worship on Sabbath day! That's when he declared  the "Sungod day" as the day of worship. The YAHUWdi threatened hIs empire more than all other relgions. Why? 

Simple. The original message of YAsha was "Bow before no rulers!" 

Constantine and all empires after him, mocked these original believers as "pagan BarbariYAns."  They should fear the BarbariYAns. They have ended every empire ever built! They ended the Roman Catholic Empire 6 times! We have one more final war to fight with them! Now it is time to finish the Revolution against Empire tyranny and toward BarbariYAn Democracy. 

"All the prophets agree, that through His Name we have forgiveness of sins" Acts 10:43.

And now we BarbariYAn "Sons of The Son YAH" return!

It's time to return to the true Prophets.