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Why Holy Bibles are Evil

Especially Lew White's stolen "The Scriptures"


Why the Holy Bible and especially “The Scriptures” (stolen by Lew White) are Evil!

We YAHUWda of YAsarAEl sound so negative about the “Holy Bible” (HB) and all its various translations. The HB is Satan’s greatest deception ever! “The Scriptures” (stolen by con man drug lord Lew White from Dr Koster and ISR South Africa) is the worse of these deceptions because although it restores many of the prophet’s true names and uses a “near name” to our Savior’s in Babylonian (Aramaic), it still follows the immoral Lawless Yehudi and Catholic texts and pollutions, confusing even the intelligent Seekers. Satan still deceives "the whole world!"

The Jewish (Yehudi) texts are very deceptive because it consists of 33% of stolen Original Scriptures (OS) for its base “honey trap!” That is what attracts us to it. But the great Core Evil comes because they are all translated from Satan’s Empire corrupted Aramaic Hebrew texts and numerous “Holy Roman Catholic Empire” Latin texts. The Original Scriptures were first polluted during the Asshur Empire of Nimrod, but then changed more by the Babylonian Poisoning of 850BC -1250 AD by YAsarEl hating Jewish (Yehudi) scribes and rabbim. They blasphemed our great and sinless Creator by attributing to Him and His servants horrible acts of murder, cruel torture, incest, polygamy, sex slavery, slavery, theft and the divine rights of kings and rulers over us common citizens. 

Thus they provided a “divine example” for future empires to bring enormous suffering upon millions of innocent people and children. These liars who changed AEl YAH’s Written Word will be sent to suffer in “Lower Sheol,” reserved for the most evil men, for their great evil done to millions for 3000 years.

So what specifically did they change? They began by changing the Creation account to fit their 600BY “Babylonian knowledge” of egocentrism, that the earth was the center of the universe! The OS was changed to “In the beginning, the Gods (Elohim) created the Heavens and the Earth.” The earth was created before stars, galaxies, cluster galaxies and the sun. Green grass, herbs and fruit trees were created before the sun was created on the fourth day. Stars were created on the fourth day. We know this is all false and immediately tells us Seekers that this text is not from God. 

Then they changed the original loving story of NUWach’s regional flood in which NUWach first converted and rescued hundreds of local sinners before the regional flood and then saved the children as well as animals to a “Murdering Lord God” who drowned everybody on earth except Noah’s eight. They changed AEl YAH’s Law “Love your nearest ones as yourself” to “kill all the men, women and children” of your enemies!

They changed the redemptive Lawful loving way that YAHUWshua repossessed the Promised Land, always preaching The Covenant of Life and offering terms of peace first, to the heartless immoral genocide “kill every man, woman, child and animal” of Joshua’s Babylonian “Holy” version. They inserted Deut 13 to stone to death unbelievers and slaughter entire villages of those who tolerated unbelievers! They inserted polygamy and concubines as “blessings of the Lord God” by inserting them into the lives of great men like Abraham, David and Solomon. 

The twisted the story of God teaching Abraham to teach his son Isaac to worship YAHUWAH on Mt MoriYAH into a story affirming child sacrifice. They created new evil endings of stories like the Lord killing 70,000 innocent citizens for David’s punishment for taking a census (II Sam 24). 

They even created the story of David murdering his best warrior Uriah by withdrawing his army from him in heat of war so David could steal his wife “lawfully” (II Sam 11:15). Why? Well, the Empire kings and rulers wanted the same “law just for rulers” so they could also steal any soldier’s wife they wanted! The “Holy Roman Catholic” Empire inserted “Slaves, obey your masters as you would the Lord” (Col 3:22) in the New Testament. The Original Scriptures never tolerated slavery of any kind. 

Almighty YAH hates earthly "Kings!" They changed DaUWd’s “First Servant of YAsarAEl” title to “King of Yisrael.” In the OS, the first two Covenant Laws of Life says “Get out of houses of bondage” and “bow to no man.” YAHUWda were forbidden to ever tolerate being a slave unless it was temporary in order to save a nation, like in YAoseph’s case. Kings were forbidden in YAsarAEl. The true DaUWd refused to be king preferring “First Servant of YAsarAEl.” The Babylonian Yehudi changed all the good YAHUWda Servants to be “kings.” The Book of the HB “Kings” was originally “The Prime Servants of YAsarAEl.” Thus they created a religious base for all Empire rulers to use. Servant hood still is in the Holy Bible but it is confusingly muted and overshadowed by special Empire exceptions and royal family privileged lies. Empire kings were “untouchable” or else the “Lord God” would kill you (ex “king Saul’s death”)!

In the OS, AEl YAH allows the “rain to fall equally on the just and unjust” until the “Time of the Pagans” is over. They changed this to be divine blessings always fall upon “the Lord’s People.” YAsarAEl was changed to “Yisrael.” They hated YA/YAH and the OS. The Babylonian Jewish High Priests wanted Empire’s with rulers who could do anything they wanted. But like Constantine in 326 AD, they needed “a Holy Bible” to support their evil acts. Actually, “Holy” was already one of Babylon’s main pagan gods so it was easy to create a popular “Holy Bible.”

Women have been the most abused group of humans on earth. All empire religions make them out to be sex slaves and house slaves of their husbands. This is so universal that even the few good husbands boss their wives. Even in “Democratic America,” women were not allowed to vote until one generation ago! This started with Nimrod’s women slaves. The high respected place of women above men in the OS was changed to polygamy, harems, concubines (sex slaves) and servants in the Holy Bible. All of the women who were elected to speak for their tribes in the OS were replaced by men. All the great women prophets were changed to men. Women were never allowed to fight in war unless 1) all the warrior men were dead and 2) they had no children to raise. Only then could they choose to fight or go hide some of the gentile children or elderly.

The Empire rulers completely changed the original simple “YAHspel” of Salvation from the 10+2+ YAHUW AhabiUW Laws of Life to the confusing Lawless magic statement mess and “Church Salvation” it is today. So why can’t we just purify the Holy Bible? Well could you purify your home if some enemy filled 67% of it with deadly poison? Would you purify a glass of water with 67% poison when you had a tall glass of pure water at your fingertips? Would you invite into your home, a person who murdered kids even just 1% of his time? Of course not! Almighty YAH is sinless. He is perfect. To take the very sins He stands against and attribute them to Him is horrible evil. It is blasphemy to your Creator to give honor to such corruption and moral decadence. 

If you are a teacher, keep your Holy Bibles for teaching pagans the difference but otherwise, you will be blessed to burn all your other Holy Bibles. El YAH predicted that in the Latter Days, men would call what is evil “good” and what is good, they call “evil.”  Is it not now time to call Evil “Evil” and The Good, “Good?” 

If you want to help people getting the eternal poison out of the homes, please text RaphAH at 417-598-3816. Or email us at YAsarel.World@gmail.com