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Why All Bibles today are Evil?


Why even the Holy Bible, the HalleleuYAH Bible, “The Scriptures” and all other Holy Bibles based on Judaism are Evil!

We YAHUWda of YAsarEl sound so negative about the “Holy Bible” and all its various translations. Why? Although "Th“The Scriptures” restores many of the prophet’s names, it still follows the corrupted immoral Lawless Jewish and Catholic texts. It is evil! This is because they are all translated from one of three Satan corrupted Aramaic Hebrew texts and numerous “Holy Roman Catholic” latter NT Latin texts.

 The Jewish texts were first corrupted during the Asshur Empire of Nimrod. Then they were greatly changed by the Babylonian Corruption of 850BC -1250 AD by many Jewish (Yehudi) scribes and rabbi. They blasphemed our great and sinless Creator by attributing to Him and His servants horrible acts of murder, torture, incest, polygamy, sex slavery, slavery, theft and divine rights of kings and rulers over us common citizens. 

They began by changing the Creation account to fit their “modern knowledge” that the earth was the center of the universe! Thus it was changed to “In the beginning, the Gods (Elohim) created the Heavens and the Earth.” Green grass and fruit trees were created before the sun was created on the fourth day. Stars were created after earth. We know this is all false. 

Then they changed the original loving story of NUWach’s regional flood in which NUWach first converted and rescued hundreds of local sinners before the regional flood and then saved the children as well as animals to a “Murdering Lord god” who drowned everybody on earth except Noah’s eight elite.

They changed the redemptive Lawful way YAHUWshua repossessed the Promised Land, always preaching The Covenant and offering terms of peace first, to the heartless immoral “kill every man, woman, child and animal” of Joshua’s Babylonian version. They inserted Deut 13 to stone to death unbelievers and slaughter entire villages of even those who tolerated unbelievers! They inserted polygamy and concubines as a blessing of the Lord god. 

They created new endings of stories like the Lord killing 70,000 innocent citizens for David’s punishment for taking a census. They even created the story of David murdering Uriah by withdrawing his army from him in war so David could steal his wife “lawfully.” Why? Well, the Empire kings and rulers wanted the same law to steal any soldier’s wife they wanted! The Roman Catholic Empire inserted “Slaves, obey your masters as you would the Lord” (Col 3:22). The Original Scriptures never tolerated slavery of any kind. They changed DaUWd’s “First Servant of YAsarEl” title to “King of Yisrael.” Servant hood still is there but it is interlaced with Empire class structure and lies.

They completely changed the original simple Gospel of Salvation to the confusing Lawless mess it is today. Would you like cow manure scattered all over your home? Of course not! It is blasphemy to your Creator to give honor to such corruption and moral decadence. El YAH predicted that in the Latter Days, men would call what is evil “good.” It is now time to call evil “Evil”! Trust only The Original Scriptures, The Eternal Word of YAH. 

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