The Original Perfect Calendar!

Would not the Perfect Original Scriptures have the Perfect Calendar? Yes! It even tells Shabat yrs!!

There are many religionist, Christians, Jews, Messianics, Catholics, Muslims and Hindus who mock the Original Scriptures (OS) and the ROS library. Yet none of these criticise the teachings of YAHUWAH who never murders, never promotes slavery, never enslaves women, never steals, never lies, never envies (like who would God envy?) and never repents because He never sins. Gradually  intelligent people are quietly leaving the empire religions and seeking true faith. The Super Seven Laws in our hearts continue to guide us to THE FREEDOM FAITH of the BarbariYAns and the YAHUWda. Yet now comes the scientific proof of the ROS authenticity. It alone CARRIES THE WORLD'S ONLY PERFECT CALENDAR!

Here is why this is so important. Mankind has never had a formula for the yearly calendar that NEVER NEEDS HUMAN ADJUSTMENT! Even atomic clocks need adjustment every 400 years. Our modern calendar needs a leap year every 4 years and still needs another adjustment every 100 years or so. The modern calendar was adjusted 12 days by Benjamin Franklin in 1752! 

But would not the Creator know exactly the precise way to measure days, years and Sabbath years? So where is the calendar that does that? No one has one EXCEPT the YAHUWdi of Restored YAshrael! So are they the world's greatest scientists or did they really get it from the OS? Well, read this and you decide!

For our unity, here are the Feast Days for this pagan year 2019 AD.

March 17 is Tekufah (spring equinox). However, since 2018 was a Sabbath year, we add 7 days of praise and Feasting at the end of the year so therefore we begin the new year a week later on March 24. Passover (Pasack) is on the 14th day of that 1st month (called AHabe-Love). Resurrection Day was the early morning of the Sabbath Day AHabe 14. (See page on "Sabbath Resurrection")

The next day, April 7 is the First Day of Matsah. Our YAHUW is our MatsAH.

50 days later, on May 26, is YAom BakkUWr Omeri or First Fruit-Grains.

Seven Sabbaths after that, on July 13, is BakkUWr Minchah or First Fruits-Meat. 

Then we skip to 1st day of  7th month which is Sept 22 for TeruAH, then KippUWr on Oct  1, then the last commanded Feast Week YAom Sukkoth Oct 6-12 with a missions day on Oct 13.

Amazingly, this 7 day calendar NEVER needs human adjusting. It is established by our Creator, PERFECTLY!


 BarAshYA 1 

(The 4th YAom)

14  AEloah YAH of All Creation called out Their AhabiYA; ”Let the radiating orb (ha-maor) which holds the AHertz in its circle around it, shine through the mist by its fiery radiations (raqia ash) onto the AHertz and into the deep seas,

14b  to divide the AHertz into days and nights which will be for your marking and using time (outh) productively and for keeping the Appointed Worship Days (Mouwed), the normal days (yomi), Shabat days, the Sacred Feast Days, the normal years (saunahi), the Shabat (7th)years, YAHUWbilee (50th) years, the Shabat YAHUWbilee (350)years and tenth Shabat YAHUWbilee (3500)year and the Salvation Half-Week when YAHUW MeoschiUW will come.

                                                                                             The Creator’s OS Calendar

1 First, you must know the 1st Day of the year and the length of the months. Use only the sun for the moon calendars are for pagans and children. There are 12 months of each year, named after the fruits of My Spirit. The first month is AHabe. 

2 Each three months have 91 days, going 30, 30 and then 31 days long. For six years, you have 364 days but the 7th year has 371 days. Every 7th day is Our Shabat Day for worship, family, rest, feasting and for play. 

3 The easiest way to determine the spring tefukah, when the days and nights are equal time is to fill a large clay jar with water with a small hole toward the bottom. Fill it exactly to the same fullness at sunrise and sunset. When the water which has run out for the day and the night is exactly the same, it is Tefukah. 

4 Then start your new year on the first 1stday after Tefukah. Thus plan out my Feast Days for all YAsarel to know.

5 The Spirit of YAH also taught man to measure the days by the sun’s shadows using two logs. The first was planted perfectly upright to his shoulder. The second was planted from the same base slanted seven hands out toward the north and as high as his shoulder, held secure at the top by a log or brace. A number and a hole is made as the shadow of the first pole crossed the second log each day. A small peg was then placed in it’s hole and then changed for each day until there were 182 holes, one for each day of the progression from winter to summer and then back again . 

6 Then he made four sets of seven holes each and one set of ten holes in a log beside it, one set for counting to the Shabat year, the next for counting the Shabat year cycles, the next for YAHUWbilee years, the next for Saba YAHUWbilees (350 year cycles) and the last set of ten for the Ten YAHUWbilee cycles of salvation revelations. 

7 For one year, 364 days are counted but on each seventh year, except when the tefukah (equinox) reaches the Shabat day. That year is a Shabat year and you must add seven days at the end of the year to make a 371 day Shabat year. I will establish a rainbow every 7th hour of the first seven YAHUWbilee years to show you the YAHUWbilee year. YAHUW’s Resurrection will restore the YAHUWbilee year for man will lose the knowledge of it before He comes.

8 At each half and full YAHUWbilee year (25th & 50thyr), but not on the 7th YAHUWbilee year, seven days of AhabiYA and praise to HWHY are to be added at the end of the year.

9 But do not add 7 days on the Shabat YAHUWbilee of the 350th year, for HWHY longs for His People to shorten the time!

10 This calendar is to be kept beside every public well and along the main roads and guarded by only ministers of Our Nations YAsarel and YAshrael

15 The original lights of creation and the timing of the AHertz circling the sun in one year will always point intelligent men and women to HWHY. They carry seven divisions of Our light to the AHertz and even into the entire universe. It’s voice testifies to this day. Thus AEl YAH spoke it and so it will forever be, for His Word is Eternal and changes not.