"Why you never heard the Original Scriptures (OS) before?"

In short, both Satan and the ruler's of men hate the OS! The OS wars against all forms of slavery, empires and ruler's of men! Ruler's and Slave (Empire) religions have sought to destroy every copy and every true prophet of Freedom since Adam.  But God has never allowed the destruction of even one letter of His Original Word, much less an entire OS manuscript!  There are 49 sacred places across the earth where God has stored His Original Scriptures. They will never be destroyed! 

For 5500 years, only our Creator YAH's Original Scriptures (OS) have spoken God’s True Original Word. You actually already know this by the contradictions that all popular Bibles have in them. 

From your heart you know that God's Original Word does not contradict Himself. You also know God sets people free and blesses us in good ways. You know that your true God never does evil. You also know that a loving God would have protected His Original Word. And so He has. The OS is protected by God in its original YAHdi language in 7 libraries of jars buried in ancient YAsarel and 7 more buried on each of the 6 inhabited continents! 

"YAHUW, The Original Savior", just written, contains the first translation in 500 years of the NT Original Scriptures into English. The reason for this is three fold.  

First, for most of the first 5400 years after slave-mongering emperor tyrant Nimrod of Asshur, the world's religions have taught of false gods and a false Lord god who appoint kings, bishops and lords to rule over commoners and slaves. Empires need slaves. These man created gods have life and death power over commoners but rarely punish the royalty. Most of the world has been taught variations of "Empire gods" like Baal, Yeho, Ye, Ra, Tammuz, Adar, Holi, Yo, Sus (Zeus), Jove, Janus, Easter and others. All are referred to as "the Lord." 

Even though many today have never believed in a “god” who stones to death unbelievers, false prophets, witches, adulterers, fornicators, anti-slavers, freedomites, disobedient children, or who murders innocent women and children, the Empire translation of the Bible continued to carry this, as it still does today. Only recently has Loving YAH's Spirit led many to question the Holy Roman Empire’s many blasphemous mis-translations of and blatant insertions in the traditional Bible enough to intensely look for the Bible's perfect Original Scriptures as promised by Jesus-YAHUWsha our Savior in Mt 5:18.  The world's greatest deception is that the Empire translations of the Bible is "God's Original Word." It is not!  At least two nations had to emerge out of this pagan spiritual darkness into the Light of YAH's innate "Heart Laws" of freedom and tolerance. 1776 America was the first to do so for the Latter Days. 

Second, the entire world has been long blinded by cultural beliefs in “empire gods” with “the king's character” like found in “the Holy Bible, the Holy Roman Empire, Holy god, YeaSus, ISus, Easter (sex goddess of Babylon), His Royal Highness kings” and the “LORD god” of king’s who murders, steals, enslaves and promotes polygamy” just so the king can do likewise and still be “god’s servant!” 

"Holy" is the name of a pagan god of Babylon now worshiped by Hindus in India. The "Holy Bible" half belongs to Satan's "Holy"! The other half is true to the OS. When our true Creator YAH did send His NabiYA (Prophets of YA) preaching the real message of Jesus-YAHUW, like the Babylonian Yehudi Pharisees before them, the “Holy Empires” imprisoned, tortured or murdered them! Like many democracies today, they were radical about personal freedom and the unchanging Laws of God for all. Almighty YAH has never appointed some as royalty and some as “commoner.” They opposed the Empire king’s “divine aristocracy” and their slavery! They were God’s freedom lovers! This was the “time of the Gentiles (Unbelievers)!” The “Holy Church” has long blasphemed both the Name and Eternal Word of YAH, even in its “Holy Bible.” But rather let us be grateful for the 1/3 of His OS that El YAH has protected in the Holy Bible and for the OS “7 Guide Words” hidden in our hearts.  

Third, the Anglo world had to get into a teachable hungry truth seeking mindset. The advent of “Je-Sus” (curse-Sus) allowed the emergence of the true Character of YAHUWAH over the “king’s Holy Bibles.” The West had to overthrow its “Holy empires”, colonialism, royal murder, slavery, especially female slavery, racism and finally its egotism. As the “Latter Days” approached, Almighty Loving YAH called 3 passionate Seekers in 1977 to leave home and search for His Original Word written on 75 (of 77)     Scrolls buried near Abraham’s birthplace in eastern YAsarel. After 24 years of searching, they were finally led to one of the 7×7 Original Scripture libraries El YAH’s prophets have written and buried just west of the Phrates river near Ur. A team of qualified YAHUWdith translators are now in their 14th year of translating its 75 (of 77) Books. (PS-YAHUWdith is NOT Hebrew. Hebrew came from the Yehudi in Babylon and is full of inconsistencies. The OS was written ONLY in YAHUWdith- or YAHdi, the language YAH gave Adam. This is an important fact, Aramaic comes from "Aram" (Syria). 

Our Savior taught in YAHdi. This is why Jewish scholars cannot translate the OS manuscripts. First, they can’t read it. And secondly, when they try, they judge the purity of YAH from the contradictions of empire faith. We will send to you free our new book "Jesus-YAHUW, the Original Savior" for any donation of $20 or more sent to:  KOY-The Original Scriptures  Box 1200, Catoosa, Oklahoma 74015  along with your name and address in the USA. Postage and shipping in the USA is included. For Canada or Mexico, add $15 per book. We are working on e-downloads now for worldwide availability soon.  Your donation will help us pay for printing and finish translating all the OS Books. You can email questions to TheOriginalScriptures@yahoo.com

The Word of YAH gives you the knowledge to both live a successful life now and, most importantly, How to Live Forever!   Tyrants, enslavers and religions hate us! The “Empires of Kings and their Religions” decimated our forefathers throughout history. Enslavers hate freedom preaching YAdi! 

God guided American freedom now gives us protection from religious tyrants, bishops, kings and emperors, allowing us to publish The Original Scriptures E1 in freedom. That is why you are just now hearing of the YAHUWans and your true Savior YAHUW! “For there is no other Name given among men, under heaven, by which we can be saved!” (Acts 4:12). That Name is “YAHUW”! YAHUW is 100% His Character and 75% His Spirit, defined by the Ten+Two in YAHUW Covenant Laws. YAHUW alone forgives sin. Jesus alone cannot forgive sin but Jesus leads you to His Saving 7 Character. Only the Eternal Name of YAHUW forgives sin and can save you from eternal death! Jesus leads you to the Character of YAHUW (live free-no pagan gods, no idols-no slavery, Honor God’s Name-Character, don’t murder, no adultery-concubines, no stealing, no lying). “Jesus name” is precious because it leads you to believe in a Savior with the  7 Fold Character of YAHUW, who does not enslave, bow to idols, change YAHUWAH’s Name or Character, murder, promote unfaithfulness, steal or lie! The “Lord god” does just the opposite! The LORD god enslaves! The Name of the Savior is YAHUW! You need Jesus-YAHUW, not “the LORD”! The Lord god will destroy you and your family! The Lord god has been replacing your Creator YAHUWAH and your true Savior YAHUW during the “Times of the Unbelievers”! Enough!Since we YAHUWans are the OS scholars who faithfully call the true Savior YAHUW, what reason would you have to believe us? We are going to give you 7000 solid reasons! 

First, so you can know who you can believe, although we are not rich, thousands of us have pooled our money and will give $10,000 to anyone who can show us that “YA”, “YAHUW” and the resurrected King “YAHUWAH” is not the Savior of the pre-321 AD (pre-Catholic) Original Scriptures! No one else has offered this in history! We only require that your religion or church match this offer in writing to us with any two pre 321 AD manuscripts! Enough religious and political lies! It’s time for the real truth about God and salvation, right? Get your copy today!