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How the English Bible got Changed to Evil Bibles

 How the Holy Bible became Evil Bibles and the evil psychology it has fostered for 4000 years!

Rosh Debar YeshaYAHUW-

"The Original Word of Our Salvation YAHUW" 

 Do you believe in a god who murders, is unfaithful, steals, lies, and contradicts his word? NO! Neither do we. Yet millions of "Christians" who believed in "YeaSus" have. Those blasphemous priests and kings inserted many lies into their Empire (Babylonian) Bibles (EB). Tyrants, slave mongers, colonial empires and their "king kissing religions" have hated Jesus-YAHUWans and their "AmericAHn" (freedom) faith for 5000 years! "AmeriCAH" comes from the Original Scriptures (OS) and means "Proclaim boldly the Call of YAHUW."  The "AH" is what God put in Abram's name when he became a believer in our God and Savior. It stands for "YAH/YAHUW" our Savior. 

The "Empires of Kings and their Religions" have warred against the Yesha/Jesus-YAHUWd throughout history. The Empire Romans and Empire High Priests of Babylonian Yehudism killed our Savior and the early Apostles. They were both harsh empire religions, ruled others, murdered and depended on slavery. Jesus-YAHUW set them all free! En-slavers hate freedom preaching YAdi! Jesus-YAHUW guided AmericAHn OS freedom now gives us protection from religious tyrants, bishops, kings and emperors, allowing us to publish The Original Scriptures E1 in freedom. That is why you are just now hearing of the Jesus-YAHUWans and your true Savior Jesus-YAHUW! "For there is no other Name given among men, under heaven, by which we can be saved!" (Acts 4:12). That Name is "Jesus/Yesha YAHUW"! 

Jesus-YAHUW is 100% His Character and 50% of Almighty YAH's Spirit. 

YAH's Character is defined by the Ten, Two+Two in YAHUW 14 Covenant Laws. Jesus-YAHUW alone forgives sin. Jesus leads you to the first Sacred Seven of His Sacred 7+7 Character/Name. Only believing in the Eternal Character /Name of Jesus-YAHUW forgives sin and can save you from eternal death! Jesus alone leads you to the first 7 Characters of YAHUW (Don't murder, No polygamy/adultery/affairs/concubines, No stealing, No lying, don;t dishonor spiritual parents, love your neighbor as yourself. Mt 19:18-19). In the past 350 years Jesus has lead Christians to abolish slavery as well. This is part of the First Commandment Character of YAHUW, unknown by most earlier, "I am YAHUWAH your God...Get out of all houses of bondage! Have no pagan gods before your face. Live free or die fighting!" 

"Jesus name" is precious because it is anointed to lead you to believe in a Savior with the first 6 Characters of YAHUW, who does not murder, promote unfaithfulness, steal, lie, dishonor spiritual parents and who loves his neighbor (Mt 19:18-19)! Now Jesus leads us to the 1st Character of YAHUW, "Live Free or die fighting!"  This the First Commandment, "I brought you out of Mitsery (old Egypt). Now you get out of all houses of bondage!" This contradicts the Empire religions that teach "Slaves, obey your masters as the LORD god." YAHUWAH used Jesus to bring the AmeriCAHn revolution and the end of slavery!

Finally comes the Greatest Commandment of all "Love YAHUWAH your God with all your heart and mind." This takes Jesus-YAHUW to lead you to YAHUWAH, your Creator.

The "Empire gods" and religions do just the opposite! The Empire gods enslave! The Eternal Name of the Savior is YAHUW! You need Jesus-YAHUW to save you, not "the pagan Empire gods"! 

The Empire gods will destroy your faith in Jesus-YAHUW and fill your family with false enslaving faith! The Lord god has been replacing your Creator YAHUWAH and your true Savior Jesus-YAHUW during the "Times of the Unbelievers"! Enough!Since we YAHUWans are the Bible lovers who faithfully call the true Savior YAHUW, what reason would you have to believe us? We are going to give you 7077 solid reasons in two sentences!

First, 77 Bible OS prophets carry YAHUW in their very name! Isaiah, the first prophet our Savior quoted is YeshaYAHUW meaning "The savior is YAHUW." This is where we get "Jesus-YAHUW."

2) 7000 times the Bible's OS gives us the Name of YAHUW (YAod-AH-UWa) as our Savior or as the first three letters of God's Eternal Sacred Name!


Shout "YAHUUUW!" For today, you are about to learn how to fully know the real Son of God, who died for your sins to save you! "Jesus the Savior" was first created in 1576 AD by the Protestant seekers who rejected the Roman Catholic savior "YeaSus". That "Jesus" is now leading many western Christians to YAHUW the OS Savior. Sadly, the murdering king Henry the 8th who formed the new Anglican Church in 1536, deceived millions of Anglo speaking people by trying to keep the pagan Holy Catholic name of YeaSus ("Hail Sus"). He created an enslaving "LORD YeaSus" who made himself, king Henry VIII, the English pope, murdered thousands of men, women and even their children, enslaved millions, promoted unfaithful marriages, murdered his wife, stole land and constantly lied. The modern English speaking world got the curses of the "LORD YeaSus" from the world wide enslaving "Royal British Empire." It was the good name of the new "Jesus" which rose up against all these evils, corruptions and sins. The name of Jesus and the freedom loving YAHUWans formed the backbone of the American Revolution that broke the tyranny of the Royal British Empire, the last outpost of the Holy Roman Empire. 

Today, the original Protestant "Jesus (Yeshua) leads you on to complete your salvation in YAHUW!" The OS is back for millions of "the Seed of Abraham"! Today, Jesus can led you to know fully YAHUW, The One you have already partially known all your life, the God of Your Heart, through His true Son YAHUW who died for your sins! God made your heart, so trust it to lead you to the "Sacred Seven Guides" to your Creator and true Savior! He made you to recognize His Voice! He also made your heart to recognize who He is NOT! Every religion which teaches a god who enslaves, murders, allows polygamy, stealing and lying is a false god religion!

Here are 7 simple corrections you can make to your EB to start correcting it.

1) Strike out every place it says God murders innocent people or children. 

2) Strike out every place God honors polygamist or adulterers. He never does!

3} Strike out every place God says to steal, lie, or do harm to a neighbor.

4) Strike out everyplace it says God approved of slavery or kings ruling. God only approves of free democracies led by His Original Word.

5) Every name that begins with "Jo" (Joel, Joesph, John, Joash etc) is actually "YAHUW." Every name which ends in "iah" should also be YAHUW. Every place "LORD" occurs, it is actually "YAHUWAH."

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