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YAHUWda Family Blessings- Resolving Family Conflict YAHUWAH's Way!

BarAshYA 5.1


YAHUWda Family Blessings

1. The Elder son or Elder daughter shall read MY Covenant of Life Laws and My Principles to their near family every Shabat and to their extended family at least three times each year. Every family should seek to gather together at least three of Our Seven Commanded Sacred Feast Days. The Elder son or daughter shall organize this.

2. Offences will arise from time to time. When there arises offense from one family member toward another, you shall resolve it this way. First, go directly to that one who offended or accused you of a trespass. Ask to begin with prayer, acknowledging you are the children of YAHUWAH. Then express clearly your suffering and abuse. If it involves a brothers lovee or wife, he should be there to protect her or to shoulder her guilt. If the issue involves their children, both parents should be consulted. You have no right to address another’s children alone unless they are putting life or property in danger. 

3. Try to resolve the conflict by asking questions first and trying to see the problem from your accusers viewpoint. Listen carefully to the accuser’s reasons. Analyze the issue using Our Covenant of Life Laws.  Forgive the accuser if he or she repents and asks forgiveness. The victim may set a fine as part of resolving the conflict. If this fails to resolve the conflict, then take this to the Family Elders (FE).

4. Every family must have at least two Family Elders. If a family is small and is lacking at least two FE, then the family must elect two Elders to be appointed for them. All FE must be 50+ from conception and be confirmed by 77% of the family adults. Every unresolved conflict should be brought before the FE. All the family adults must contribute to a Family Fundwhich equally and Word fully divides out profits to all adult family at least every six months. The FE shall have control of this fund. The FE shall decide the issue in consultation with both sides. They shall issue a fine to the guilty. If the guilty does not pay the fine within 7 days, the fine times two shall be taken out of the guilty ones portion of the Family Fund.

5. The guilty must pay the fine first but he can pay it to the FE in trust while he appeals the judgment to the adults of the family. This appeal will cost two days wage given to the Family Fund. If the appeal succeeds, then the appeal cost will be refunded. The family adults will have 7 days to all vote. 77+% of the family adults must vote for a vote to be lawful. Their vote or decision will be final on the issue. 

6. Any adult may decide to leave a family he or she deems Wordless and join another family by a 77+% affirmation by the adults of the adoptive family. Only then will his blood family no longer have jurisdiction over him but only his adoptive family. However all existing fines must be paid before he or she may be adopted by another family. 

7. A member should leave still in love with all family members and with their blessing, even if that blessing is in stress. There must be no criticism or issue left among My people against another unresolved over 30 days. 

8. There should never be criticism against any YAHUWda made to any unbelievers. If a YAHUWda makes a criticism of another YAHUWda, he shall be required to be re-taught The Covenant and fined one year’s wage. You are a distinct people and a royal nation. Pray for one another. Help one another in time of crisis. Be ONE (Echad) as We are Echad. Uplift and encourage one another. Build each other up. Life is often hard. Brag on each other!

9. For those who choose to love family perfectly, give 10%, 20%, 30% or 50% of what you profit every month to your Family Fund. Let their be no poor among your family. Care especially for all your children fairly, favoring none above the others. And you will have Our full blessing upon you! Then you shall be exceedingly happy!

10. When the offence occurs between members of different families, let the victim first privately go to the abuser privately and seek to reconcile with him. If it involves a woman or child, you must speak to the man responsible for them first. If reconciliation is not attained, then the FE of both families must seek to decide the issue together. Each family must have the same number of FE in that jury.

11. The FE decision and fine may be appealed to a majority vote of both families but the voting members of each must be the same number. The cost of this is two days wages paid to each Family Fund. 

12. The joint family vote may also be appealed to the District Family Elders. The cost of this appeal is 8 days wage paid to the District Elders. They will have 7 days to decide a verdict. Their decision stands solid for We YAHUWAH will guide them. Any one refusing to abide under the District FE decision shall be cast out of YAshrael and all its benefits. Neither shall that one be considered a believer any longer unless he repents with great sincerity and pays Our fine of one year labor wage.

13. In all issues of YAshrael, you shall abide by our 10 plus 2 plus 2 Laws of Life. You shall not vote upon these! You shall apply these 14 Laws with a 77+% vote of all citizens 20+ years of age. Parents shall have 2 votes and Elders shall cast 4 votes. Ministers shall not vote but must focus on teaching Our Word and caring for all YAshrael. Abide in these guides and you will have great success and a beautiful family and nation.

14. You shall elect by 77+% vote a National Servant to speak for all YAshrael to all other peoples and nations. If you are attacked by some enemy, he shall be the first to fight your enemy leader or king on your behalf. You shall also elect both Regional and District Councils of 12. You shall also have a National Council of Servants to carry out your national votes. All Elder LeUWYA (ministers) shall be welcome to any Council to provide Wordful knowledge and wisdom but they must not vote. In times of national war, when some enemy attacks you, your Council Elders must take turns leading your defense. Do not send your young men into battle. Protect them you Elders!