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Evidence for Sabbath Resurrection 99.9% of Christians and Me

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Evidence for Sabbath Resurrection


99.9% of Christians and Messianics, following the Textus Receptus variants, believe in a “Firstday (Sunday) resurrection” for our MeoschiYAach (MessiYAH) YAHUW ChristUW. This is based off of Holy RC Emperor Constantine’s invented mistranslation in 325 AD of Mt 28:1, Mk 16:2, Lk 24:1, Jn 20:19, Acts 20:7 and I Cor 16:2, of the NT Greek phrase “mia hey Sabbaton” to “on the first day of the week!” This is a LIE! 

This was because Constantine desperately needed to twist the Original Scriptures (OS) and the original ChristiYAnity to his own Holy Roman Catholicism “Hail Sus” and the other sungods he and his empire worshiped. Constantine needed a synthetic universal religion to unite his fragmented empire. His right man mastermind Eusebius created it, Empire Christianity! It is at its height today but has already started its rapid decline.

First of all, Eusebius in 325 AD, took out all the Freedomite Laws like “bow before no man, king or ruler” “Govern yourselves by voting”, “Settle your inter-conflicts with a Trial by Jury” and “live free or die fighting” passages of the Original Scriptures and the Savior YAHUW. They needed a religion which honored the emperor as divinely appointed by the sungod “Kurios” (Domini) and his son Sus. Eusebius and his bishops did this. The first three bishops who tried to change YAH’s OS, all died within hours! So Eusebius consulted with some Yehudi rabbis who remembered they had experienced the same in their Babylonian Corruption of the OT back in 850 BC and found that he needed to change the name of YAHUW and YAHUWAH before he could change any of El YAH’s Laws.  So he abandoned changing the NT OS and started writing a new “Holy Roman Catholic NT Scriptures.” Then he made it a death sentence to carry or use the OS.

“Holy” was an ancient Sun-god of Babylon which the Jewish Rabbii (Yehudi) used for the great OT Babylonian Corruption of 850-550 BC while in Babylon. So Eusebius had his bishops write in “IESUS” (Hail Sus) or “Kurios” where YAHUW occurred in the OS NT. Third, he had to change 7,000 names in the NT OS which had YAH, YAHUW, YAHUWdai or His YAHUWda disciples names. Fourth, Eusebius had to change the anti slavery and anti-polygamy laws to pro slavery and pro polygamy. The Holy RCC had to have slaves and polygamy to run on. 

Then fifth, they changed the resurrection day to “first day of the week” and named it “Soldei” or “Sun-god-day”, which it remains today. The following days of the week were all named after pagan gods to satisfy the pagan cults of Rome. 

Then Constantine made it a death penalty to worship on Shabat or to be a YAHUWda. The Yehudi (Jews) were not included as they readily bowed before kings and rulers. Sungod day worship was required by all. Eusebius couldn’t change all the OS he wanted to because there were already a lot of half believers in the Roman empire who had to be convinced that the changeover was of “Deos.” 

Also Father YAH would not allow a complete empire religion blackout of His Word! YAHUW did warn us of “a persecution coming greater than ever before.” That was the Holy RC Empire Christianity! Very little has changed in Western Christianity since Constantine invented Holy RCC. 

The Original Scripture (ROS) text states clearly that early on the regular Shabat (Sabbath), the  resurrection of YAHUW took place. Amazingly, Constantine failed to change “mia hey Sabbaton” to Sunday! However, almost all translators and editors just follow the RCC tradition of “first day of the week” although “protos hermera” is “first day” in Greek! Not even the RCC scriptures say this, EVER! This is a very important issue because if Christians would see the clear “mia hey Sabbaton” for Resurrection Shabat, they would have NO REASON FOR WEEKLY SUNDAY WORSHIP! If they returned to Sabbath worship, then all of the main OS Principles and Laws for Salvation would soon follow. Sabbath worship is the 4th Law, the “Dalet” or “Door” for receiving Original Truth!

MarkUW 15:42 states the day after YAHUW’s death was a “Preparation Sabbath” and therefore they wanted to entomb YAHUW before sunset on 4thday (Wed). Now the Passover Lamb was killed at exactly 3 pm (9th hour) on 4thday (Wed) 3 days before Passover (which Originally was always on Sabbath the 14th.) The 3 Preparation days were considered as the “Protos Shabat.” The “Mia Sabbaton” was the Main Sabbath or the regular Sabbath day. This gives us 3 full nights and 2 full days with resurrection “on the 3rd day”.  And yes, the 15th was First-Fruit Shabat also. YAHUW however was not a “First-Fruit” of YAsarel. He is our Savior/Redeemer, our one of a kind MessiYAH! We are His “First-Fruit” of Unleaven Bread.

The Yehudi did not like Passover on Shabat so they adopted the Babylonian moon calendar around 550 BC. The Pharisees followed it. So the Yehudi Passover was different by up to 40 days from the Original Solar Calendar which began the new year on the Firstday (Sunday) of the week after the Spring Tekufah (equinox is usually around March 17 so the firstday of the new year is 18-25 of March). This began the new year one day later each year until the Tekufah fell on a 6th day meaning the next year was a Sabbath Year where 7 days would be added at the end of the year, thus resetting the 7 yr calendar. After the 7th 7-year cycle, the 50th year would be YAUWBILEE (Jubilee). 

We are just beginning the last 7 year cycle in the 2000 year “times of the Gentiles,” which ends 2026 AD. Of course the Pharisees had the Babylonian moon calendar which confused everybody except the YAHUWdi, as it does today!

I hope this helps consolidate the great return to Sabbath Worship and Rest already started among the “Seed of AbrAHam”! Your research is always welcome on …theOriginalScripture@yahoo.com email.