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Would you stop Muslim terrorists from stealing $16,000 A MONTH from your family retirement account? YOU BET  WE ALL WOULD! Well then, let's stop this MASSIVE THEFT in the USA!

Does Putting God first ever pay off? YES IT DOES WHEN YOU GET Back to THE WORD OF YAH! Here is how The Original Scriptures is going to put $18,060 a month into every American Social Security check EVERY MONTH by 2021! Our present Republican/Democrat USA government has been stealing $16,500 a month from every working Americans retirement! And most other governments have done the same basic theft of its people's retirement money! See, God has a government for His people who follow Him in His Original Scriptures. It's called "YAHocracy" in the New "Pure AmericAH." It's the fulfillment of the American Dream where the people actually govern! 

Finally a government "By the People"! Pure Democracy  saves 93% of the cost of government! Every adult votes every week. Parents get 2 votes each, Elders and Veterans get 4 votes each.  Elected leaders become our secretaries, carrying out the will of 77% of voting Americans each week. "Pure AmericAHn" democracy will send every voter $700 a month from the savings from present USA government! Here is what Pure AmericAHns (PUREAMERICAHN.ORG) will do to fix the  USA Social Security mess in 2021!

The American political party Democrats and Republicans (DnR) are stealing an incredible $16,500 a month  from  every Social Security paying working citizen in America for the past 50 years! Let me prove it please. The average working American family  has paid $5,704 a year in SS taxes for the past 45 years. (12.4% of $46,000  AGI). That is suppose to guarantee every worker’s comfortable retirement after 45 years of work after age 65. Yet the average SS check today after 50 years of DnR rule is only $1,409 a month. That's how much your car expense is! Now watch this fellow Americans.

The money paid in over the working 45 years would be $256,680 cash. But the normal compound monthly 7% INTEREST off a simple investment, like buying gold, land or oil over the past 45 years would be an additional $2, 839,326 . Add the principle paid in and you should have a $3,096,000 (3.1 million) retirement fund! That should be in the average Social Security Retirement Account after 45 years!

Yet USA Social Security is presently de facto broke! Why? The thieving DnR governments over the past 50 years have stolen it and left worthless "IOUs"! This is in spite of this being a jailable felony! 

If you only took out a conservative 7% a year and divided it into 12 monthly checks at age 65, your SS check from YOUR RETIREMENT MONEY should be $18,060 A MONTH! That's right, check my math.The DnR rulers are stealing OVER $16,500 A MONTH  Retirement money from every working American! 

Then, when you die, the DnR get all your SS Retirement funds left, not your kids! If you live until 95 years old, the DnR will steal $216,720 a year from your wife and you! Over 30 years of retirement with your 7% compound monthly retirement money which you should have, that's a jaw dropping $25.1 million per American couple

But wait! Better yet is to live off the $18,060 a month until you both die and then will the retirement account to your kids and grandkids, letting it accrue at the same 7% monthly compound interest rate.  50 years from 2021, with Pure AmericAHn Democracy restoring your SS 3.1 million and compounding monthly your restored 3.1 million SS principle at 7% annual growth, your kids and grandkids could receive USA SS checks totaling  $500,000 a MONTH if you willed it to them! 

Under Pure AmericAHn Democracy, your SS retirement is yours, not the politicians! Your principle amount will be an amazing $98 million after 50 years! It's a gift that blesses your family forever. So you will have to teach your kids how to  use money wisely. Teach them about the AmericAHn God of Love and Abundance!

NOBODY has ever stolen $3.1 million per family from the American people before! Pure AmericAHn democracy will restore all your US government  stolen retirement funds if we get elected in 2020. Vote for RaphAH CarolinAH BethYAH for Servant President in 2020. See PureAmericAHn.org and join with us for this exciting New Pure AmericAHn Democracy!

This is Pure AmericAHn all The Way back to YAH's loving prosperity! It pays big time to put YAH, God of Love, First! Welcome to the "latter Days" of the AmericAHn YAdi, "God's Beautiful People"!