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Lonely Marriage? How to Fix it Forever!

Want to live in Faith-ful "Passionate Love" Again? YAHUW, your true Savior, has a Miracle for you!


The only couples who don't have problems are those who lie often! All honest couples have serious issues sooner or later. So what does God's Original Scriptures (OS) say about love and marriage? ALOT!

First of all, our love life is the area we all get hurt the deepest in. Our Heavenly Family YAHUWAH wants us "Passionately in love all our lives!" Even the best marriages don't have that so how to do this seemingly impossible "Return to True Love"? 


Ok, buckle in friend! This is really different than Christianity or Judaism teaches! But then you have tried Christian or Jewish marriage already right? It just doesn't work so good and you are trapped in a rather loveless marriage. You really try but "the Wine (Passionate Joy) has run out." OK, ready for some "New Wine?"

1) You got to repent of doing life wrong! What wrong? Of putting religion, family, career, money, house, childhood religion or whatever else first and start really putting your Savior and Heavenly Father first in your life! That is Not Jesus, Yesu, Isa or YeaSus but your real Savior who died for your sins,  YAHUWsha, The Son of Father YAHUWAH! All 77 major prophets talked about "YAHUW the Savior!" Not one prophet even mentions Jesus or anyone else as your Savior, Eternal Life or our Resurrection! Only YAHUW can wash away your sins. "For there is NO Other Name (Savior) by which we can be saved " Masaai MalakiYA (Acts) 4:12. Study this and you will find out this Eternal Truth, "YAHUW SAVES!" See the page on Eternal Life and just follow it, repenting of breaking YAH's Laws of Life! Now you are a YAHUWda of YAsarEl AmericAH!

2) Now that you have the right Savior and His Spirit working in you, together with YAHUW, we can fix everything! Seriously, EVERYTHING! Thousands of us used to have a "No Wine" marriage but we are passionately in AHabe (Real "bat-crazy" Love from YAH) now. 

How? Begin by thanking and praising YAHUW for the "New Wine" (NW) He is about to bless your life with! From this day on, if you follow YAHUW's Word, you will NEVER AGAIN be loveless!  You will not usually feel like praising Al and El YAH while in the midst of problems but if you just start praising and singing, it opens gates of blessing. You start becoming a positive person, a victor rather than victim!

We "enter His Gates with Thanksgiving and into His Courts with PRAISE!" Even praise Him for your pains, losses and struggles because through these you know what you DON'T WANT, right? When you only had the Church to learn from, we often were left suffering because they knew only a few truths. They might have helped a bit but the Church just did not know YAHUW or The Word of YAH (OS). So Praise YAHUW for everything you have endured. You are about to learn how to fix all your problems! Fix your problems and you will also fix most of your kids problems too! It starts with repentance and then praise! Your New Life is about to begin!

3) Study God's OS daily with fellow YAHUWda (followers of YAHUW). You have to start eating "daily MannAH," YAH's daily Food to make you healthy, wealthy and happy again. Assemblies of YAH are coming but the YAHUWda have just returned to rebuild AmericAH again. This website is your best source of OS teaching right now. But try to learn one new thing every day. Seven minutes in The Word a day keeps the Devil away!

4) Divide all your "marriage money" and property 50/50. Community property and money is "nobodies property." You can never truly give or invest boldly your money if you don't really own it. El YAH wants you to be financially free. (See AHdamic Principles.) Your spouse may or may not want to follow El YAH with finances. You must give each other freedom to use their own money as they choose. Money issues are usually the second biggest cause of loveless relationships but it is the biggest in divorce. So before some nasty divorce, divide what is yours and their's into your own names now. Be sure to figure in a  just alimony if you helped establish your spouses career. Get a just child support agreement. This does not mean you will raise your kids separate but you will be financially ready to if ever needed. If you are the primary care giver to your kids, then you need to include a reasonable salary for your time. Get your money separated from your love life and keep it separated. You will thank us in time. 

Some of you may say "I can't afford to divide our assets up." That spirit is from Satan. It is a "poverty spirit." It means you are selfish and don't really love your spouse or kids as yourself. Most marriage partners fear not "getting my share." That spirit of selfishness is not AHabe. It is what causes such horrible divorces that sometimes go on for years. If your spouse is selfish now, he or she will be  even more so in a hostile divorce.

El YAH and YAsarEl are going to show you how to make millions, so don't overly worry about your financial future right now. Be generous in dividing up the money and assets but get at least 45%. Try not to waste money on lawyers and court. But if you must file a lawsuit, we can help advise you. Normally, show true love, honesty and fairness, and your spouse will too! You will learn a lot about your spouse's true love for you in this process.

5) Now start tithing to "YAHUWAH's Storehouse" (Malaki 3:10). His "Storehouse" is for the work of "YAsarAEl", His Sacred Nation. That includes you now. Tithing to YAHUWAH, your God, is first of all for you! It opens up a whole bunch of spiritual, physical and love blessings to your life! Try tithing for one month and just watch the blessings start to roll in! Call our First Servant Minister at 417-598-3816 for setting this up. The address for tithing is "YAHUWAH's Tithe", Box 1200, Catoosa, Oklahoma, 74015, USA. You will start seeing more blessings than you can receive!

6) Get Divorced! Explain this to your spouse first to see if they will agree. Just be honest with them. Marriage steals your freedom. Without freedom, nobody can fully love or be loved! Marriage steals the "Good Wine" out of your life. Remember how romantic it was when you were dating, or even engaged? Awesome Hey? Why? Simple. You both still had choices. You wanted to please each other! When you get "hitched", you lost your freedom and soon, you lost that "loving feeling" that transformed your heart to heaven every day. EVERY MARRIAGE STEALS PASSION. So take this 6th step, talk to your spouse about the lack of New and Old Wine and get out of the emotional prison of marriage. You must re-establish personal freedom in order to truly love. Get divorced. We can show you how to get a State divorce for normally around $240 if you do it yourself uncontested. Talk with your spouse. We will try to help you. Just realize you are being obedient to your Creator and Savior who wants Good Things for you both!

7) So now that you are free to love (or not to) just rest a bit. This is "Shabaoth Rest". Divorce is usually emotional, even if it is mutual. Take a day just having fun again. Explain it to your kids and family. Then, spend 7 days just dating your former spouse. You initial thought might be to never see your ex again. This is always wrong. You fell in love once (or maybe twenty times), so try "remembering your first love" again. Laugh at yourself and have fun. You spent a lot of time together building memories. Cherish those times. Don't throw them away.  You both are free again. No lock on your future now so at least remold a basic love for your ex-spouse as a friend or love in your future. Life is too short to have "enemy exs". Change them to "forever loves!" That's what YAHdi do. Talk about what went right and what you loved about your ex. Then talk about the bad you hated but don't dwell on it. Apologize about what the Spirit of AEl YAH CONVICTS YOU OF. A great exercise is to write all your sins on a piece of paper, repent of them, ask YAHUW's forgiveness and burn the paper together. Then Remember them NO MORE!

8) Now that you have some money and have your freedom back, first thank and  dance to YAHUWAH, your Heavenly Father, your Heavenly Mother and your Savior! Thank your earthly parents for raising you too! 

Now, this is important! If you already own a home, great! If not, either go pay your current house mortgage off or go buy whatever you can pay off in no more than seven years! Own your home and never borrow against it! Next, only pay cash for your car. Own it. This is Father YAH's Word in His first chapter! See BarAshYA 1. When you owe money, you are still a slave! Now you are ready for some "Passionate Lovin", the YAHdi Way! Good times are comin!

9) If your ex and you are willing, try a 7 day Love Pledge together! Why not, just to meet who your "new ex" really is as a "free to love" human. The woman always controls sex in a Love Pledge (LP) so it is up to her to decide all romance and physical closeness EXCEPT whether the man will offer to renew the LP after or on next Sabbath day (Shabat). So ladies, if you want to even see how your ex would be over say, two LP weeks, you better be loving to him this week, right? And vice versa men. If you want to be passionately in love, then try giving it. If it does not work, just walk away, but as friends! Just follow your heart. You will be amazed how many of your old problems simply vanish, like some magic wand returned you to days of "wine and roses!" And true love is reborn! That is the Spirit of AEl YAH changing you both! 

If the LP is not working, you will definitely know it. So kiss each other goodbye, say some sweet words and WALK AWAY. HAVE NO REGRETS! Be grateful for the "Season of Love" YAHUWAH gave you together. 

But remember, while you are in a LP, you must split your incomes every week. If a man or woman does not want to split their income with you, they don't qualify for AHabe type love. If your prospective love refuses, thank them for their time and WALK AWAY! Remember, no joint accounts! That's seeds for future conflict. Keep finances out of your love life so when you wish to give her/him a surprise gift or a romantic getaway, you can! Laugh and have fun. It might be your last week together! Or the first of a million great weeks of True Love! AEl YAH wants you both happy, passionately happy!

10) Stay in Passionate Love! El YAH forbids us to stay in a LP except with one we 'Passionately Love." For most LP couples, there will come a time or times when one of you "just don't feel it right now." Maybe you are really tired or you are dealing with a family sickness or death or just stress. Take a break. Everyone needs a break occasionally, even from passionate lovers. Enjoy a vacation with "just the kids" or "just the guys" or "just my girlfriends" or just yourself. AEl YAH wants you to constantly expand your life. Make many and new friends. If your LP lover is a jealous controller, then you will find this out pretty fast. You can then talk about it, fix it or just politely but decisively walk away. Don't try to change people. Don't try to fix other people but LIVE FREE! They have to change themselves with YAHUW's help. Just point them to YAHUW and His OS. Contact us, your ministers, RaphAH, MariYA or AngeliYA by facebook under YAsarAEl World. We care about people.

11) Before you start dating potential lovers to find a wonderful romantic LP, tell them you are a member of the YAHUWda of YAsarAEl AmericAH. We are God’s spiritual Nation. We have a Nationwide law that every adult must be tested for sexual diseases before entering into a new LP in YAsarel. That includes a pre-YAHUWda who is dating a YAHUWda. Sex is allowed by YAH only in a Lawful LP. So if you are open to a future “passionate Love Pledge,” go test yourself and keep a copy to give anyone you date. ASK THE SAME FROM THEM! We are to "have no sexual diseases among you. For you are My People, My beloved Nation." Do not gamble with your life, no matter how good and healthy a person looks. It is part of our responsibility under God to protect you and your kids and the health of YAsharAl. If they refuse or laugh at you, just politely thank them for their time, GET UP AND WALK AWAY! Never date anyone who refuses to get a sex test done and give you a copy of the results. 

12) Kids! We YAHUWda love kids. Even if you take birth control, don’t LP if you are not willing to have and raise a child with that person. We do not believe in abortion. Abortion is murder. YAsharAl will even pay for a baby’s birth if you cannot. But you should always be prepared to raise a potential child and to pay one sixth of your salary to support the child. You don’t have to LP with their mother or father forever but you must both work out a plan to raise that precious child in a loving healthy home. If you can’t raise a child, then we YAHUWda will.

13) It is usually helpful to give a small witness on a date but if they are interested in details, like of the LP, refer them to this website www.TheOriginalScriptures.org or email us at YAsarAEl.World@gmail.com. We will be happy to explain what we believe, why and why we require the sexual disease test or how to split incomes as well. We believe in "Abundant Living" with lots of "New and Old Wine." Love, Laugh and Live Forever!

14) Sample Love Pledge Form



Love Pledge Contract for YAsarAEl YAHdi

We, the undersigned, do hereby mutually and freely pledge our love to each other for the next seven days or to the end of the next Shabat Day under The Word of YAHUWAH, our Heavenly Father and Savior. 

1) We pledge to try to put Almighty YAH first every day and in every way during our Love Pledge.

2) We pledge to love each other passionately for the days and nights of this Pledge. 

3) We pledge to take physical, mental and spiritual care of one another, considering the other above our own desires. We also agree for YAsarAEl to protect us from all harm, worldwide.

4) We pledge to provide a safe healthy loving home for any children that may come from our loving. 

5) We pledge to be honest and truthful to one another. 

6) We have already given 50% of our average weekly profit to the other. 

7) We pledge to read El YAH’s Word to each other at least seven minutes every day. 

8) We agree that the woman shall control all physical and sexual events or issues and that the man partner shall always respect her wishes. 

9) We have both had the STD tests required by YAsarAEl and given the other a copy. If any partner has lied on the tests or deceived the other partner about any STD, he/she agrees to pay $7,000 US (seven thousand dollars) to the offended partner. We agree for YAsarAEl to collect this by any legal means.

10) When our “Pledge Season” is over and we do not renew this Love Pledge, we pledge to always respect and honor each other, being grateful for the time Father YAH gave us together. 

Signed _________________________________ printed name & tel______________________________

Signed__________________________________printed name & tel______________________________

Registered Contract Num___________________________

Witnessed by ________________________________ tel__________


Please email the completed signed form to YAsarAEl.World@gmail.com