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How to have Eternal Life in The OS



The Covenant of Life 

43 Then The Creators of All, AEl YAH of Eternal Love, saw that all was truly marvelous for making The Family of YAH and teaching men to walk The Faith into the Likeness of YAHUW!

44 So AEloAH-YA-am again Proclaimed The Primary Call of YAH through The Great Savior, YAHUWAH The Son who had chosen to sacrifice his Life for mankind 

(The Seven Spirit Introduction)

45 “AEl YAH, God of Love, We are (AEl YAH asah)! The Seven Spirits of Eternal YAH We are! We will come in WHY (YAHUW) The MeoschiYAach. YAHUW will be your Savior, the Bearer of Your Salvation. Together We are HWHY (YAHUWAH) creating Ha BethiYAH Owlam (The Forever Family of YAH)! Hu-YAH asher Ha-YAH! (He who is YAH will always be The YAH)

(The Prime: The Purpose of Mankind)

46 Let every youth first be taught about AEl YA, God of Love, the Creator through AEl YAH’s Implanted Guides of Life and Our Creation signs. Then teach them AEl YAH the Lover. Teach them of YAHUW, the Liberator, the Savior sent from the Family of hwHYand His Eternal Written Word! 

47 Teach them to seek to become Our Beautiful People by Our Character through Our Eternal Ten Laws and our Two and Two in YAHUW Covenant Guide Words. MicaiYAHUW! (be like YAHUW) If you know not the Consistent Loving Character of YAHUW, you cannot know your Creators, YAHUWAH The Word, YAHUWAH your Father, YAHUWAH your Mother, YAHUWAH your Savior and YAHUWAH your Princess of Beauty.  Please let every man and woman then seek The Forever Family through The Covenant of Love and the Blood of YAHUW YashUW! 

48 To all children, youth and pagans this is The Covenant of Life for Life Eternal to be completed in My coming Resurrection over death:

1"I am Almighty YAH, The God of Love, The Eternal Loving YAH creating His People,. Get out of your misery. Get out of all the houses of slavery. Have no enslaving gods (elohim) before your face.

2"You shall not make nor consume for yourselves any contamination, nor make any image to bow to, not of any man nor any thing that is in the sky above, or that is on the Earth beneath, or that is in the water on the Earth.

2b You must not be a slave nor even bow (subjugate)yourself down to any man, for I, YAHUWAH, your Almighty Loving YA of All Creation, I am The Only Almighty Eternal Loving God. The fathers pass their sins on to their children, even to the third and fourth generation of those who ignore Me. Yet I send loving invitations a thousand times to every person in every generation of those who seek to love Me and keep My Words. Live Free or die fighting.

3 "Do not treat My Character, My Name YAHUWAH,  Almighty Loving YA of All Creation as unimportant for I cannot hold him sinless who treats My Character, which is My Name, as unimportant and changes it, for this is The First Gate of Salvation.

4"Remember the Sabbath (7th) Day, to keep it QadUWsha (Set Apart for salvation teachings of YAHUW).

4b You shall labor six days and do all your work, but the Seventh Day is QadUWsha. You shall labor six days and do all your work but the seventh day is The Pledged Day (ShabaUWoth ) to YAHUWAH The Almighty Eternal Loving YA Who Is Creating His Nation. You shall not do any work in it, you, nor your son, nor your daughter, your employees, nor your livestock, nor your stranger who is within your gates, for in six YAoms, YAHUWAH made the ShamaYAim, the Earth, the sea and all that is in them but He rested the Seventh YAom, therefore YAHUWAH blessed the Shabat (Seventh, Pledging) Day and made it QadUWsha (Set Apart by HWHY for salvation).

5 "Honor your father and your mother in YAHUWAH that your YAoms (journeys with YA) may be long in the land which YAHUWAH Almighty Loving YA of All Creation gives you.

6"Do not murder.

7"Do not break your pledges.

8"Do not steal.

9"Do not lie.

10"Do not lust after anything about your neighbor or his house. You shall not pursue after your neighbor's lovee or his wife, nor his business partners nor his ox nor his ass nor anything that belong’s to your neighbor." 

11 All My Laws of Life are perfected in these 'You shall love YAHUWAH your Almighty God, with all your heart (leb), with all your mind (nefesh) and with all your resources (maode). 

12Then love your nearest YAHUWdi as yourself.”

13 When you have repented of breaking The Covenant of Life, learning The Original 14 Laws of YAHUWAH, be immersed in The Name of YAHUW in YAHUWAH into YAsarel for the forgiveness of all your sins.

14 Then I will send My Spirit of AHabe within you and you shall have Eternal Life.”

Do these and you shall live forever.

49 Now after the youth (-20 yrs) and the pagan learn this, then for all Adults, teach them The Adult Covenant of Life for Success in all their tasks. Teach them Our full Laws and Ways for they are youth no longer:

(The Adult Ten Plus Two Eternal Laws of Almighty YAH’s Covenant to Life)

1"YAHUWAH (HWHY), God of Love, We are. I am HWHY The Eternal Word of all Truth. I am WHY your Savior-Redeemer who leads you to HWHY The Savior. I am HWHY your Heavenly Father, Law Giver and Judge. I am HWHY your Mother of Life. I am HWHY your Princess of Beauty who whispers Love. We are Seven Spirits of Love and Righteousness. We are your Eternal Family. We are Echad (One). Together, We are the Eternal Loving Family of YAH creating Our beloved Nation YAsarel and then YAshrael. We command you, ‘Get out of Mitsery. Free yourselves from all Houses of Slavery. Worship HWHY alone! Honor no foreign elohim (pagan gods).

2"Make and consume healthy food and thoughts. Bow down to HWHY alone. Our Word will make you free. Live free or die fighting! Live free from slavery to any man and especially free from all his religions. You must not bow down to rulers, priests, pagan governments, Wordless people or pagan gods! Never be enslaved by them, for I am HWHY, the Eternal Loving YAH, the Maker of All Creation. 

2bWe are The Only Eternal Power you are to bow before. Free all slaves. Teach them Our Covenant of Life and Liberty. Pagan fathers will pass their sins on to their children, even to the 3th and 4th generation because they ignore Me. Yet I will send loving invitations a thousand times to every person who seeks to honor Me and to keep Our Laws of Liberty. 

2cOur 10+2 Laws do not change but you shall decide how to apply them by a 77% vote of all Wordful adults over 20 years of life. Parents should have two votes, Elders should have four votes and Elder warriors may have four or eight votes. You must decide your application laws by a 77% but then a 67% voting. 

2dLet all conflicts be decided by a jury of 3, 7 or 12 citizens of Lawful women and men. If anyone be found guilty by jury of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, rape or violent abuse to a child they must be given one hour to repent, one hour to agree with the victim’s family or then hanged until dead.

2e  Keep no prisoners over 7 days. 

2f Let the money of YAsarel and YAshrael be a set measure of land, gold, silver or oil. Use one standard for all people.

3- "Guard the Seven Pure Principles of HWHY, Our Name, The Eternal Loving YA, The Creator of All, as important, for I can only save those who guard My Name and My Ten plus Two Laws of Life. Our Name is essential for Life. I hate slavery. I never enslave. I hate all rulers but especially those who enslave with violence to women, children, youth and the weak. I hate murder. I hate false pledges. I hate stealing. I hate lying. I hate envy and greed for I create more than enough for all. These are The First Gate to Salvation.

4a"Remember the Shabat Day, to keep it QadUWsha (About YAHUW the Savior). Work the first six days and do all your work, but the Seventh Day is for renewal of Eternal Truth, for laughter, for family, for love and for play. 

4bYou are to labor the first six days and make your land produce much fruit but the seventh day is your Pledged Day (ShabUWoth Fwbc) to YAHUWAH the Eternal Loving YA, Creator of All, and His joys. 

4cDo only essential work in it, you, your sons, your daughters, your male partners, your female partners, your livestock and even pagan friends who live as quests upon your land.

4dFor in six YAoms, HWHY made the The Eternal Realms, the Universe, the stars, the sun, the AHertz, the sea and all that is in them but He rested the seventh YAom and therefore HWHY blessed the Shabat-Day (Seventh) and made it QadUWsha (set apart for YAHUW).

5“Honor your father and your mother in HWHY that your YAomi (journeys with YA) may be long in the lands of AdamAH (also among the people of YAH) which HWHY, Eternal Loving YA, Creator of All, desires to give you.

6"Protect human life, especially the weak, the young, the babies, the old and the pregnant mothers. Let violence and war be your last effort to correct the ruler, the enslaver, the murderer, the kidnapper and the thief but correct them you must or die fighting them. 

6bWordless men must never be allowed to rule over you! One who worships a god who murders or enslaves does not know AEl YAH, for I am love, not death. Murder is sin. Sin is Lawlessness. Lawlessness causes death.

7"Honor all your pledges, especially to your lovee and your near ones. Give your Love Pledged lovee half of all you profit while Pledged. Do what you promise to all.

8"Work for all you own. Believe for it and receive it. Study how to make land fruitful, buy it, secure it and make it fruitful. Increase your lands. Establish money to be symbols for set amounts of land, gold, silver and resources from the land which no rulers can change.

9"Always ask questions first. Listen closely. Speak only the truth. Especially speak honestly with your lovee and all the ones you love. True Love is always honest.

10"Love and adore your lovee or your wife, your children and family. Be proud of them. Inspire them. Tell them how special they are. Build up your own home, lands, businesses, partners, and animals. Remember how blessed you are to be alive and know YAHUWAH!"

(The Two Covenant Laws of Love)

11Then YAHUWAH said, “All Our Laws (MitsUWAHim ) are perfected in this; 

Love YAHUWAH, The Eternal Loving YA Creator of All, God of Love, with all your heart (leb), with all your mind (nefesh) and with all your assets . If you love Me, give your tithe that I might bless you.

12Then love your nearest ones as yourself.

For this is the Second Gate toward Salvation. 

(The Covenant Law for Forgiveness of sin and The Love Law)

13Pledge yourself to these Eternal Laws of Our Covenant for life and be immersed in The Name of WHY (YAHUW) for the forgiveness of your sins and then We will immerse you in Our Spirit.

14a Then We will plant Our RUWach of Love in you and you will love your fellow believers as We love you. We will establish Our Covenant of Life within you forever, for this is the Third Gate which brings you Salvation and creates YAshrael. We will guide you to walk faithfully in this Covenant into Eternal Life.

14b For YAHUW is The Guide to YAHUWAH. Pledge yourself and walk in these, Our MitsUWAH (Laws of YAHUW). Our RUWach will lead you to know and rejoice in The Way of YashUW WHY (the Savior YAHUW). 

14c We will come in Our Covenant Laws and in Our Eternal Name for the forgiveness of your sins. YAHUW alone can fill you with Us. If you daily seek to obey Our Laws and love Us, you will endure in this Our Love all your days and We will reward you with Kai Owlam (Life Eternal). For The God of Love, HWHY We are.

50 Teach your beloved woman (isha-ahab) and your family all these things. For YAHUWAH I Am!

And AEloAH-YA-am taught them His Eternal QadUWsha Word, how to Call upon Him, and how to walk in His Eternal Covenant of Life, keeping His Covenant Laws and calling upon Him through His QadUWsha Name unto Salvation. “


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