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    <!--  Yesha YAHUWsha- The Original Word of YAHUW The Savior   
 Tyrants, en-slavers and religions hate the YAHdi BarbariYAns (sons of the Son of YA)! The "Empires of Kings” and their Empire Religions (ER) decimated our fellow freedom loving BarbariYAn and later AmericAHn forefathers throughout history. En-slavers hate freedom preaching BarbariYAns and the  YAHdi! YAHUWAH restored BarbariYAn and AmericAHn freedom in the USA Constitution in 1776 and now gives us protection in the USA and world to a degree, from religious tyrants, bishops, kings and emperors, allowing us to publish The Original Scriptures E1 (The Word of YAH) in freedom. “AmericAH” comes from God's Original Scriptures (OS) and means “Proclaim the Call (Way) of YAH”! As long as the “time of the Pagans” lasted, the BarbariYAn YAHdi attacked the Empires (Rome, British, French, Spanish, Catholic etc) to free their slaves. That got them targeted and hunted down by the Empires. YAHUWAH has just restored YAsarel this year (2018). The prophecy that only God Himself would save our extermination proved so true (John 5)! That is why you are just now hearing of YAsarel, the YAHUWdi and your true Savior YAHUW! "For there is no other Name given among men, under heaven, by which we can be saved!" (Acts 4:12). That Name of true Salvation now comes to All True Seekers-”YAHUW Saves"!  
 YAHUW is 75% God's Character (missing the Eternal part) and 50% human spirit and 50% YAH's Spirit, defined by the Ten+Two+Two in YAHUW 14 Covenant Laws. YAHUW alone forgives sin. Jesus alone cannot forgive sin but Jesus can lead you to His Sacred 7 Guides ID. Only the Eternal Character and Name of YAHUW forgives sin and can save you from eternal death! Jesus leads you to the first “Natural” 7 fold Character of YAHUW ( NO murder, no adultery/concubines, no stealing, no lying, Honor Parents, Love your neighbor as yourself, No Slavery/Live Free). "Jesus name" is precious because it leads you to believe in a Savior and Creator with the first 7 Fold Character of True God. YAH does not murder, promote unfaithfulness, steal or lie, enslave, bow to idols or to pagan gods, or changesYAHUWAH HWHY's Name, Word or Character,! The "Lord god" does just the opposite! The Holy Bible is a test to see how smart and committed to truth you are.
 The LORD god murders, cheats, steals, lies, has you bow before rulers, enslaves and changes God's name to “the LORD”! The Name of the Savior is YAHUW! You need Life giving YAHUW, not "the pagan “LORD god"! The Lord god will destroy you and your family! The Lord god has been replacing your Creator HWHY -YAHUWAH and your true Savior YAHUWsha during the "Times of the Unbelievers"! Enough!Since YAHUWdi are the OS believers who have faithfully preached and called upon the true Savior YAHUW, we are going to give you 77 solid reasons to become a YAHUWda also! Getting Eternal Life is the first one! Knowing God and His Unselfish Love is the second!   
 But so you can know who you can believe, although we are not rich, many of us have pooled our money and will give you a $1,000 Challenge to anyone or $10,000 Challenge to any church who can show us that "YAH" and the glorified King "YAHUW” is not the Savior in the pre-321 AD (pre-Catholic) Original Scriptures! No one else has offered this in history! We only require that your religion or church match this offer in writing to us with authenticated copies of any two pre 321 AD manuscripts! Enough religious and political lies! It's time for the real truth about God and salvation, right? Email RaphAH at theoriginalscriptures@yahoo.com for details. Who else loves you enough to endanger this kind of money on your eternal life? Try to get your church to match this challenge!
 Shout "YAAHUUUW!" For today, you are about to learn how to fully know the real Son of God, who died for your sins to save you! "Jesus the Savior" was first created in 1576 AD by the Protestant seekers who rejected the Roman Catholic savior "YeaSus". That "Jesus" is now leading many western Christians to YAHUW the OS Savior. Sadly, the murdering pagan king Henry the 8th who formed the Anglican Church in 1536, confused millions of Anglo speaking people by trying to keep the pagan Holy Catholic name of YeaSus ("Hail Sus") and created an enslaving "LORD YeaSus" who magically made king Henry VIII the English pope, murdered thousands of men, women and even their children, enslaved millions,promoted unfaithful marriages, murdered his wife, stole land and constantly lied to his people.   
 The modern English speaking world inherited both the curses of the "LORD YeaSus" from the world wide enslaving "Royal British Empire" and the blessings of the Freedom loving Jesus! It was the good name of the new "Jesus" which rose up among the Protestants against some of these corruptions and sins. The name of Jesus and the freedom loving YAHdi formed the backbone of the American Revolution that broke the back of the Royal British Empire and its religious tyranny, the last outpost of the Holy Roman Empire. Today, the original Protestant "Jesus (Yeshua) leads you on to complete your salvation in YAHUW!" The OS is back for millions of "the Seed of Abraham"! Today, Jesus is leading you to know YAHUW, The One you have partially known all your life, the God of Your Heart, through His true Son YAHUW who died for your sins! God made your heart, so trust it to lead you to your Creator and true Savior! He made you to recognize His Voice! He also made your heart to recognize who He is NOT!   
 Our true God YAAH never murders, tortures, enslaves, cheats, steals or lies! The gods of Empire religions do most or all of these sins. I YAHUWchanon 3:8 (IJn 3:8)  “The one who practices sin is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was revealed: to destroy the works of the devil.”  Therefore, every ER religion, Corrupted Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hindusim and Buddism included, are all preaching religions of the devil because they preach a god who sins! The LORD, Jehovah, HaShem, Adonai, Allah, Sus, Krishna, Ra, Holy, Tammuz, Yeho and Baal all murder, torture, enslave, steal and lie. Repent of following a pagan god and come to the Light of YAH! Now is the time to rebel against these blasphemies and proclaim boldly the Way of YAAH, The God of Love!   
 How many wars have been fought over Empire Religions (ER)? All wars have a ER basic cause. Their “god” told their rulers to go “take the land of the Hittites!” Their demonic god commands them “Kill them all! Leave no one alive!” (Numbers 31). Loving YAAH tells us even from the Garden of AHden, “Love one another. Do good toward those who persecute you and who say all kinds of evil about you, for that is how they will also treat My prophets!”     3 Elders and 121 YAHUWan youth claim to have found one of the 77 libraries of God's Perfect Original Scriptures (OS) buried around the earth in 2007 AY (After YAHUW). Christian and Jewish scholars say God did not preserve His Original Perfect Word because they don't have any OS although they don't even follow the 51% truth (Massoretic texts) they already have! But who of you believes in a god so weak as to not be powerful enough to preserve His Original Word? Mt 5:18 promises us God will always preserve His Original Word somewhere! The  Christian "Lord scholars" are wrong! They don't believe Mt 5:18! We Jesus-YAHUWans do!  The LORD god's scholars change the Original Word of Almighty Loving YAH! Rev 22:19 promises those who change His Original Word will go to destruction! The Christian scholars, priests and pastors will not admit they have changed and blasphemed the Word of God, but it is simple to show that they do, taking out HWHY (YAHUWAH) Name   tetrtexthttp://theoriginalscriptures.org/wp-content/uploads/2003/03/tetrtext.gif" width="75"/>and Character and inserting the blasphemy "the Lord" or "the LORD GOD." The preface of the Babylonian Bibles of Christian Churches usually tell you this! Christian scholars don't have any OS because they blaspheme God's Name every day! They love their "traditions of men" first!  A small group of YAHUWans sought intensely for the OS for 14 years before HWHY YAHUWAH revealed them! If anyone would look that intensely, God would show them His OS also ("when you will seek Me with all your heart, I will be found")! God doesn't play favorites. The real Son of God, YAHUW (the original Savior) agrees with us: "For most assuredly, I tell you as long as the Universe and the Earth exists, not even one letter, not even one YA or one UW shall be taken from The Original Covenant Word (Rashuwn Debar Bareith). My Original Word shall remain until all The Word of YAH is fulfilled" (MatithYAHUW 5:18)! Who do you agree with? Get a copy of The Eternal Word of YAH and decide for yourself. Your heart will show you if it is true! First of all, your heart will tell you who is NOT your God! "And we know that NO MURDERER has Eternal Life in him!" I YAHochanon (John) 3:15 . Your heart will tell you this! Only man-made gods of "slave religions" teach "righteous murder!" Only emperor made religions teach of gods who can murder at will. Pagan human kings need to install fear and obedience in their slaves in order to rule. We all were taught as ignorant children to worship a god who murders, right? Religions prey on the simple minds of children and the ignorant. Religions brain wash kids. That is a trick of "king's religions" to justify killing the king's enemies (by torture, deceit or war) to their warrior slaves. By fighting for the king or queen, the slaves are fighting for God, right? But your real Creator put in your heart that God does not murder! So who can you trust most, the Creator of your heart or the Pharisees, the creators of the Holy Bible OT?   Men gave you the Holy Bible but God created His Core Word in your heart, right? So obviously trust your heart! God doesn't murder anyone, but especially women and kids! Therefore the gods of murder like the "Lord god" of the Holy Bible, Adonai of the Jewish Torah, Allah of the Koran, Sheva and Vishnu of Hinduism and Zeus, Julius, Augustus, Sus, Saturn, Janis, Tammuz and Ra of ancient religions, since they all murder, are all slave religion  deceptions! These gods have no eternal life in them!  Seven Super Laws are God's Core Laws written in our heart by our true Creator! These are part of the most famous code of Law in History, the Ten Commandments. Can you quote the Ten Commandments in the order given? If not, your religion does not really honor God's Commandments does it? "Hereby do we know that we know Him, if we keep His Commandments" I YAHochanon /I John 2:3. How can you keep them if you haven't been taught them? False gods avoid your Creator's True Commandments. Man's religion's want to keep you enslaved to their leaders! Break out time friends!  Welcome Truth Pilgrims! We are YAHUWans, Servants to you and our True Creator God YAHUWAH. YAsarel is the "Original Israel," the freedom loving people of YAH. We are called "YAHUWans" because we love and follow our freedom making Creator "YAHUWAH," often abbreviated "YA" or "YAH." The Author of the Perfect Original Scriptures of the Original Bible (Ha DebariYA) is Almighty YAHUWAH, written perfectly by His prophets (NabiYA) and perfectly preserved by God since the garden of Eden. YAsarel is the nation of YAHUWAH's Family servants trained and now sent to help set free all struggling and enslaved people her e on Earth, to get out of all bondage, beginning with freedom from religious bondage.  All the prophets speak of a "Day of Restoration!" You probably have been recently feeling a dissatisfaction with your former religion/s, right? It hasn't answered your questions, so you are looking. That is because you are not "Gentiles" but rather God's chosen seed, the "seed of Abraham" but you just did not know it until now! God is stirring up your heart and mind to return you back to your true ancient faith and people of YAsarel! His Spirit (RUWach) is moving your heart (as lost seed of Abraham) to seek for His truth! That is why you are here now, seeking God's eternal truth, right? Almighty YAH is setting free the "unknown tribes" of YAsarel from man's religious bondage that they may walk in God's ancient and true Faith of Eternal Freedom. This begins with the Seed of AbrAHam hearing His Call to "YAHliness" and learning His True Original Word!  This "Call of YAH to eternal freedom" begins with repenting from the gods of religion now! This begins with getting out of religious and mental bondage first. Man's religions have deceived and enslaved us all (see Rev 12:9). Most of YAH's blessings to us are blocked because at best, we only practice 33% of the Original Scripture Principles of our Creator! Selfish  religious leaders have replaced YAH's Original Freedom Words with their religious enslaving words, words like "every governing authority is established by God and he who rebels against the governing authorities, rebels against God." (Romans 13:1). YAH's Original Word says "live free or die fighting!" RomaniYA 13:1 of the OS says "Only the Most High Word of YAH is your governing authority. It is established by Almighty Loving YAH forever. It is YAHUW your Savior. Bow only to Him!"    The "Lord god" says to kill everyone in every town with one unbeliever in it (Deut 13:15ff). The Word ofYAH says, "Do not murder" and then adds "do good toward your enemies." "Bless those who say all kinds of evil against you falsely....for MY NAME (Consistent Loving Character) sake."  YAH's Principles of Freedom get us out of religious bondage by telling us to get all pagan gods with human natures out of our face. It is not easy to repent from following the Lord god we were raised on! Most slave religions call god "the Lord" for a reason. Lords serve the kings of various empires and nations! England has a "house of Lords" which serves the king of England. The "Lord god" of Hinduism,Buddhism, Judaism, Catholicism, Islam and Protestantism cannot save anyone. These are religions of man. Repentance from following 'the Lord god" is hard but it allows us to follow YAHUWAH (the full Character and Name of our God) and to obtain resurrection from the dead. Eternal life is the biggest reward of all! "For there is no other Godly Character (Name) given to men, under the heavens, by which we can be saved" (Maasai MalakiYA/Acts 4:12). However, YAH's freedoms also extend to your political freedom and government, then your health, a safe land and house, living in love all your life, how to raise kids and have a happy family, secrets to financial freedom, prosperous business management, beautification, cleaning your environment, diet, losing weight, staying fit, proper rest, sleep and vacations. So how can YAHUWAH your God help you find success?   This is the Fourteenth and final World Wide Restoration of YAHUWAH's (God's) Name, His true Original Word, His true QariYAch ("YA's Seeker Family") and Nation, who are "called by My (YAHUWdAH) Name (Character and then YAHUWdAH) will themselves repent to Me and seek My face......" (II Chron 7:14). "YAsarel" has always been here since YAHUW died for it. It is flowering back to "YAH's Nation within every nation." It is today's Original Scripture believers who are called to restore YAHUWAH's true Original Character and Word to the faith of the "Lost Tribes of YAsarel!" YAsarel brings great blessings back to your life. This is all because of the Latter Day Blessing being poured out for all who love Him with all their heart. "Seek YAH first and His Right Way of Life and everything else will follow! (Mat 6:33)."  Everybody on earth begins life being taught one of man's "slave religions." These all teach faith in some pagan king's "Lord god" who has many corrupt selfish evil character flaws. Faith in these pagan Lord gods allows evil and eventually death into your family. Left unchecked, these violent king's slave religions will end in a nuclear holocaust which will end all mankind on earth. Satan wants to destroy all mankind! This is a fight for human survival. In most cases, we don't even realize this is being taught to our kids in churches, synagogues, mosques and temples. Take the horrible character of a "almighty Lord god" who murders women and children. You say, "Well I might believe in "the Lord" but I don't believe that he murders!" But have you been brainwashed with the false story of Noah's worldwide flood in Genesis 6-8 by "the Lord" of the Holy Bible? Here the "Lord god" whom you have probably been taught to worship, drowns millions of men, women and innocent kids but saves cockroaches, snails, pigs and rats over innocent kids! What? The lack of kangaroos, koalas, pandas and american cougars around Mt Ararat also tell us the world wide flood is a lie, just like "the Lord god" and many other "Holy Bible" stories. It seems impossible that we were raised to worship a pagan god doesn't it? Our hearts protest loudly that we would even think about worshipping a mass murderer! How could we trust a murderer for our salvation? You can't! A "Terrorist Lord god" who made you is a lie! YAHUWAH gave you ample evidence to know the truth if you will just look!  Some of you have seen our www.theoriginalscriptures.com and other earlier websites but then were perplexed when they all disappeared recently! What happened? The major religions cyber-attacked us! They don't want you knowing the Truth! They illegally took down all our websites! Slave governments and their religions all over earth have been warned we YAHdi are "dangerous insurrectionists." They are right if they are enslaving tyrants! We preach freedom to the oppressed and the world's slaves. We are God's Freedom Warriors to enslaving tyrants! In fact if you google "the YAHUWdAH," "YAsarel" or "YAHUWans" or "YAHdi", you will find that most religious leaders and government politicians already hate us! This is because most governments today still enslave and scam their people! The slave-monger politians call us "a dangerous cult" trying to scare off their citizen slaves. Joh 15:18 "If the world hates you, know that it has hated Me before it hated you!"  The world's leaders hate us YAHdi and the "House of YAHUWAH." But that threatens the false and greedy religious and political "ministers." YAHUW, our true Savior, prophesied the world's religions ("nations" and their kings) would hate us for a simple reason, YAHUWdAH call upon His Name (Character) which commands us to live free and to free slaves! All religions, including "traditional Christianity," seek to dumb you down to mental and spiritual blind slavery! Darkness and slave-mongers hate YAH's Light! YAsarel and its YAHUWdAH are rising up all over the world for these Latter Days! They are a spiritual "Nation within the nations" of Original YAH Lovers, the seed of Abraham, standing consistently and in growing numbers against the evils of murder, collateral damage, political stealing, abuse of children and women, slavery, polygamy, racism, genocide, sexism and religious lies. "Holy bible" believers unconsciously advocate all the above clear evils, so why do these leaders call us "a cult?" Who is the real "cult"? We advocate the God of the Original ChristiYAn believers of King YAHUWAH, the only God who never murders, who never practiced polygamy, slavery, racism, sexism, genocide, offensive war, women or child abuse! We follow the Ten plus Two Royal Commandments as a way of life! All religions advocate some magic formula for a salvation that condones "Lawlessness!" Left unchecked, those religions will kill us all!  The YAHdi Faith is the only faith that can give you "Everlasting life" because it is the only Faith that believes in the pure Character (Name) of God, which is the primary meaning of "His Name." You must both clarify and fully profess His Character (His Name) right to finish finding your true God, believe in Him and be baptised into YAsarel for eternal life!" Faiths and religions based upon the modern "Holy bible" cannot save you because they change the Character (Name) of YAHUWAH to their Lord god and to evil! Through 4000 years, man's kings and empires had their priests and bishops change The Original Word of YAH so that they could rule the masses with "god's word!" That is why YAHUWAH's Name is not found in any bible which speaks of God  murdering women and children, honoring sex slaves (concubines), enslaving folks, subjugating women or stealing land. Almighty YAH never contradicts His Ten plus Two Love Commandments! The Lord god contradicts every one of the Ten plus Two Commandments!  So how can you know God for sure? How can we be sure of the path to Eternal Life? Very important and very good questions friends! First, you can start by throwing out every faith that teaches a god who lies, steals, condones polygamy or murders! Second, throw out every faith that teaches slavery is godly! We must become scientific realists, or Truth Seekers. All world wide religions are based on existential mysticism (spontaneous emotional feelings). We looked closely at existential mysticism (emotions) first because all religions use it but it quickly proved lacking in consistency. So 44 years ago, unknown to each other, three of us Truth Seekers began to scientifically search for miraculous repeatable signs our True Creator. We didn't know if indeed a true Loving Creator God even existed but creation sure pointed that way. The full proof would be if we could find some ancient Scriptures which were both scientifically correct and morally consistent with the God of our heart. We should also expect some amazing miraculous truths no one knew back then, like the "Big Bang" creation. Most creation accounts, like the Jewish Torah and Islamic Koran, begin incorrectly with "the heavens and the earth." These are obviously geocentric and man made. The full answer took us 24 years to discover. Although many truths were discovered as we plowed through 7 sciences, paleontology and 22,000 ancient spiritual manuscripts looking for God's distinct OS, it was only when we discovered the long buried "Roshawn Owlam ShalemiYA" (ROS) Library along the Euphrates River in 2002 AD that the long sought OS was finally revealed! We had tested it over 1000 ways and it has passed every test. It also contained a solar calendar accurate down to the second! That is impossible without modern astronomy!  Searching for God and His Original Word is the most complex task on earth. There are many confusing faiths given among men. But hang with us here, we guarantee that you will know YAHUWAH your true Creator by scientific evidence so overwhelmingly convincing that we offer $10,000 to anyone to prove the ROS wrong in just one place! In 7 years of trying, no one has!  So why isn't YAH/YAHUWAH and His Original Word obvious to all if YAH loves us? First, if there is a Loving Creator (LC), He would have slightly veiled Himself if He is Love, right? True Love, by its nature, does not impose its own way! Thus we would expect a universe that veils its Creator, who your must seek for?Secondly, True Love makes one grow and mature. True Love would design a universe that has numerous signs and guides but one which makes us struggle to find His Truth, right? This process makes us stronger and smarter. This testing would also determine our rank in the Life after Death. THAT WORLD IS EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE! BINGO! His First Confirming Signs!  The ROS Scriptures teach that the Universe is a gigantic TEST to see who is smart enough to really spend the time and effort to SEEK GOD FIRST INTELLIGENTLY! Sadly, only a few have done this in the last 400 years! But in 1976, (a Yubilee Year) three very different scientists 8000 miles apart began to intently and scientifically "Seek God" with all our heart, mind and money from the three major cultures of the planet.  The western seeker, a young American scientist named Rapha began seeking to know and follow the God he believed he knew in part in his heart, but who Christianity rejected, through studying biology, genetics and astronomy and came to the conclusion that natural science pointed strongly in favor of an Intelligent Loving Creator. Another scientist named Ibraham from the Middle East and then another named Musa from Asia were doing the same. Obviously, if the Creator is both loving and has power, then He would have made and preserved His Teachings for us somewhere on earth, right? He would put scientific unknown truths in early scrolls and rocks  long before mankind discovered them, in order to identify them as supernatural, right? Rapha was raised Protestant Christian, Ibraham was Sunni Muslim and Musa was raised Asian Buddhist. They looked for scientific proof that God had communicated clearly and consistently with spiritual mankind down through the ages. The evidence wasthere but clouded by the many religions of kings and emperors.  Independently, they examined each his own nearby religions and "Holy Books" but we found them often contradicting and non-scientific, largely being the work of man. Worse of all, they all enslaved the masses with lies and myths. For instance, in the Holy Bible, it begins with the "heavens and the earth" being created on the first day, before the Milky Way galaxy or even our sun. Green plants and fruit trees were created on the third day but the sun wasn't created until the fourth day. Snakes are not Satan. This is scientifically incorrect.  Rapha also ran into many moral contradictions in traditional Christianity. The Holy Bible's Ten Commandment "Lord god" said "Don't murder", then turns around and murders millions of innocent children in the world wide flood (Gen 6-7)! The "Lord god" says "Don't steal" then tells Israel "Go take the land" of the Hittites, Amorites, Jebusites etc. Slavery is evil yet the Lord god condones it along with murdering women and children (Exodus 21). Deut 13:15ff even advocates murdering an entire city if there is one unbeliever in it! Deut 17 commands us to murder all unbelievers! Col 3:22 tells slaves to "obey your masters as if they are 'the Lord'!" Nobody follows this today!  The Koran and Buddhism had the exact same creation errors and moral contradictions. We found all the major religions had one central theme; they all protected the divine right of kings to rule their slaves! They were and remain today slave religions, engineered to keep slaves and commoners in subjection under the "divine right of kings to rule" (see Rom 13:1, Col 3:22, I Tim 6 etc.)! Kings and their bishops made the religions of human kings, not Eternal Loving YAH!  Amazingly, these three truth seekers met while trying to rescue kidnapped orphans from Al Qaeda suicide schools in the Himalaya Mountains in 1992. They immediately joined forces. In between fights with Al Qaeda trying to steal their adopted kids, they examined hundreds of creation accounts. None proved accurate. None began with the "Big Bang," the emergence of light, atomic elements, hot gases, galaxies, stars and then Earth. They were very discouraged but decided to finish the search. Then they begin finding some fragments of a small family of texts called Ha DebariYA. These texts described "Creator YA, Ever Loving YAH, YAHUW the Savior (YAHUWsha) and Almighty YAHUWAH the Father." These minority fragments proved both scientific and morally consistent! Finally, they had our true Loving Creator's Name, El YAH and the promise that the Original Scriptures existed! The Savior sent from YAH is YAHUW! Further study revealed God's and the Savior's full Name to be "YAHUWAH!"  So now the main question burned, "Where did our Loving Creator YAHUWAH preserve His Original Scriptures to mankind?" All the world's best "scholars" assured us they no longer existed! If that was true, then there was no "Almighty Loving God" and Mat 5:18 was wrong, right? What? Almighty YAH made the universe but couldn't preserve His True Word? We studied 22,000 ancient manuscripts over the next seven years, looking hard. We found predicted in the YAH fragments, 49 Original Scripture Libraries buried across the Earth!  Then we finished reading the ancient good but not perfect secondary manuscripts and started looking for one of 49 YAH Perfect Text libraries prophesied Original Scripture Libraries of YAH's Scrolls. In 2002, and Mat 5:18 was wrong, right? What? Almighty YAH made the universe but couldn't preserve His True Word? We studied 22,000 ancient manuscripts over the next seven years, looking hard. We found predicted in the YAH fragments, 49 Original Scripture Libraries buried across the Earth! we found 75 Scrolls, perfectly preserved in a library on the eastern border of ancient YAsarel! Here is an introduction to the Roshawn Owlam ShalemiYA (ROS) Scrolls called Ha DebariYA Owlam. And how do we know these are Originals from YAH? The Words have been proven correct both historically and scientifically a thousand times!  Scholars tell us that all of our Creator’s Original Scriptures underlying The Original Bible have perished. Yet according to both the English Matthew 5:18 and the YAHdi/Hebrew MatithYAHUW 5:18, as long as earth exists, so will every letter of God’s Original Word!  The ROS Scrolls were buried deep in the sands of ancient eastern YAsarel, just west of the Euphrates near ancient Ur, the birthplace of AbrAHam. These precious Scrolls we call the ROS scrolls but they call themselves Ha DebariYAH Owlam (The Eternal Word of YAH). They are written in the first language of mankind called “YAdi” or “YAHUWdi.” Scholars call this "Paleo-Hebrew."While every truth seeker will rightly begin skeptical, it is major evidence to the YAH Faith that 50% (7) of the 14 Primary Principles for eternal life are already followed by 96% of all honest people, even though they have never studied the Original Scriptures! That is because our Creator wrote these Super 7 Principles on everyone's heart! In fact, the only unchanged ancient phrase used worldwide for 6000 years that has miraculously never changed its pronunciation in 5000 languages is "AhleleuYAH" (praise be to YAH).  Even more fascinating is that all 7+7 of these Primary Heart Principles of YAH are contradicted by the polluted "Holy books" of the major "kings religions," including the Jewish Torah, the Hindu Upanishads, the Muslim Koran, and the "King James Holy Bible"! Only the Original Bible Scriptures, The Eternal Word of YAH teaches and consistently applies the Super 7+7 Principles! The First Seven Primary Heart Principles of YAH, our Loving Creator are easy to recognize. Check it out for yourself! Here are the Super 7 Primary Principles of YAH your Creator placed in your heart to guide each of us to Almighty YAH! See if you don’t already believe and follow these! If so, most of you are part YAHUWan already:           1. Live Free-Get out of Bondage (Egypt)! 2. Don't pollute yourself with idols. 3 Honor God's Name-Character-Don't mock Him! 4. Don’t murder! Don't murder especially women, children, babies, surrendered soldiers, the sick and the elderly. In fact, don’t murder anyone, even your enemies. If you have to shoot a thief or enemy, shoot them in the leg or some other non-lethal place. A fetus is the most helpless of all people. Defend babies, including all fetuses. The US gov murders 4000 Americans per day with taxes. (Many senior YAHdi hold out paying taxes to any government that murders pre-born babies!           2. Be faithful to all your pledges. Don’t commit adultery. This includes not allowing multiple wives and concubines! But it primarily means to never let a lovee (woman) or lover (man) down. YAH hold the man responsible for his wife’s happiness. 3. Earn your land and money. Don’t steal (including using inflatable fiat currency). Work for your possessions.                 4. Speak truth! Don’t  lie (give a false witness, deceive). Speak honestly.                                                                                                5. Speak positive love and abundance. Don’t waste time being possessively jealous of others or their things. God will provide all your needs if you walk in His Word. Work six days a week making land fruitful and you will get more than enough.  6. The Golden Social Primary-“Love your neighbor as yourself.” All men are of equal value but their beloved women are worth more. This “Equality Primary” (All men are created equal) has led first America and now 70% of the world to democracy in these Latter Days.   The further extension of this is that neither selfish capitalism nor enslaving communism is from YAH our God. We are made to function the happiest by freely loving fellow true YAHdi (bold believers in YAH) with 50% of our heart and sharing 50% of our money (or time) communally for the good of all with each other.   7. The last and greatest Guide written in our heart is to "love YAHUWAH (God) your God with all our heart, our mind and our resources." We all know this and we all fail at it! The YAHUWdi (YAHUWans, not the Yehudi or Jews) are the only people throughout history that have consistently tried to practice this. YAsarel has sadly fallen from historical Restorations down to "Yisrael" thirteen times because it followed pagan gods (Ye, Yeho, Yehu, Yi, Baal, Tammuz , Lord god, Hashem, Elohim, etc), got selfish, lazy and quit loving God first as YAHUWsha our true historic Savior showed us.  These are the Primary Social Five+2 Gold Commandments written on the hearts of both believers and pre-believers by YAHUWAH our Creator in order to lead us to Himself. They are in the hearts of both converted and unconverted mankind. Notice how many “Holy Books” teach of a god who murders children (like the “Lord god’s” worldwide flood story). If we follow these First Primaries written in our hearts, we could no longer trust “Holy Bibles” that teach such contradictions. We would cease to worship false gods. If you follow one contradiction (like tolerating killing babies), you will miss YAHUWAH, as do all the major "slave religions" today. Before we hear the “YAHspel” preached, we only know 50% of the Ten Guides. All the following Five   Guides must be taught to pre-YAHdi. They are not instinctual but they all are essential for happiness and salvation! The 1st Guide is the most important of all. It is the prerequisite to following the other 4 Life Giving Guides: YAHUWAH, I am! I am your only God! Thereforeget out of Misery! Get out of all Houses of Bondage (Slavery)! Have no foreign gods before your face! (You were born to live free!)  Submit to no man, government or thing. Bow to YAHUWAH alone!  Live free or die fighting. Never belittle (change) the Name (Character) of YAHUWAH your God. YAHUWAH does not change. This means don’t tolerate or honor religions or priests who teach a god who murders, condones multiple wives, concubines, stealing, lying, racism or slavery.  Honor the Sabbath (7th) day for YAHUWAH. Rest, study, worship and laugh. Do only life essential work. Give honor to your fathers and mothers who provided for you according to  YAHUWAH's Word.  The 7+7 Heart Primaries are YAH’s creation stamp in our soul. These Super 7+7 will lead us to Almighty YAH and His Original Scripture over the polluted “Holy Bibles” and other books written by man. The 10+2+2 Saving Covenant Principles deal with Calling on the Saving Name (7+7 Fold Character) of our God, the forgiveness of our sins and being filled with His AHabe. "For there is NO other name under heaven, given to men, by which we can be saved" (MM/Acts 4:12). Jesus is precious but only YAHUW can forgive sin. To learn more about the difference between the false "Lord god Ye/Yeh" and the true Creator God YAH/YAHUWAH, email us at theoriginalscripture@yahoo.com. Visit a OriginalScripturesBethYAH.org (OSHouse of YAH) in your area or worship with us weekly online.  AHabe (Eternal Love) and SimchAH (YAH's Joy) from YAsarel, the Forever Family of YAHUWAH to you!

  Since you are a “Seeker of Truth”.....  Jesus began his public ministry in Luke 4:17 by reading from the great prophet Isaiah 61:1-2. So to know what Jesus really preached, it is important for each of us to examine this passage. It is about healing the brokenhearted and freeing captives and liberating those in prison. Well that doesn’t apply to us normal Christians does it? We aren’t blind or in prison are we? But since we believe in Jesus, let’s just examine these remarks which he applied to himself. The numbers are from Strong's to show us the Hebrew originals.       Isa 61:1 The SpiritH7307 of the LordH136 GODH3069 is uponH5921 me; becauseH3282 the LORDH3068 hath anointedH4886 me to preach good tidingsH1319 unto the meek;H6035 he hath sentH7971 me to bind upH2280 the brokenhearted,H7665 H3820 to proclaimH7121 libertyH1865 to the captives,H7617 and the opening of the prisonH6495 to them that are bound;H631  Isa 61:2 To proclaimH7121 the acceptableH7522 yearH8141 of the LORD,H3068 and the dayH3117 of vengeanceH5359 of our God;H430 to comfortH5162 allH3605 that mourn;H57  Isa 61:3 To appointH7760 unto them that mournH57 in Zion,H6726 to giveH5414 unto them beautyH6287 forH8478 ashes,H665 the oilH8081 of joyH8342 forH8478mourning,H60 the garmentH4594 of praiseH8416 forH8478 the spiritH7307 of heaviness;H3544 that they might be calledH7121 treesH352 of righteousness,H6664 the plantingH4302 of the LORD,H3068 that he might be glorified.H6286And they shall buildH1129 the oldH5769 wastes,H2723 they shall raise upH6965 the formerH7223 desolations,H8074 and they shall repairH2318 the wasteH2721cities,H5892 the desolationsH8074 of many generations.H1755 H1755  
  H3069  יהוה  yehôvih  yeh-ho-vee'  A variation of H3068 (used after H136, and pronounced by Jews as H430, in order to prevent the repetition of the same sound, since they elsewhere pronounce H3068 asH136):  H3068  יהוה  yehôvâh  yeh-ho-vaw'  From H1961; (the) self Existent or eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God: - Jehovah, the Lord.  
  First, who is this “Spirit of the Lord GOD” that anoints Jesus? We are using “Strong’s Concordance” to help us here, because we know that Jesus would never misquote the Original Word of God would he? But has Satan used Lying Priest's (LPs) to deceive us? O00ps! “GOD” isn’t El or Eloah here! They lie to us! It is these strange four letters יהוה most have never seen! Why did the translators and editors change God’s Word and blaspheme His Name? Revelation 22:19 and the Ten Cs say you go to hell for that! So how often did they do that? Well, we find that this blasphemy is done over 33000 times in most Holy Bibles! So it appears that we have been unknowing captives and slaves to lying translators. So what other lies have these hell-bent translators deceived us with? Indeed, we too are needing liberating!  
  Obviously, Bible scholars and Strong’s Lying Priests are confused about God’s Name! Is it “Yehovee” or “Yehovaw”? And why do other scholars say it is “Yahweh” or “Jehovah?” Well, since Jesus first quoted Isaiah, let’s see if the Lying Priests (LP) changed his name as well!  
  Isa 1:1 The visionH2377 of IsaiahH3470 the sonH1121 of Amoz,H531 whichH834 he sawH2372 concerningH5921 JudahH3063 and JerusalemH3389 in the daysH3117of Uzziah,H5818 Jotham,H3147 Ahaz,H271 and Hezekiah,H3169 kingsH4428 of Judah.H3063    H3470  ישׁעיהוּ    ישׁעיה  yesha‛yâh  yesha‛yâhû  yesh-ah-yaw', yesh-ah-yaw'-hoo  From H3467 and H3050; Jah has saved; Jeshajah, the name of seven Israelites: - Isaiah, Jesaiah, Jeshaiah.    Bingo! The LP did change it! In fact, they try to change it from “YeshaYAHU” to “Yesha Jah” right before our eyes! The above is in the original “YAdi” language of the Original Scriptures. Strong's actually uses the Aramaic Hebrew which is Nimrod's (Aram) corrupted language. You read YAdi right to left. The first three letters of God’s Name are the last three in Yesha-YAHU. So if the first three letters are pronounced “YAHU” (YAHUW), the fourth letter is just a repeat of the second letter. Can you figure it out? And Isaiah's name also tells us who saves us! YeshaYAHUW means “YAHUW saves!” His Name is YAHUW! The LPs are lying again! The Original Jesus is YAHUW!    H3063  יהוּדה  yehûdâh (This should be YAHUWd AH, right? In corrupted English we say “Judah,” not Yehoodaw!)  yeh-hoo-daw'  From H3034; celebrated; Jehudah (or Judah), the name of five Israelites; also of the tribe descended from the first, and of its territory: - Judah.  Again, we see the LPs trying to change Scripture to fit the Catholic name “Jehovah.” This tribes name is “YAHU d AH”. The “d” means “yada” or “praise”. So this tribes very name means “praise YAHUAH (YAHWAH). Now we are getting liberated! But do we have additional witnesses to this truth? Yes we do, still in Isaiah 1:1!     H5818  עּיהוּ עזּיּה   ‛ûzzı̂yâh  ‛ûzzı̂yâhû  ooz-zee-yaw', ooz-zee-yaw'-hoo  From H5797 and H3050; strength of Jah; Uzzijah, the name of five Israelites: - Uzziah  H3169  יחזקיּיהוּ יחזקיּה  yechizqı̂yâh  yechizqı̂yâhû  yekh-iz-kee-yaw', yekh-iz-kee-yaw'-hoo  From H3388 and H3050; strengthened of Jah; Jechizkijah, the name of five Israelites: - Hezekiah, Jehizkiah. Compare H2396.     Well, we have now learned not to trust the Lying Priests (LP) “Holy Bible” translations! They readily change God's Original Word. That’s hard on “Holy Bible believers” but just remember it is the Holy Bible translations we have proven as lies, not the Original Scriptures of the Original Bible. God has protected them. But now let’s jump over to the teachings of Jesus on the biggest issue, Eternal Life, to see if the LP of Judaism, the Christian Corruption and the Holy Bible have lied to us about other things?

In Matthew 19:15ff, Jesus (YAHUW) tells us that in order to get Eternal Life we must obey five of the ten Commandments (Cs) and the last one of the Two Love Cs. The first one he quotes is actually the sixth of the Ten Cs, but it is the first one written on our hearts. Could it be that God knew our faith would be corrupted by LPs today and God is giving us a tool to get back to the pure faith of the Original Jesus (YAHUW)? Let’s check it out. The first is “Do not Murder.” It seems simple right? Yet the “LORD god” murders a lot! So does Jehovah, Allah, HaShem, Krishna and YHWH. But does God ever break His own Word? NO! God never changes. Murder is “Lawlessness” which is sin. 1Jn 3:4  “Everyone who makes a practice of sinning also practices lawlessness; sin is lawlessness.”     So, among 13 other Cs of Eternal Life, sin is surely breaking this first one Jesus gives us for today, “Do not murder” right? Ok, now look at 1Jn 3:8  “Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. “     Here is a huge key for us! The “LORD God” in the Holy Bible murders all the world’s children in Genesis 6-8, the world flood of Noah’s time! The LORD is the biggest mass murderer of children in history! He also murders thousands of other children in Sodom, Gomorrah, then slaughtering the Hittites, Midianites and even innocent Israelites (Deut 13, Lev 19, Num 15:33, Num 31, II Sam 24). We already have seen that “the LORD” is a lie. Now we know the LORD god is from the devil because he murders, enslaves, changes his pledges, steals, lies and is envious, just like Satan! So does Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, HaShem, Krishna and Vishnu. The devil through the LPs changed the story to make it appear that our God does the works of the devil. The devil created a “devil-god” who sins! And so “the devil deceives the entire world” (Rev 12:9). But our true God never sins for sin is  from the devil (I John 3). The devil has worked through LPs to give us a “LORD god” who murders and enslaves women for sex! So all the passages that has “the LORD god” telling us to murder folks or enslave women are all from the devil! This includes the Holy Bible, the Jewish Bible and the Quran.     The Second Com  of Jesus (YAHUW) is “Do not be unfaithful.” Is this our second measure to recognize the work of the devil in the “Holy Bible”, Judaism and its spiritual children Christianity and Islam? Yes it is. The devil created unfaithfulness by inserting polygamy, concubines, sex slaves (harems) and divorce among Gods men, like Abraham, Jacob, David and Solomon. Our true God never supported adulterers! Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon and all the true prophets just had one wife! All the polygamy and concubine stuff is from the devil!     Now we see it! Jesus (YAHUWsha) is using these five Cs to lead us back to our true God El YAH! Christianity preaches “the LORD.” You never hear them preach of YAH or YAHUW! The Holy Bible will send your family to the cosmic incinerator. Horrors! Stay far away from the Lake of Fire! The Original Scriptures (OS) will save both you and your family Forever! But where is this English Original Bible that teaches a Loving God who never murders, promotes slavery, sex slaves, cheating, stealing or lying?  
  ANSWER-Only one ancient Faith and Scriptures do so, the YAHdi nation (YAsarel) and the YAHdi Bible! They alone have always believed in and practiced the 14 Laws of Eternal Life trust YAHUW as their Savior, just like 144 prophets did. They alone worship a sinless God who never breaks the Ten+Two CLs. They call God by His Eternal Saving Name! Check out the YAHdi Bible at …www.TheOriginalScriptures.org . If you love truth, soon you will repent of all pagan gods, pledge to the 10+2+YAHUW Covenant Laws of Life, ask YAHUW into you life, be baptized in YAHUW  and become a “YAHUWda” too! Welcome to a Glorious Eternity, as El YAH intended when he created you!

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How to have a Fabulous Family and Love Life! Check out the Love Life teachings of YAHUWAH!

How to have a Fabulous Family and Love Life! Check out the Love Life teachings of YAHUWAH! The Eternal Word of YAHUWAH.



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