You will be amazed to discover that our true Savior YAHUW is proclaimed in all the prophets and in every book of the Original Scriptures. The scholars have not been truthful . All the early books in both Old Testament and New, proclaim YAHUW as our Savior. His Name is essential to salvation. So if thousands of ancient Scriptures proclaim YAHUW, why haven't we heard of Him earlier? Simple. All the major world's religions and empires hated YAHUW and His YAHUWdi. They were libertines. They followed the Covenant which forbade slavery and a royal class ruling over commoners and slaves. They were "AmeriCAHns", another defining word in the OS for YAdi/YAHUWdi (followers of YAHUW).   

Below are a few early manuscripts for your examination. The first is P-46 of RomaH (Romans) 16 in Middle AHlenic (Greek). YAHUW is overlined IHY.

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