Comparison of OS and World Religions


Comparison Chart of Major Religions Ethics

  Islam Judaism Catholic Protestant  YAHUWda 

Issues according to their Scriptures 

Quran  JewB    HolB   HolB    OS Scriptures

1-God created earth before stars? Yes yes yes yes NO

2-God created the earth before the sun? yes  yes  yes  yes  NO-the sun holds the earth in place

3-God created green grass before the sun? yes yes yes yes No-photosynthesis needs sunshine

4- Date first began?    586BC 321AD 1477 AY 626AD,  Creation (4+ billion yrs ago?)

5-Is divine Genocide good? (Dt 13, 20)  Yes yes yes yes NEVER

6-Noah’s Flood was worldwide? Yes yes yes yes NO,  

7-Murder surrendered enemy, wife & 

children ok? (Num 31) Yes yes yes yes NEVER 

8- Is Slavery good with God?  yes yes yes  yes NEVER

9-Slave kids belong to slave masters? Yes  yes yes yes NO, death penalty for slavery 

10-Owned, bought & sold slaves? Yes yes yes yes NO, only nation with no slavery for 5000 yrs

11-Genocide in war ok? (Dt 20) yes yes yes yes NEVER

12-Stoning unbelievers to death OK?(Dt 13) Yes yes yes yes NEVER

13-Stealing land in war ok?  yes yes yes yes NEVER except paying for defensive war expenses

14-Polygamy ok with God? yes  yes yes yes NEVER, one man-one woman pledged together. No polygamy in OS

15-Women’s equal right to property ok?     no no no yes  YES

16-Stone adulterers to death?  yes yes yes yes NEVER

17-Marriage: love “til death part”?  yes yes yes/confused yes NO, true love is forever

18- Marriage under state gov ok?  yes yes yes yes NO, marriage/Love-Pledge is under AEl YAH alone, not State

19-Governments created by God?  yes yes confused confused NO,  all governments are selfish man’s sinful slavery except YAsarAEl's YAHocracy.

20-Can God break His own Laws? 

yes yes  confused confused NEVER, YAH is always faithful to His Word 

21-God punishes the people for sin of kings?  yes yes yes  yes NEVER, each is accountable for own sins

22-God made “Royal Blood” to rule? yes yes yes yes NO, all people are to live free, bowing only to AEl YAH.

23-Change Scripture ok? yes yes yes yes  yes  NO, OS Word of YAH is Eternal

24-Creates new name for God?  Yes yes yes yes NO, never change the Scripture, especially YAHUWAH!

25-Pay taxes which murder children?Yes yes yes yes NO, that supports murdering kids!

26-God ordains kings & royalty? Yes yes yes yes NEVER, no man is ordained to rule others.

27-Forcing child brides ok? yes/no yes/no yes/confused yes/no never, punishable by death 

28-Sex slaves/concubines ok? yes yes  yes yes no, death penalty, 1st, 7th, 12th CL 

29-God passes sins to children?  Yes yes yes yes  NEVER, each is accountable at 20 yrs old (19th BD).

30-Honor God’s Sabbath Day? NO yes no  no YES, 1,2,3,4,11 CL

31-Honor pagan gods ok?  no yes yes yes NO pagan gods  

32-Poor among us acceptable? yes yes yes yes NO, its forbidden.

33-Homeless among us ok?  yes yes yes yes NO, homelessness forbidden in YAsarel 

34-Nation must care for homeless? no  no no no YES

35-Study Original Scriptures (OS)?  no no no no YES, YAHUWans study them daily

36-Only “YAHUW” saves?   no   no  no no YES only the OS Savior YAHUW can save.

37-Use OS prophet’s real names? No/few no no no YES all OS prophets affirm YAHUW. Its sin to change them.

38-God will destroy this earth so nuclear weapons are ok?  yes yes yes yes NO YAHUWAH the King is coming here to reign forever

39-Dec 25 Sus sun-god birthday ok to celebrate?  no no  yes yes  NO, lies and myths are forbidden!

40-Easter fertility-god myth ok?  no yes yes yes NO-Easter is Babylon’s sex goddess myth

41-Observe OS Salvation Days?  no  no no no YES, Sabb & Feast days are Eternal 

42-Repent of breaking Ten CLs? no  no no  no YES repentance essential for Salvation

43-Marriage rights over love?  yes yes yes yes NO, marriage is for love alone

44-Believe OS is highest authority? no no  no no  YES, believe 100% in the OS: MtY 5:18

45-All men and women created equal? No  no  no no YES, YAsarel loves equality for 5000 years

46-Free convicted murderers/rapist when converted? Yes yes yes yes NO, convicted murderers/rapists are hanged

47- Send 18 yr old kids to war ok?  Yes yes yes yes NEVER, 70 YR OLD leaders go first, 20-30 yr old men go last

48- Send women to war ok? yes yes yes yes NEVER, real men protect women

49- Enforces child support? No no no no YES, bull whips non-paying parents

50- Caps gov taxes at flat 10%? No no no no  YES  YAsarel includes kids edu/health in 10%

51- Leaders get paid the most? Yes yes yes yes  NO, elected leaders get paid average wage

52-Sex for kings favor OK? (Esther) Yes yes yes yes NEVER, sex is only for true love

53- Deformed can minister? No  no no no yes

54- Women unclean after delivery? Yes yes yes yes NO

55-Kill non-virgin brides? (Dt 22:20)Yes yes yes yes NEVER

56-Kill adulterers? (Dt 22:22) yes yes yes yes NEVER

  • 57-Illegitimate kids can worship? (Dt 23:2)  No no no no YES
  • 58-Divorced women leave with nothing from husband? Dt 24:1  Yes yes  yes yes NO, wives get 50% of family profit plus child support whether divorced or not.

59-Widow must marry her brother in law? Dt 25:5 Yes yes yes yes NO

60-Cut off hand of wife who helps husband? Dt 25:11 Yes Yes yes yes NO

So who do you really believe in, the LORD god or YAHUWAH?

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