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Empires vs BarbariYAns


A Brief Summary of the Religious History of Mankind

Empires have dominated the history of man. Empirical history is also religious history. Religion is the most powerful tool of any culture. Empirical and religious history is defined by the two major opposites, the Empires verses the BarbariYAns

From the earliest religious records, Empires (Emp) have had 7 essentials. Six of them are evil. 1) A large geographic land which birthed them and their culture, 2) an “Alpha male” who claimed to be the Royal “God appointed king” along with his “Royal” family of rulers and priests, 3) a ruling class who supported the king and benefitted from him, 4) a large group of fighting men who make up the Emp army and who work loyally for the kingdom. These believe that “God chose the king, the ruling class and their Emp to rule the world for God. 5) There must be a mass of slaves who work for free to make the empire work and 6) then the most important of all, a common religion which supports all the various classes but especially the divine kingship and finally 7) larger than life statutes to build the Emp myths and promise eternal after life to all loyal to the Emp. The more land and people the empire army conquers, the more slaves get to build the empire even larger. Often Emp in various regions clash with one another at their borders, wage wars, sign treaties, betray treaties, assassinate kings and so on. Emp building is 67% of the history of mankind.

However the BarbariYAns (BYA) form the remaining fascinating 33% which have opposed and even defeated various empires throughout history. The general attitude toward “BarbariYAns” today as a backward uneducated cruel rabble reflect the extreme prejudice and fear the Emps engendered against the “BarbariYAns” (BYA). The truth is far different! 

The BYA were highly educated. Their children were taught to read using The Original Scriptures (OS). They initially despised the Emp Bibles, like the Catholic Bible, because it supported divine kingship, rulers, slavery, polygamy, concubines and murder. The BYAns lived simple agrarian democratic lives in small agricultural villages with their wife and kids, usually outside the empire boundaries. They hated slavery of every kind. Thus, they hated kings and dictators, having elected war chiefs only during wartime and even then, he is usually their best warrior and leader in battle, not “divinely chosen” by some blood line. BYAns are radical Freedomites, the forerunners of the last 240 years of kingdoms becoming republics across the earth. Every man ruled his own house under his God’s Laws. They often had to defend their villages against Emp attacks so they became fierce warriors and good horsemen. They were amazing hunters since much of their food was by hunting. They were called by various names; KaSaxs, UzbekAH, IndiYAns, ArabiYAns, CaucasiYAns, UkrainiYAns, RussiYAns, DanYAiels (Vandels), GermaniYAns, Dans (SweDan, DanMark), Danube, Dan-ish, Saxons (YAaac’s sons), Bereit-ish, YAre-ish, Scot-ish, IberiYAns, MaYAns, AztecAH, CarolinAH, AmericAHns and many other names, most of whom fought continuously the Ruling Empire of their day; like the Persian, Selucid, Roman, Holy Roman Catholic and the Colonial Catholic European Empires.

They were famous for exploring new lands, especially as empires encroached upon them. They voluntarily worked together at harvest time or barn building but were very resistant of all types of governments except one, a pure democracy. They used three versions of democracy. The first one gives one vote to every family man or woman who will fight to defend the village or region against invaders. The second is one vote for every male or female over 18 or 19. The third is the same as the second except parents get two votes, Elders get four votes and Elder warriors get eight votes. BYAns seek to rule no one but their children. They gave freedom to their women and wives. It usually took a 66-77% vote to pass a new law. They were famous for their free speech, freedom of religion, fierce warrior culture, drinking and partying, trial by jury and attracting (“stealing” according to Emp) Empire women. Many Empire women helped the BarbariYAns in war time! Women have always like the BYAns respect and rights for women. They also love the Love Pledge family life and the freedom it gives to women. Today, millions of women are trapped in loveless marriages and Emp religions. Women today need the BarbariYAn Restoration more than ever.

There was a good reason for this. Emps treated women as most societies ruled by men did, as possessions, or basic sex and children making slaves. BarbariYAn women carried actually more respect, freedom and authority than the men had. In most BYAn societies, like the Vikings, the woman would dismiss her husband or lover simply by placing his clothes and belongings just outside her house! Many BYAn societies used the “Love Pledge” to Pledge for rather short periods of time, some for just seven days at a time! The man had to try and renew the Love Pledge after its time had run out. The woman’s freedom of choice was always honored. 

Any conflict among BYAns was decided by a public jury trial of 3, 7 or 12, depending on the size of the conflict. Most villages shared the grain and livestock equally among families. Ten percent of all village or family profit was normally collected from each family for maintaining a priest(s) who taught their religion, language and provided a school for the kids and usually a clinic or house for the sick. Some maintained a fort for defense. 

Now here is the big surprise. BarbariYAns were the original ChristiYAns of the Original Bible! Their name means “Sons of The Son YA.” The original “Jesus” (or IESUS) of Christianity was the historic “YA” or “YAshua” (Salvation is YA) of the BYAns and the Bible! The Savior’s name was YAHUW. He preached “do not bow before any king, ruler, governor, priest or government except YAHUWAH alone!” No wonder both the Jewish and Roman Emp rulers hated and feared YAHUW! The Roman Empire ridiculed his disciples (the YAHUWans) and their Savior by giving English Christianity the prejudiced phrase “Don’t be a Barbarian” and “Don’t be a YAHUW!” In fact, they are actually synonomous.

In the first of the BYAns Ten Sacred Commandments of Life, God (YAH) commands all men to “Get out of all houses of bondage….Live free or die fighting.” The Second Sacred Commandment tells them how to live free. They must accept one of the Pure Democracies. Their basic Laws were the Ten plus Two Sacred Laws. Secondary or “Application laws” are made by a 66-77% vote of all citizens. Often, active Elder Leader Warriors each had 4 to 8 votes.

Asshur (Assyria) and Ming were the first recorded Emps, built by Alpha males Nimrod and Ming. Then came a succession of many empires including Babylon, Xerxes, Mongols, Genghis Khan, Alenica, Seleucids, Parthia, Rome, Roman Catholic, Islamic, European Colonialism, French, British, Spanish and WWII Germany. Every one of these Emps was arrested or defeated by an assembly of BYAns! Suetonius records how the Vandals (DanYAel BarbariYAns) defeated Rome, marched into the treasury, paid themselves for their expenses and losses, then gave out the rest to the Roman people! Then they preached to them about living free and then simply marched out, leaving their destiny to the Roman people! The miraculous success of the United States in 1776 can only be explained by divine favor and purpose. It has ushered in a new era of Republics and put a fatal dagger in the religion of royal Emps. So far the Emps continue to slowly but surely diminish as the main strengths of the Emps, especially slavery and divine kingship wane rapidly now. Although we have yet to see a pure democracy emerge from any modern nation, one is forming in the Middle East and in FijiYA, PhilipinAH, KenYA, TanzaniYA, UgandAH. CanadAH, the United States of AmericAH and Mexico in the AmericAHs with a YAHocracy called YAsarAEl World. They are following their history. The early Americans were called BarbariYAns when they rebelled against the then undefeated British Empire. 

The great miracle of the birth of the USA was that in its last gasp battle on Dec 25, 1776, the USA had lost 95% of its army! They had been forced to retreat in the first 13 battles, with heavy losses in each one. Then the “Great Miracle!” With only 1200 men remaining. half without even shoes attacking at night in a blizzard, Washington defeated the 44,000 soldier strong British army on the ancient pagan British holiday Christmas morning! Christmas was despised and outlawed in early America. It was Britain’s first defeat in the Americas! Victory against such odds had never been seen in warfare before! 

The unknown difference was that George Washington, three captains and 70% of his army on Dec 23-25, 1776, converted to the BarbariYAn Faith through the witness of MarthAH Washington, MariYA AttAH KulAH KuliYAH (1st Chief of the CarolinAH) and the CarolinAH Native AmericAHn BarbariYAn warriors. The two women joined with the army, pledging “live free or we die.” Only two of Washington’s generals stayed with him. The decimated USA army radically converted to and pledged in the CarolinAH BYAn 14 Law Covenant and to their Creator El YAH. The CarolinAH BYAns passionately believed in the 12 Covenant Laws and in YAH’s death as a divine sacrifice for their sins. This gave them the sure Eternal Life that made them fearless great warriors. They were radicals for the Ten plus Two Laws of YAH. They practiced baptism in YAHUWAH their Savior for forgiveness of sin. They shared everything with fellow warriors except wives. They were highly dedicated to each other. They each spoke 4-7 languages and read scrolls and many books. They never fought offensive wars. But when they did fight, they were fearless, never retreating. Their decision to join George Washington’s USA army was a “win or die” decision. The CarolinAH warriors never retreat. Their faith was “live free or die fighting.” Washington’s army had retreated in each of the first 13 battles against the British, losing 95% of his army. When 70o of Washington’s soldiers converted to “brothers”, 700 warriors of the CarolinAH joined in the fight. Now it was a “life or death” battle! God favored them and they won the greatest surprise victory of warfare history!

Why have Americans never heard of the “CarolinAH” or the “AmericAHn BarbariYAns”? Simple! The CarolinAH and the BYAns were strong anti-slavers! The CarolinAH had raided President Andrew Jackson’s plantation along with many others, freeing hundreds of slaves. Against the Supreme Court ruling, an under Presidential “National Emergency” orders, the USA army systematically attacked and killed all CarolinAH AmericAHn and BYAn adults, men first but then even the women from 1830-38. The CarolinAH fought to the death but were no match for the now very strong US army with their new repeater rifles. The CarolinAH have only been defeated once in all their 4400 year history, when Slaver and plantation owner President Andrew Jackson declared war (illegally) on them in 1830 for leading the anti-slavery movement. He firstly wiped out all the CarolinAH warrior leaders when he ambushed them in a mutually agreed white flag “peace talk.”  Then he ordered his army to kidnap thousands of CarolinAH women and children and imprisioned them in forts. He had some of the women brutally raped, knowing it would incite the warriors to foolishly attack their forts. It worked and the CarolinAH warriors did. The army slaughtered every man and then killed all the women who would not submit to leaving their lands. The CarolinAH, like most BarbariYAns, believed strongly in their Ten Commandment Scriptures. It taught them to “Live free or die fighting.” So both the kidnapped and free women also fought to their death. Then Jackson imprisoned any writer or editor who reported the CarolinAH massacres. As the army took their land, they burned all the many CarolinAH records, village libraries and thousands of scrolls and books, leaving no trace that the CarolinAH AmericAHns ever existed. The only surviving record we have found of the CarolinAH history was smuggled out of CarolinAH to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears by two grandmothers in 1837. Several thousand CarolinAH children were “adopted” in 1835-39, by sympathetic Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Choctaws and Chickasaw families. Several hundred grandmothers hid the CarolinAH children among the five tribes forced to move to Oklahoma. The USA government has never acknowledged them since!

We do not know how much fighting power the 700 CarolinAH BarbariYAn warriors added to the first USA victory in 1776 but we do know that 1000 bootless farmer immigrants and 700 Native AmericAHns should never have defeated the best army in the world, 40,000 experienced British soldiers backed up by 4,000 European mercenaries! But God intervened! MariYA KulAH KuliYAH converted Martha Washington who in turn secretly converted most of the Constitutional writers and patriots. This is why the USA Constitution never quotes one verse of the Empire Bible but does directly include 12 precise BYAn Covenant Laws; 1) the divine right of all men to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” It includes 2) freedom of religion, 3) free speech and 4) free press. It includes 4) the right to own and bear arms, 5) to free assembly, 6) the right to one law for all, 7) the right to own property, 8) the sanctity of a man’s home, 9) the right to vote, 10) the right to a speedy trial, 11) forbids slavery and 12) the right to public trial by jury. All 12 of these American freedoms come from The BarbariYAn Covenant of YAH! Conversely, not one of these are in the Holy Bible or the Koran! The CarolinAH Faith in YAH gave us most of our Constitutional freedoms and Principles! The Way to the future is to first of all return to our BarbariYAn past.

 And to El YAH, our Maker.