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At times there will be some correctings

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as many parts are already marked (mtl) or (MTL), 

meaning "More Translated Latter",

as the translators recieve more understandings. 

We are constantly in a search to better understand

so to come to the most indepth literal meanings.

 This very ancient Scriptural language 

is called by various ancient names of YAHdi, YAHUWdith, AbraUW and AbraYA.

It is historically known to be more than 2,000+ years older 

than Aramaic Hebrew and Greek,

But you can be sure that YAHUWAH 

is always the same, yesterday, today and forever.

His Original Word/Laws are Perfect 

and they never change The Name-Character Of YAHUWAH 

in His Original Scriptures. 

And NOT even one letter in The Original Writtings 

will ever be changed by those who faithfully transcribe 

these onto new Scrolls, 

and except for the additions 

of the continued history of the YAHUWdith peoples, 

as in the writtings of The Second Book of "Ma'asah MalakiYA".

We as translators continually search to give 

the closest possible understandings 

of the Original Meanings of these Original Scriptures.

We desire you to understand too, that these translations 

will eventually be done in seven levels, 

though very possibly we do not even finish 

this first and second level in our life-time.

But these will be a great blessing for your life 

and you will see how many of the first peoples/beings  

fared since creation. 

You will come to love many Wordful believers

living  within The Covenant Love-Laws

and learn the fate of other Wordless (pagans) without.

This will explain why our father AbrAHam 

and all the peoples of YAH were so excedingly rich,  

doing honest work,

 gaining great wealth doing what they most enjoyed doing. 

That means NO boreing jobs anymore!


You too will learn how to happily succeed in life

and you'll be able to live with NO MORE financial bondages

in your, your children's and your grand-children's lives.

You will learn with clear explanations how to gain true love 

and live an exceedingly passionate love-life 

with the man or woman, 

literally "of your dreams"!

You'll see how to have a very blessed sexual love-life life 

and at the same time  be surrounded on every side 

with for the most part loving respectful children 

who adore you but are as your own private city of a family!

This is why the Patriarch's were so blessed with children!

You too will learn how to GIVE a home for every lonely orphan!

These will become great love blessings in your life 

and they will go on and on.

So you will see why AbrAHam, is called even today, 

"the father of many children" 

though in truth his name means, "YAH is The Father of His people". AbrAHam, following the wisdom and love of his Father YAH, 

learned how to take care of the adoption problem himself 

and still have plenty of time and love for his lovee!

You will understand the true story of how Hagar (AHgar).

She was NOT a sex-slave (concubine) but a FREED woman of YAH! 

She became the mother of YAHishmael (man of YAH, The Almighty), 

He was AbrAHam's  first-born, legitimate son 

in The Covenant of YAHUWAH.

Very different than holy Bible translation 

that had Hagar as a "slave" 

and Ishmael, a less than equal-illegitimate son 

"thrown out" of the salvation of the LORD-god!

So reading in Bar Ash YAH your faith in YAHUWAH will grow!


So if you have a heart desirous of Truth, 

you will enter into Eternal Life in YAHUWAH, 

living The Covenant Love-Laws, 

through The Eternal Savior YAHUW!

Debari YAH Owlam (DYO - Eternal love-Laws of YAHuwah)



(Eternal Love-Laws of YAHUWAH - DYO)

This First Book of The 77 Original Scriptures contains:

  1. Creation 
  2. The Purpose of Mankind 
  3. The Covenant of Salvation 
  4. The Fall of The Wordless

Book 1: Bar Ash YAH

(Purposing the Fiery Explosion is YA)

(Chapter 1: The Original Creation Account)

El YA, Bar Ash YAH

El  YA,  The Loving Creator I Am! 

Bar Ash YA - Purposing the Fiery-Explosion is YA.

2 Bar Ish YA - Purposing mankind is YA.

3 Bar Sha YA - Purposing Salvation is YA.

4 Bar Ish YA -The Purpose of Man is YA.

5 Bara Ash YA - Creating the Fiery-Explosionis YA.

6 Bara Ish YA - Creating mankind is YA.

7 Bara Sha YA - Creating Salvation is YA.

8 Bari Ash YA - Guiding the Fiery Explosion is YA

9 Bari Sha YA - Guiding Salvation is YA.

10 Bari Ish YA - Guiding mankind is YA.

11 Beri Sha YA - The Pure Savior is YA.

12 Bor Ish YA - Freeing mankind is YA.

13 Bura Ish YA - Homing mankind is YA.

14 Buru Ish YA - Completing mankind is YA. His Love is Perfect!

15 These Seven and Seven Words are written in your heart to guide you so that you be not deceived.

16 AEl YAH, The Creator of Love, We are. AEl YAH is The Eternal Family of Seven Eternal Spirits, who are One Almighty YAH. 

17 They created the Light, the Fiery Explosion, the Energies, the Great Clouds, the Bright Stars, the Earth and then all living things. 

18 AEl YAH is True Love! True love is AEl YAH. True Love gives Freedom. True Love never enslaves. True Love guides but never controls the one you love.

19 AEl YAH is Freedom. True Love gives Freedom. AEl YAH saves people from all slavery. AEl YAH guides slaves out of houses of bondage. So Live Free or die fighting. 

20 AEl YAH never kills children or women. Indeed, Almighty YAH never murders! AEl YAH gives life. AEl YAH is True Life!

21 AEl YAH is always faithful. AEl YAH never changes The Word. AEl YAH never contradicts The Word, for We are The Word.

22 AEl YAH creates abundant goodness. El YAH never steals. AEl YAH never lies. AEl YAH never envies. AEl YAH is Eternal Life.

(BethYAH: The Family of YAH)

23 AEl YAH, Creator of Love, We are! We are The Almighty Eternal Loving Family of Seven Spirits in One AEl YAH. We are The Eternal Word of YAH (Ha Debari YAH Owlam). 

24 We are El YAH, The Almighty Law-Giver Father (El AbbAH). We are Al YAH, The Almighty Grace and Life-Giving Mother (Al AmAH). 

25 We are The First Three Eternal Spirits of YAH. Together We are AEl YAH, The Almighty Eternal Loving YAH, Creator of All.

26 We are alsoEl YAH, The Son and The Savior of Love who chose to save mankind. We are also Al YAH, The Daughter and The Princess of Love who rescues the broken hearted27 Together, We are The Forever First Five Eternal Loving Spirits of The AEl YAH Family. The Last Two are too High for you to know now. 

28 We are Seven Eternal Spirits, Creator, Guide and Redeemer of The Nation YAsarel (YA Almighty Rules). Together We are building YAshrael (The Beautiful of Almighty YA).

29 We Sacred Seven are Perfection! We are Sinless. Together, We are building The Perfect Beautiful Kingdom of YAH’s Lovc. 

30 The Creator of Pure Love, AEl YAH The Almighty Beautiful YAH (HY), male and female, We are. We constantly give praise, honor and AHabe to each other, preferring The Other and serving One Another. 

31  We are AEl YAH The Word, The Father, The Mother, The Son and The Daughter. We are The Creators and Sustainers of Eternal Love and Beauty and Life. 

32 We,The Word, are The Foundation of the Universe forever.  I,  The Father, lead. I am The Guide and The Source of Eternal Truth. I,  Al YAH, The Mother, adores, laughs, gives birth and nurtures. 

33 Thus I,  El YAH, proclaim, “Al YAH is the most precious, the most complex and the most beautiful of All. Al YAH radiates rainbows of light which are always changing. 

34 I protect Al YAH.  I love Her daily with great tenderness and great passion. There is massive joy and laughter between Us all. 

35 All things Perfect and Good come from Us. Our Love creates Life! We create and perfect Beauty. We all love mankind. We hate sin. 

36 We plan everything perfectly. We never repent, for We never sin. There is not even a shadow of evil in Us.  El YAH The Son, volunteered to be The Savior of mankind even as mankind was planned upon the AHertz. 

37 Al YAH The Daughter is The Princess of Love who heals the broken hearted. She beautifies all things. She protects, heals and restores many from despair, disease and a broken spirit. (mtl - more translated latter)

38 Together, We are Seven in One. We create Wordful beings in many universes. Together, We The Eternal Family AEl YAH had massive joy creating the AHertz (YAH’s Earth)in its great beauty and majesty. 

(Seven Characteristics of YAH)

39 We, AEl YAH, are The Creators of all Life. Life is Freedom. We never enslave. We created Laws to control Our energies but mankind We created for Freedom and Love! 

40 We created Shatan to be our free son but he chose to rebel against The Word of YAH. He creates great bondage and very clever deceptions. 

41 We, AEl YAH, use Shatan to see who will fully love truth, wisdom and The Creator. AEl YAH helps free all Seekers from these deceptions, bondage and slaveries. 

42 AEl YAH bows to no one except AEl YAH!

43 AEl YAH is The Only Pure Loving One! 

44 AEl YAH alone is Eternal Salvation! 

45 AEl YAH is creating YAsarEl to obey The Word of YAH. But then We will create YAshrAEl, Our Eternal Beautiful People to be Our Eternal Family.

46 We, AEl YAH, always abide by The Eternal Covenant of Life Guides. We are The Eternal Guides.

47 We, AEl YAH, are Pure Eternal Freedom. 

48 We, AEl YAH, never fail. We, AEl YAH, choose to constantly live Love to all.

(BethYAH: The Family of YAH)

23 AEl YAH, Creator of Love, We are! We are The Almighty Eternal Loving Family of Seven Spirits in One AEl YAH. We are The Eternal Word YAHUWAH (Ha DebariYAHUWAH Owlam). 

24 We are El YAH, The Almighty Law-Giver Father (El AbbAH YAHUWAH). We are Al YAH, The Almighty Grace and Life-Giving Mother (Al AmAH YAHUWAH). 

25 We are The First Three Eternal Spirits of YAH. Together We are AEl YAH, The Almighty Eternal Loving YAH, Creator of All.

26 We are alsoEl YAH, The Son and The Savior of Love who chose to save mankind (El YAHUW in YAHUWAH). We are also Al YAH, The Daughter and The Princess of Love, is who rescues the broken hearted (Al YAHUW in YAHUWAH). 

27 Together, We are The Forever First Five Eternal Loving Spirits of The AEl YAH Family. The Last Two are too High for you to know now. 

28 We are Seven Eternal Spirits, Creator, Guide and Redeemer of The Nation YAsarel (YA Almighty Rules). Together We are building YAshrael (The Beautiful of Almighty YA).

29 We Sacred Seven are Perfection! We are Sinless. Together, We are building The Perfect Beautiful Kingdom of YAH’s Lovc. 

30 The Creator of Pure Love, AEl YAH The Almighty Beautiful YAH (HY), male and female, We are. We constantly give praise, honor and AHabe to each other, preferring The Other and serving One Another. 

31  We are AEl YAH The Word, The Father, The Mother, The Son and The Daughter. We are The Creators and Sustainers of Eternal Love and Beauty and Life. 

32 We, The Word, are The Foundation of the Universe forever.  I,  The Father, lead. I am The Guide and The Source of Eternal Truth. I,  Al YAH, The Mother, adores, laughs, gives birth and nurtures. 

33 Thus I,  El YAH, proclaim, “Al YAH is the most precious, the most complex and the most beautiful of All. Al YAH radiates rainbows of light which are always changing. 

34 I protect Al YAH.  I love Her daily with great tenderness and great passion. There is massive joy and laughter between Us all. 

35 All things Perfect and Good come from Us. Our Love creates Life! We create and perfect Beauty. We all love mankind. We hate sin. 

36 We plan everything perfectly. We never repent, for We never sin. There is not even a shadow of evil in Us.  El YAH The Son, volunteered to be The Savior of mankind even as mankind was planned upon the AHertz. 

37 Al YAH The Daughter is The Princess of Love who heals the broken hearted. She beautifies all things. She protects, heals and restores many from despair, disease and a broken spirit. (mtl - more translated latter)

38 Together, We are Seven in One. We create Wordful beings in many universes. Together, We The Eternal Family AEl YAH had massive joy creating the AHertz (YAH’s Earth)in its great beauty and majesty. 

(Seven Characteristics of YAH)

39 We, AEl YAH, are The Creators of all Life. Life is Freedom. We never enslave. We created Laws to control Our energies but mankind We created for Freedom and Love! 

40 We created Shatan to be our free son but he chose to rebel against The Word of YAH. He creates great bondage and very clever deceptions. 

41 We, AEl YAH, use Shatan to see who will fully love truth, wisdom and The Creator. AEl YAH helps free all Seekers from these deceptions, bondage and slaveries. 

42 AEl YAH bows to no one except AEl YAH!

43 AEl YAH is The Only Pure Loving One! 

44 AEl YAH alone is Eternal Salvation! 

45 AEl YAH is creating YAsarEl to obey The Word of YAH. But then We will create YAshrAEl, Our Eternal Beautiful People to be Our Eternal Family.

46 We, AEl YAH, always abide by The Eternal Covenant of Life Guides. We are The Eternal Guides.

47 We, AEl YAH, are Pure Eternal Freedom. 

48 We, AEl YAH, never fail. We, AEl YAH, choose to constantly live Love to all.

(Seven Fundamentals of Pure Love)

49 There is no lasting Life without AEl YAH, for Almighty (AEl) YAH is Eternal Life (KaiYAH Owlam).

50 There is no lasting Freedom without AEl YAH, for Almighty YAH is Eternal Freedom(ChopsiYAH Owlam)! 

51 There is no lasting Love without AEl YAH, for AEl YAH is Pure Eternal Love (AHabeOwlam). 

52 Love without Freedom, is no Pure Love (AHabe) at all. 

53 Love which controls others, is no Pure Love at all. 

54 Love without consistency, is no AHabe at all. 

55 Love without giving, is also no AHabe at all.

56We, Almighty YAH, are One Spirit made of Seven Eternal Spirits. The Word YAH always defines Us. We The Father and The Mother YAH protect and guide Our Almighty Eternal Loving Family. 

57 The Son and The Daughter YAHUW listen to Us and guide the redemption of the AHertz, both male and female. 

58 YAsarel and YAshrael are their children and adults, male and female. The Father and Son El YAH are models for all men. 

59 The Mother and Daughter Al YAH are models for all women. 

60 Together AEl YAH is The ONE Eternal Family. We are ONE. 

61 AEl YAH has more than enough. AEl YAH always creates what is Theirs. They are never jealous.

62 AEl YAH always speaks Truth. AEl YAH always keeps Their Word, Pledges and Promises. 

63 AEl YAH protects life, especially babies, children, mothers, the elderly and the weak. 

64 AEl YAH’s Name is to be honored. 

65 AEl YAH bows to no one. AEl YAH tolerates no pagan gods before Their Face. AEl tolerates NO slavery.66 These are the Seven Sacred Fundamentals of knowing, loving and walking in The Way and The Name-Character of AEl YAH. 

67 Whoever calls upon Our Name shall be saved! AHleleuYAH!

68 Now learn this! Your Creator is The FamilyAEl YAH. We areThe Eternal Loving YAH of All Creation (mhyhOla- Eloah-YAH-im).

69 We created everything except sin and evil. LoveAEl YAH first lest you lose YAH’s Way to Life and fall into death and destruction.

70 True Life and Eternal Life are in The Seven-Fold Love and Seven Spirits of AEl YAH

71 They are creating Their Eternal People, Their Beautiful Prosperous Nation, Their Loving House, even Their Forever Family of The YAHUWdai, even The Beth-YAHUWAH

72 They created the Seven Foundation Energies and their Seven Designs and Seven Joinings which form the Universe and the Seven Living Energies which form the AHertz.

73 The Savior of Love, YAHUW, We are. In ucwhy(YAHUWsha - YAHUW our Savior)are all the signs pointing to Life for those who will seek Him and become His BarbariYAHns (Sons of The Son YAH). 

74 By YAHUWsha (ucwhy - YAHUW The Savior)will Eternal Life come to all who will listen, believe and walk in His Covenant Words of Life. 

75 YAHUWAH, Creator of Love, We are. WHY (YAHUW) The Savior leads you to HWHY (YAHUWAH), your God, your Creator, your Heavenly Father, The Door to The Eternal Family of Love.

(Summary of "The Beginning")

76 At first, the Eartz was non-existing (tohuw) and was empty space (bohuw). Complete darkness (choshek) devoid of energy covered the face of “The Darkness.”

77 Then *The Spirit of Eternal Loving YA, The Creator of Love, The Creator of Light, began “A Moving of His AhabiYA,” creating Light with dimensions for the movement of radiant energy, and the twelve faces (panaiyim) of Space came forth. (mtl).

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(The First YAom)

78 Eternal Loving YA, Creator of All, called out of His Love (AmeriCAH) fromAEl YAH’s Spirit (RuachiYAH-AEl) “Let there be AUWr!” 

79 In light speed, there was a Great Fiery-Explosion of AEl YAH’s Creative Love (AHabi) which radiated the Primal Pure Light ofWHY (AUWr YAHUW) from Eternal Loving AEl YAH!

80 AEl Eternal Loving YAH, The Creator of Light, called out *The Fiery Explosion from His AHabe AUWr. It was very hot and quickly conformed to The Seven Energies of Prime Light.

81 AEl YAHexpanded and cooled it and slowly molded the energies and called them into seven precise orders, conforming to His Eternal Primal Creation Word. 

82 These seven eternal energies are the Positive and Negative Primes; Mass attraction / gravity, Spinning (centripetal) force, Magnetism, Positive, Negative and Neutral electrical forces (fusion, protons, neutrons and electrons), Light (radiation / electro - magnetic waves) and AHabe. All these are held together by His AHabe AUWr.

83 AEl Eternal Loving YAH, Creator of All, Called out to the AHabiYA AUWr (YAH’sLove - Light)creating space to separate from the *dark-energy creating space. 

84 The light spaces, They called “ha yom” (the day), and the dark spaces, They called “ha laila” (the night).

85 AEl Eternal Loving YAH, Creator of All, continued to accelerate out The Magnificent Explosion of AHabiYA AUWr creating basic matter, time and space from that beginning YAomas a sign to all who seek Truth through creation, through either the Source of Life or the Designer of Order.

86 Then They separated the matter and anti-matter energies. The anti-matter energy He called “the darkness” to contrast with His dazzling AHabe Light. 

87 So there was the darkness and then came The Light. Then came a cooling of the seven energies of light as they expanded outward.AEl YAHpurposed them to join together to form huge clouds of energies, dust and gases.

88 AEl YAHcooled and expanded the wave clouds into heavier more complex orders by His AHabiYA AUWr. Then HWHYcalled out the rainbow as a sign of His Covenant of Life.

89 This continues forever as a sign to all who intently seek Them. This was and still is The First YAom(Moving of YA).

(The 2nd YAom)

90 Eternal Loving YA, Creator of All, “Proclaimed The Call of Love in YAH” (AmericAH AHabi), 

91 “Let there be coalitions in the energy *radiations of YA’s light (raqiYA) emitting the shabat primal energies and let there be set bonds between the strengths of the seven light fusions of one kindand the attractions of the light energy fusions of other kinds.”(mtl - more translated latter)

92 Out of the various energies of YA’s light, Eternal Loving YAH, Creator of All, began forming clusters of energy units (molecules?), hot gases and smaller various fiery joinings. 

93 Then They gathered the lesser joinings into beautiful great clouds of small particles and gases, then these into bright and dark fire balls and divided them into vast realms (galaxies?) of gases and clusters of energies. 

94 He divided these into orbits of larger swirling masses within greater swirling masses (galactic clusters?), all finely balanced and upheld by Their *AhabiYA. Millions of millions of stars coaleased and when they grew big and heavy, they ignited with brilliant light! 

95 So the stars burst forth and so they continue to expand sending a red light to you, even today as a sign of Our Moving and Our purpose in you.”(mtl)

96 AEl Eternal Loving YAH, Creator of All, lovingly called these into being as His *ShamaYAim  (where all obey YA). 

97 First, there was a dark era but then came another Moving of His AUWra AhabiYA (Love-Light).This was and still is the Second YAom.

(The 3rdYAom)

98 Creator of Love, Eternal Loving YAH, Creator of All, proclaimed The Call with YAHUW, “Let smaller coalitions around the stars be attracted together into circling paths (orbits)and let planets come forth. 

99 Let the perfect size Khaimesh (Life sun) for life on the third planet come forth. Let there be seven main planets and many smaller planets.” And it came forth.

100 AEl Eternal Loving YAH, Creator of All, proclaimed The Love Call of YAH (AmeriCAH AhabiYA) upon His planet for man and called it AHertzfor it is YAHertz (zrahy -YAH’s Loving Earth). 

101 He gathered together much water for life, as a sign that His Right Hand had been upon the AHertz, for They were hot and passionate for life. Then YAHUWAH raised-up a large land out of the sea which floated on the firey rock below. This They called AdamAH KaishYAH (Land for Life of the YAHdi). The weight of this land caused the earth to wobble, until a large section of it broke off and spun away from the Earth. This was rounded and became the moon. The moon reflected light from the sun on to the dark side of the earth. So then the seas rushed in to fill the huge crator, which the moon's land had left. 

102 Then the Khaimesh energized the AHertz perfectly and raised up a “mist” of water around it. AEl YAHproclaimed a Call of YAH to produce living beings. Almighty Eternal Loving YAH Family, Creator of All, began creating many amazing miracles essential for life upon Their AHertz.

103 There was no planet like the AHertz among tens of thousands of thousands of thousands that AEl YAHmade and even continues to make. The AHertz was Their sign to all wise Seekers who would study the Universe for Eternal Truth.

104 Then They cooled the AHertz down yet condensed and covered the entire AHertz  with water as a sign for Seekers. For abundant water is a life giving miracle essential to all physical life. 

105 Then dry land appeared, as one great land continent floating on the heavier melted rock below. 

106 Yet as this dry land grew, it made the AHertz begin to wobble in its spin in space. 

107 So AEl YAHsent large fireballs of rock and ice which struck the one land and the dry land divided into seven great continents. They slid away to various sides of the circle of the AHertz on beds of molten rock beneath. 

108 Mountains were formed when the great islands hit one another. A large piece of land separated from the AHertz and spun out into orbit around the AHretz. It became the moon. It refelected the light from the sun onto the dark side of the Earth. So the continents slid to opposite sides of the AHertz to balance the spinning of it.

109 So there was a twilight but then came another Moving of His AHabe AUWr. This was the Third YAom (Moving of YA).

(The 4thYAom)

110 AEl YAH, Creator of Love, of All Creation called out by Their AhabiYA; ”Let the radiating orb (ha-maor) which holds the AHertz in its circle around it, shine through the mist by its fiery radiations (raqia ash) onto the AHertz and into the deep seas, to divide the AHertz into days and nights. 


112 It also shows The Sacred Feast Days, the normal years (saunahi), the Shabat (7th) years, YAUWbilee (50th) years, the Shabat YAUWbilee (350) years and tenth Shabat YAUWbilee (3500) year.

113 It also shows The Salvation Half-Week when WHY MeoschiUW will come.

 The Creator’s Original Scriptures 

"Perfect Calendar"

114 First, to measure time you must know the 1stday of the year and the length of and number of the months. 

115 Use only the sun, for the moon calendars are for pagans and children. 

116 There are twelve months of each year, named after the fruits of My Spirit. 

117 The months are named Love, Joy, Peace, then Persistence, Kindness, Goodness then Faith, Humility, Discipline and finally Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom. Dwell on these fruits.

118 Demons will honor pagan gods on My months and days and deceive many. Honor no pagan gods before your eyes.  

119 Each three months have 91 days, being 30, 30 and then 31 days long. For six years, you have 364 days but the 7th year has 371 days. Every 7thday is Our Shabat Day for worship, family, rest, feasting and for play. 

120 My year starts after the spring tekufah (eqinox). The easiest way to determine the spring tefukah, when the days and nights are equal time, is to fill a large clay jar with water and with a small hole towards the bottom. 

121 Fill it exactly to the same fullness at sunrise and sunset. Collect the dripping water in a jar with measuring marks. When the water which has run out for the day and the night is exactly the same, it is the Tekufah day. When tekufah occurs on the Shabat day, that begins a Sabbath year

122 Then start your new year on the 1st first-dayafter Tefukah. Thus plan out My Feast Days for all YAsarel to be united.

123 The Spirit of YAH also taught man to measure the days by the sun’s shadows using two logs. The first log was planted perfectly upright to his shoulder. The second log was planted from the same base slanted seven hands out toward the north and as high as his shoulder, held secure at the top by a log or brace. 

124 A number and a hole is made as the shadow of the first log crossed the second log each day. A small peg was then placed in it’s hole. It changed for each day until there were 182 holes, one for each day of the progression from winter to summer and then back again . 

125 Then he made four sets of seven holes each and one set of ten holes in a log beside it, one set for counting to the Shabat year, the next for counting the Shabat year cycles, the next for YUWbilee years, the next for Saba YUWbilees (350 year cycles)and the last set of ten, for the Ten YAUWbilee cycles for Salvation Revelations. 

126 For one year, 364 days are counted but on each seventh year, except when the Tefukah (equinox) reaches the Shabat day. That year is a Shabat year and you must add seven days at the end of the year to make a 371 day Shabat year. 

127 I will establish a rainbow every 7th hour of the first seven YAUWbilee years to show you the YAUWbilee year (possibly because the earth was at first covered with water).

128 YAHUW’s Resurrection will restore the YAUWbilee year. For mankind will lose the knowledge of the Original Calendar before He comes.

129 At each half and full YAUWbilee year (25th & 50thyr), but not on the 7th YAUWbilee year, seven days of AhabiYA and praise to HWHYare to be added at the end of the year.

130 But do not add 7 days on the Shabat YAUWbilee of the 350th year, for HWHY longs for His People and so will shorten the Times of the Pagans!

140 This calendar is to be kept beside every public well and along the main roads and guarded by only ministers of Our Nation YAsarel.

141 Then in the Latter Days, We will bring forth YAshrael

141 The original lights of creation and the timing of the AHertz circling the sun in one year of 365.2422 days organized by sevens, will always point intelligent men and women to Us, The Family of YAHUWAH (HWHY).

142 They carry seven fields (divisions)of energy of Our light to the AHertz and also divide the entire universe by 7s. It’s voice testifies through 7s of Us to this day.

143 Thus We, AEl YAH, Creator of Love, spoke it and so it will forever be, for Our Word is Eternal and changes not.

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(Judgement of The Word of YAHUWAH on the Wordless)

223 Hundreds of YAoms later, The Word of YAH judged the first Lawless group of mankind for their wicked sins, especially for enslaving and abusing their women and children. 

224 They killed all the Prophets of AEl YAH except one Wordful prophet MalakiYAHUW, and his family and 1200 adopted Wordful women and their children who fled to the safety of the great HimalaYAs with MalakiYAHUW. 

225 MalakiYAHUW and his family later taught AHdam and his family The Covenant Guides and TheAHabeof AEl YAH. 

226 For seven days, The Word of Judgment sent icy fireballs from the sky. Again mountains of water rolled around the AHertz  until  even the strongest of their forts were gone. 

227 Many violent animals were destroyed also. No polluted person was left on the face of the AHertz. 

228 Only their buried bones remained as a sign of the sure Judgment of Ha-DebariYAH (The Word of YAH) upon Lawlessness for generations to come. 

229 The Eartz was mostly cleansed and much of AEl YAH’s AHertz was restored after many YAoms. This was the work of The Eternal Guides of YAH toward Righteousness. These will never change! 

230 Therefore, their season for choosing ended, Only MalakiYAHUW the Wordful NabiYA, his family of 24, and the 1200 Wordful women with their children were saved. The Lawless men and women all perished from the face of the Eartz and from before the eyes of HWHY. Only their violence remained in some creatures as a warning of the Judgment for Lawless evil. 

231 Then the Family of AEl HWHY recreated mankind. But this time They boldly implanted Seven Sacred Guides from The Covenant of Life in the spirals of the heart of both men and women, which gave them a mind able to guide them to AEl YAH. Al YAH planted these deep in her woman.

232 They also gave The Great AHabi-AUWr Bearers the Seven Guides to inspire mankind toward Eternal Truth and to keep them from ever destroying themselves again. 

233 Then They also implanted the shadow of the other five Guides of the Ten plus Two Eternal Covenant Guides. 

234 The Two Salvation Guides of YAHUW They left for faith alone.

235 Then The Creators of All, AEl YAH of Eternal Love, saw that all was truly marvelous for making The Family of YAH and teaching men to walk The Faith into the Likeness of YAHUW!

236 So AEloAH-YA-am again Proclaimed The Primary Call of YAH through The Great Savior, YAHUWAH The Son, who had chosen to sacrifice His Life for mankind. 

(The Seven Spirit Introduction)

237 “AEl YAH, Creator of Love, We are (AEl YAH asah)! The Seven Spirits of Eternal HY, We are! We will come in WHY (YAHUW) The MeoschiYAach. YAHUW will be your Savior, The Bearer of Your Salvation. 

238 Together We are HWHY (YAHUWAH) creating Ha BethiYAH Owlam (The Forever Family of YAH)! Hu-YAH asher Ha-YAH! (He who is YAH will always be The YAH)

(The Prime: The Purpose of Mankind)

239 Let every youth first be taught about AEl YA, The Creator of Love, The Creator through AEl YAH’s Seven Genetic Guides to Life and Our Seven Creation Principles. Then teach them of The AHabe of AEl YAH. 

240 Teach them of YAHUW, The Liberator, The Savior sent from the Family of HWHY and His 10+2 Eternal Written Words! 

241 Teach them to seek to become Our Beautiful Children by Our Sacred Seven Principles and through Our Eternal Ten and Two Guides and Our Two in YAHUW Salvation Words. MicaiYAHUW! (Can you be like YAHUW?)

242 If you know not the Consistent Loving Character of YAHUW, you cannot know your Creator, HWHY The Word, HWHY your Father, HWHY your Mother, HWHY your Savior and HWHY The Princess of Beauty.  243 Let every youth then seek The Forever Family through The Covenant of Love and the Blood of YAHUW (why wmd) YashUW!  


(The Covenant of Life: for children, youth and pagans)

244 To all children and youth, this is The Covenant of Life to be memorized for learning success and for preparation for My coming Resurrection over death:

#1"I am Almighty YAH (HY), The Creator of Love, The Eternal Loving YAH creating His People. Get out of misery. Stay out of all the houses of slavery. Honor no pagan gods (elohim) before your face."

#2 "You shall not make nor consume for yourselves any contaminations nor make any image to bow to, not of any man nor any thing that is in the sky above, or that is on the Earth beneath, or that is in the water on the Earth."

#2b "You must never be a slave! You must never bow (subjugateyourself) down to any man except your father and mother, for I, HWHY, your Almighty Loving YA of All Creation, Am The Only Eternal Loving God. Pagan fathers will pass their sins on to their children, even to the third and fourth generation among those who ignore Me. Yet I send loving invitations a thousand times to every person of those who seek to love Me and keep My Words. Live Free or die fighting!"

#3 "Do not treat My Character, My Name of HWHY,  Almighty Loving YA of All Creation, as unimportant for I cannot hold him sinless who treats My Character, that is My Name, as unimportant or anyone who changes it, for this is The First Gate of Salvation."

#4a "Remember the Sabbath (7th) Day, to keep it QadUWsha (Set Apart for Salvation teachings in WHY)."

#4b You shall labor six days and do all your work, but the Seventh Day is QadUWsha. You shall labor six days and do all your work but the Seventh Day is The Pledged Day (ShabaUWoth) to HWHY The Almighty Eternal Loving YA, Who Is Creating His Nation through you. You shall not do any work for profit in it, for in six YAoms, HWHY made the ShamaYAim, the Earth, the sea and all that is in them but He rested the Seventh YAom, therefore HWHY blessed the Shabat (Seventh, Pledging) Day and made it QadUWsha (Set Apart by HWHY for Salvation)."

#5 "Honor your father and your mother that your YAoms (journeys with YA) may be long in the land which HWHY Almighty Loving YA of All Creation gives you."

#6 "Do not murder."

#7 "Do not break your pledges."

#8 "Do not steal."

#9 "Do not lie."

#10 "Do not lust after anything about your neighbor or his house. You shall not pursue after your neighbor's daughters, nor his woman, nor his horse, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that belong’s to your neighbor." 

#11 "All My Laws of Life are perfected in these 'You shall love HWHYyour Almighty God, with all your heart (leb), with all your mind (nefesh) and with all your resources (maode)." 

#12 "Then love your nearest YAHUWda as yourself."

#13 "When you have repented of breaking The Covenant of Life and have learned The Original Fourteen Guides of HWHY, then be immersed in The Name of YAHUW in YAHUWAH into YAsarel for the forgiveness of all your sins."

#14 "Then I will send My Spirit of AHabe within you and you shall hear of Eternal Life."

Do these and you shall prepare for success.

Now after the youth (-20 yrs) and the pagan learn this, then for all Adults, teach them The Adult Covenant of Life for Success in all their tasks. Teach them all of Our full Guides and Our Principles for their Salvation, for they are youth no longer:

(The Fourteen Eternal Covenant Guides of Life for Adults:10+2+2)  

(The First 10 Covenant Guides)

#1 "Hu YAH? Asher Ha YAH! HWHYI am! I am The Word of YAHUWAH, The Creator of Love. The Creator of the AmericAHs (those who Proclaim Boldly The Way of Love) I am. I am HWHY, The Eternal Word of all Truth. I am HWHY your Savior-Redeemer who gives Himself for your Salvation. I am HWHY your Heavenly Father, Creator, Guide Giver and your Final Judge. I am HWHY your Mother of Life, Creator and Nurturer. I am HWHY your Princess of Beauty who whispers Love when you are brokenhearted."

#1b "We are Seven Great Spirits of Love and Life. We are your Eternal Family. We are One Spirit High above all and in all. Together, We are the Eternal Loving Family of Ha YAH creating Our beloved Nation YAshrael AmericAH." 

#1c "We urge you, ‘Get out of Misery. Free yourselves from all Houses of Slavery. Worship HWHY alone! Honor no enslaving elohim (pagan gods) before your face!"

#2 "Make and consume only healthy food and thoughts. Bow to HWHYalone. Our Covenant Guides will make you free. Then Live free or die fighting! Live free from slavery to any man and especially free from all his gods and religions. You must not bow down to empires, rulers, priests, pagan governments, Wordless people or to idols! Never be enslaved by them, for I am HWHY, The Eternal Loving YAH, The Maker of All Creation, of your Salvation to Eternal Life."

#2b "We are The Only Eternal Power you are to bow before. Free all slaves. Teach them Our Covenant Guides of Life, Liberty and Happiness. Pagan fathers and mothers will pass their sins on to their children, even to the 3th and 4th generation, because they ignore Me. Yet I will send loving invitations a thousand times to every person who seeks to honor Me and to keep Our Guides of Liberty." 

#2c "Our 10+2 Guides do not change but you shall decide how to apply them by a 77%, 67% or 57% vote of all Lawful adults over 20 years of life. Parents may have two votes, Elders may have four votes and all your combat warriors may have four votes. You must decide your application laws of My Guides by your voting."

#2d "Let all conflicts among you be decided by a jury of 3, 7 or 12 citizens of Wordful women and men. If anyone be found guilty by jury of 12 of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, rape or violent abuse to a child, they must be given one hour to repent to Me, one hour to agree to be a slave to the victim or to the victim’s family or he must be hanged until dead before sunset." 

#2e "All other punishment must be a fine. If the one found guilty will not pay, he must be whipped until he agrees to begin paying. Forgive his debt after 7 years except for murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, rape and violent abuse to a child." 

#2f Keep no prisoners over 7 days.  How can a guilty man pay his debt in a prison?"

#2g "Let the money of My people be a set measure of land and gold. Use one standard for all people, whether citizen or not. Use pagan money for profit but never trust it for long, for by it pagan rulers will steal your labor."

#3 "Guard Our Seven Eternal Pure Principles in HWHY, Our Name, The Eternal Loving YAH, Creator Spirit of All, as important, for I can only save those who guard My Name, My Covenant's Ten and Two and in YAHUW Guides of Life. Our Seven Sacred Principles are essential for Life. I love Freedom. I hate slavery. I never enslave. I hate rulers. I greatly hate rulers who enslave with violence and fear against women, children, youth, elders, the weak and to other men. I hate those who change My Word. I hate murder. I hate false pledges. I hate stealing. I hate lying. I hate envy. I hate selfishness and greed for I create more than enough for all people. Honor My Name by giving a tithe of all you profit by, that I might bless you with abundance. These are The First Gate to Our Salvation."

#4a "Remember the Seventh Day, to keep it sacred. Work both hard and wise the first six days and do all your work for profit but the Seventh Day is for renewal of Eternal Truth, for laughter, for family, for love and

for play." 

#4b "You are to labor the first six days and make your land produce much fruit but the

Seventh Day is your Pledged Day to HWHY, The Eternal Loving YA, Creator of All, Creator of Love and Joy."

#4c "Do only essential work in it, you, your sons, your daughters, your partners, your livestock and even your pagan friends who live as guests upon your land."

#4d "For in six YAoms (Adventures with YA), HWHY The Great Eternal Spirit made the Eternal Heavens, the Universe, the Galaxies, the Stars, the Sun, the AHertz, the mountains, the sea and the animals that are upon them but then He rested the Seventh Day. So HWHY blessed the Seventh Day and made it Special for worship, for teaching, for family and for your rest."

#5 "Honor your father and your mother as they walk in the Guides of HWHY that your YAoms may be long in the lands of AdamAH (the people of YAH) AmericAH which Eternal Loving Creator of All, desires to give you."

#6 "Protect human life, especially the mothers, the babies, the children, the old, the weak and the young families. Let violence and war be your last effort to correct the empires, the rulers, the enslaver, the murderer, the kidnapper and the thief but correct them you must or die fighting. Lawless men must never be allowed to rule over you! One who worships elohim (false-gods) who murder or enslave cannot know AEl YAH, for I am Love and Life, not slavery or death. Murder and slavery are sin. Sin is Lawlessness. Lawlessness causes death."

#7 "Honor all your pledges, especially to your pledged woman, to your near ones and to your business partners. Give your Love Pledged lovee one half of all you profit while pledged. Do what you promise for all."

#8 "Work for all you own. Make plans to prosper, seven years at a time. Plan your YAUWbilee. Believe for it, receive it and guard it. Study how to make land fruitful, buy it, secure it and make it fruitful. Increase your lands. Build houses. Store up gold and silver. Establish your money to be symbols for set amounts of land and gold which no rulers can steal. Share fairly with your partners."

#9 "Always ask questions first. Listen closely. Speak only the truth. Especially speak joyfully but honestly with your lovee and all the ones you love. True Love is always honest."

#10 "Adore your lovee, your parents, your children and your entire family. Be proud of them. Inspire them. Tell them how special they are. Build up your own home, lands, businesses, partners, and animals. Improve your crops and animals. Remember how blessed you are to be alive and to know your Creator forever!"

(The First"2 Covenant Guides":  Are Love Guides)

#11 "Then HWHY said, “All Our Guides for Life are perfected in this; 

Love HWHY, The Eternal Loving YA, Creator of All, Creator of Love, with all your heart,with all your mind and with all your possessions. Experience Our Presence. If you truly love Me, give a tithe that I might bless you more."

#12 "Then you can love your nearest ones as yourself, for you will have great abundance.

This is the Second Gate of Salvation."

(The Second "2 Covenant Guides": 

are Faith by Living in YAHUW for the Forgiveness of your sins)

#13 "Pledge yourself to these Eternal Guides of Our Covenant for Life and be immersed in The Name of WHY (YAHUW) for the forgiveness of your sins and then We will immerse you in Our Spirit and you will know Us."

#14a "We will plant Our RUWach of Love in you that you might experience Our Presence and you will love your fellow believers as We love. We will establish Our Covenant of Life within you forever and you will know Us, for this is the Third Gate which brings you Salvation and creates the YAshrael who proclaim boldly The Way of True Love (AmericAHn). We will guide you to walk faithfully in this Covenant into Eternal Life."

#14b "For WHY is The Guide to HWHY. Pledge yourself and walk in these, Our MitsUWAH (Guides of YAHUW). Our RUWach will lead you to know and rejoice in The Way of YashUW WHY (The Savior YAHUW)." 

#14c "We will come in Our Covenant Guides and in Our Eternal Namefor the forgiveness of your sins. YAHUW alone can fill you with Us. If you daily seek to obey Our Guides, love Us and experience Us, you will endure in this Our Love all your days and We will reward you with Kai Owlam (Life Eternal). For The Creator of Love, HWHY We are."

245 Teach your beloved woman (isha-ahab) and your family all these things. For HWHY I Am!

246 So AEloAH-YA-am taught them His Eternal QadUWsha Word, how to Call upon Him, and how to walk in His Eternal Covenant of Life, keeping His Covenant Guides and calling upon Him through His QadUWsha Covenant unto Salvation.“

(The First AHdamic Word, Learn The Golden Guides) 

1a AEl YAH The Unselfish Eternal Lover forever proclaims, “We are HWHY- Creator of Love! We are The Only Eternal Loving Life Giving Creator! This is Our Character and Our Name Forever. HWHY, Creator of Love, We are and so will We ever be.

1b No one comes to Eternal Life except through shabaoth (pledging) to Me by The Way of The Covenant Guides of YAHUW. I alone can lead you to HWHY The Father. Seek My Truth first and you will surely find Us. 

1c Practice a lie and you will be decieved by “the Lord gods of Darkness.” If you practice a lie, you can never know Our Eternal Truth or live in AEl YAH.

1d Live the Sacred Seven Words of YAH implanted in every heart and WHY will be found for there is none sinless as He! Sabbaoth (pledge)to Our 14 Guides of The Covenant. Practice calling (worship, believe)upon The Character and The Name of YAHUW-GaalUW (YAHUW-our-Redeemer) for the forgiveness of your sins and you will be saved.

1e Welcome HWHY Our RUWach (Spirit) in you.Be bold Nazar Bareith(Keepers of The Covenant)! Be steadfast for We change not! Walk in Our Word. We are Our Word. 

1f First, live as free men or die fighting rulers, empires, evil men and slavemasters! We forbid all slavery. It is abomination before Our face! 

1g Become Our YAdi by studying the universe and Our Guides. Ask questions. Test Our Words. When you seek The Creator with all your heart, you will find YAHUW The Savior. YAHUW will show you The Forever Family.

1h Worship and honor Our Forever Name. It will protect you. You will become Our YAHdi when you seek Me with all your heart, your mind and you honor Me with your tithes. 

1i You will find Me through Our Creation. You will find Us through Our Guides, Our AHabiYA and Our Covenant Word. We saved Our Word for all generations. For Our Eternal Words are written on mountains, rocks, on vellum and on papyri which never ages. But foremost, it is written in your hearts even from the East, to the West. 

1j Your children’s children must hear Our Words spoken by Our NabiYA and Our Original Scriptures. You can believe only after you repent of all pagan gods. You cannot serve “the Lord gods” and Me! Repent and come to Our Covenant of Life through Me,WHY your Savior! 

1k You cannot be My BarbariYAns if you seek to both believe in Me and honor foreign lords, who enslave men and women, or who teach slaves to bow before men and pagan gods, or who change My Wordful Character, or who change My Guides to Life, or who mock Our Name. 

1l Stand against all men and gods who enslave, who murder, who are unfaithful, who steal, who lie and who are jealous with envy! All these pagan gods and their Wordless spirits seek to dishonor Our Saving Name. 

1m For this sin, you must repent, for there is no other name given to mankind, in the entire universe, by which you can be saved! Live free forever or die fighting!

1n When you repent of false saviors and believe in Me, YAHUW alone, then you will become My YAHUWdai! YAHUWsha (YAHUW The Savior) will lead you to The Father YAHUWAH and We will mold you into Our BethiYAH Owlam (Forever Family of YAH). Do your best and We will do the rest!

1o Walk in Our Covenant and you will always live.Repent of enslaving gods and pledge yourself to Our Covenant of Life, which We offer to you this day. Call upon Our Ten Guides, Our Two Perfect Guides of Love and Our Two “Guides of Salvation in YAHUW” for all people! 

1pBe immersed in Our Name by The Blood of WHY YashUW (YAHUW Savior). My people, give My tithe of all you profit to My LeUWYA, that We may multiply your produce back to you many fold and that you might prosper in all things. Take dominion (dauwgath) of your own mind and body. Be Our BethiYAH, Our Wordful Nation YAsarel

1q Get your abundance by being Doers of Our Word! Discipline your body and your mind. Disciple your children but use love. Clean your houses, your lands and your resources. Love your near ones and Our AHertz. 

1r For youth 20-30 years of life, this is Our normal will, that you first learn the Primes of The Eternal Word of YAH in BarAshYA, then that you pursue your education for special skills and your passions. You should study for ten years. 

1s As you study, work seven and seven years for your money. First give a tithe to Me, then invest 50% of what remains for your future. Buy land, buy or build a safe strong house. Then pledge to a woman you choose to love passionately. Begin to work your own lands and projects. 

1t Have children and raise your children in My Word. Become financially free by owning and developing your own land for productivity within 7+7 years. 

1u After your kids are trained and safe, and you are financially free by 44 years of age, then go, be Our Missionaries as We will lead you, teaching everything We have taught you to those who will listen.

1v Teach every creature Our Covenant of Salvation, Our Seven Sacred Guides, Our AmericAHn Government and Our Pure Calendar! 

1w Bless all that We have created with Our AHabe (Unselfish Covenant Love in YAH)

1x We are Seven Spirits in Echad. We give AHabe to each other in great passion! AHabe must be given to another to be AHabe. We are AHabiYA.

(The Second AHdamic Word, YAH's Love "AHabe"- Strong Body & Family)

2a “Secondly, Love yourself as We love you! Study how to work out and discipline your body and your mind. Your body is your home for this age!It is where you will live until your eternal body. 

2b Make a strong home for Us in your heart, in your mind and in your body. Then study how to love your nearest family, your extended family and your friends for a fruitful life. 

2c Continue to study how to make your body and mind disciplined for bearing fruit.Study how to build strong your body, your heart and 

your mind but then do it and keep it fit. Become strong, tough and stay fit. 

2d Learn to defend yourself with feet, hands and weapons. 

2e Guard your weapons. Rulers will seek to steal them and leave you weak to become their slaves.

2f Then learn to build a house, grow crops and herds, build a farm, ranch and a storehouse for yourself. Rise up early and work hard, forAEl YAHworks for those who love to work.

2g Buy land to improve and build a house for yourself, your coming lovee and children. 

2h Secure that home for yourself and your beloved woman. Build, grow food, make useful things, sell and rent to others to secure it. 

2i Do not borrow long term from unbelieving people lest they enslave you. You may borrow against your storehouse for profit but after you secure it fully, do not borrow against your home unless you have gold, silver, oil or land to pay all you owe when the greedy wolves come. 

2j Work this until you have enough for living one year and then secure it. Then build a seven (saba) year reserve to run your lands and houses. Only then will you be financially free to be Our free malakiYA. Take two saba years (14 years) or less to do this. 

2k Then join with your brothers to secure your nation, protecting all your homes and storehouses and then you can be Our witnesses to every nation. 

2l Take dominion over ‘Wordless beasts’ and over every other threat against your family and your nation! 

2m Be primary peacemakers! Never use Wordless violence. Never attack without warning. Avoid Wordless talk and threats. 

2n You must protect the ishAH (women of YAH)of your love-pledge, your family, your lands, your homes, your storehouses and your nation even by Wordful force if necessary. 

2o Protect your Wordful near ones as yourself. Do not love by compulsion or duty but rather seek true wealth by serving one another, building up your family in YAHUWAH. 

2p Study deep how to do this. Our Spirit HWHY will protect and guide you to abundant living and Eternal Life!

(The Third AHdamic Word, Love in YAH "AHabe" -  Romance)

3a Shabat by Shabat, seven days at a time, seek to pledge and repledge your love to the woman who captures your eye, then your heart and your thoughts. 

3b ShamaiYA (listen to YA) and study how to give sincere unselfish Ahabi to her, for she is made to discover AHabe. 

3c Love her more than you love yourself and she will know. Play and laugh with her but learn this! Great sex may capture a few moments of a women’s eyes, but unselfish love (AHabe) in daily acts bonds her heart to you in joy forever! Great sexual love follows AHabe!

3d Pledge sincerely to her only when you truly love her from your heart and before you touch her. Love your woman sincerely. Don’t use her only for your pleasure, for selfishness will strangle her heart. Love her with kind patience and she will love you with her whole being all your life!

3e But remember this! Never seek to rule over your beloved woman! Control things but love a woman, respecting her freedom. 

3f Love her in three ways each day. Give her one half of all that you profit while pledged to her. First build her a house. Then We will teach you to love, to prosper, to liberate and to protect your nation by giving her this security. Secure the entire AHertz. Then secure Our many universes.

3g Your woman lovee is more valuable and more complex than any man, so you must study your woman closely. Protect her, provide for her and remember her words. 

3h Every woman is special. Speak with her softly. Be creative in loving her! Don’t be repetitious, like pagans do!

3i First, repent of your selfishness, your greed, pride and ignorance. Only then can you know WHYand thus learn to AHabe a woman from your heart! Only as a servant can We show you The Way of AHabe. This will lead you out of the houses of bondage of unbelieving rulers. 

3j Walk out of enslaving marriages and find freedom in true love. 

3k As YAH’s Word makes you free, you are to grow more free! Men of YAH, you who are real men of YA, protect Our women of YAH (ishAHi) whom We guide to you. Protect your children with your very life. 

3l One who provides not for his loved pledged woman or his children, We cannot love for he knows nothing of Our Covenant! For We are AHabiYA! This is Our Covenant forever.

3m He who truly knows Me, knows to live unselfish love daily. He who knows mature AhabiYA, knows Us. True AHabe endures forever. Then you will be truly happy and be Our YAHUWdai (YAHUWans). Give love and Our Heavens will open and pour you out such love blessings, that neither you nor your lovee, can contain them all! 

3n Romance your lovee. Dance and laugh with her with music and candles. Love her slowly with self denial and self-discipline. Bring her flowers. Whisper love poems in her ear. Caress her tenderly. Listen to her sincerely. Do what you say. Most of all, be honest with her.

3o Because We are HWHY, We are always in love. We design one special woman to receive the love from one special man, for their Echad in their season of love. Woman, never be a slave to anyone but rather love your man freely, from your heart. 

3p Men, live free with your beloved women or die fighting for their freedom.Love all children. Protect them. Raise your own children for a life of work and joy, teaching them to prosper in Us and The Covenant Life. 

3q Together, your family is to grow into Our Character in Ahabi Echad (Loving oneness) through YAHUWsha, evenThe Likeness of Our AHabi.

3r Never argue with a beloved woman. Listen to her closely. Ask questions. Walk away if you should. A silent objection from a loving Wordful man is stronger than any fight.

3s Zakar (remember)to multiply OurAHabe by Shabaoth pledging. Live in love with one another under Our Covenant withall your heart. Live honesty (nakeb)for all your season of Shabaoth (pledging), always keeping loyalty in your pledges. 

3t Men of YAH, speak to your lovee softly. Speak into her eyes. Speak freedom (chopshi) to your lovee every day but especially on every Shabat day, every Feastday and every full moon night! Ask her what is her greatest desire. Give it to her if you can. If you can’t, after you listen to her sincerely, you may walk away but never argue with your lovee.

3u  Every Feast of Bakuwr (Firstfruits), every YAmanuel (Incarnation), every Shabat, every Shabat year and every YAUWbilee year, speak softly to her. Write love poems to each other with a kiss and a flower. 

3v Write your love pledges to one another from your inner heart, even as we write Our Love Pledge in Our Word to you. Be faithful to your pledges, for the Covenant man of YAH must be faithful in all his pledges! 

3w If one no longer greatly delights in the love of the other, you must not Love Pledge again until your wild passion is renewed. But always be kind and respectful to each other. Renew or retain your Love Pledge after your season of Passion but do so with fidelity and honor. 

3x But during a pledge, neither man or woman may leave without mutual agreement, for We anoint and require faithfulness to your pledges. But if one insists to depart for any reason, they must forfeit their pledged shared income, but let them depart in loving peace and good will toward the other, paying the forfeit happily according as they pledged. 

3y For love without freedom is no AHabe at all.Neither is anger toward another believer Wordfulness, except when unfaithfulness enters in. Then be angry if you must but never, never do violence to a woman. Seek to grow your ahabe with your near ones, for We, HWHY, multiply Our AHabe through you! 

3z For Our AHabe planted and watered in you is to fulfill you both to be Our Eternal Wordful Family. So walk as Our Seekers, Our YAHns (YAHdi) and Our YAHUWans (YAHUWdai) until I come to teach you the last Shabaoth Scrolls for Our Kingdom in the Latter Days (That is even 7 more Scrolls, added to The 77 Original Scriptures, making a total of 84 Scrolls, when YAHUWAH Returns in the Latter Day Kingdom).

(The Fourth AHdamic Word, Financial Freedom: 

Work, Business, Investments)

4a Again,  HWHY commanded them, “Work hard but work wise! 

4b Work for profit. 

4c Work in your passion! 

4d Start where you are. 

4e Use what you have fully. Then AEl YAH will guide you to more! 

4f Be joyful in your work. 

4g Produce valuable things. 

4h Try to increase your money 3-7 percent each month. 

4i Share one half of your profit with those working with you. Let them share in decisions.

4j Study the ways to make land, houses, farms, ranches, money and storehouses fruitful for your future that you may be able to live free and serve Me, owing no man. 

4k Give your tithe that I can prosper you.

4l Homestead, buy, improve, rent and sell houses, barns and land for profit. 

4m Use the AHertz’ resources. Build and secure many properties for profit! 

4n When you begin a new venture, be wisely bold for 2 years. Close it then if it fails to return 14% and start again boldly. 

4o Live on half of your income and invest in land, houses and resources. 

4p Build, develop, buy, sell and lease with interest boldly for 7 years but in the second Sabaoth years (7-14 yrs), secure one half your properties from the pagan deceivers, rulers and thieves.  Own this half fully. 

4q Use pagan money to grow but secure your lands after 7 years. Pagan money will devalue. Pagans are greedy and selfish. Use it but never trust it for your security.

4r Put one fourth of your remaining lands and assets in safe growth. 

4s Be wisely bold with the remaining fourth of your resources that it might double your asset every year. If you stumble, rejoice, sell out and learn how to start anew without that mistake again! 

4t Store one year food supply into a storehouse with your neighbors to survive in war or famine. Organize with your near YAHUWdai and prosper together.

4u Make 7 Shabaoth (7 yr)plans in your YAUWbilee (50 yr) plan. By 21 years, store up in case of seven years of famine. Follow your plan but improve it. Be disciplined and consistent. Don’t panic when conflicts arise. Be steady, bringing long term profit from every investment! Make your money work for you. Loan to others with compound interest.

4v When expanding boldly, borrow all you can of pagan money for you are wiser than pagans! 4w With growth assets, do not normally borrow more than four of five parts (80%)to buy new properties until you secure your 7 years of reserve. Build good chariots which travel fast and far. Make lightning useful. Learn to use and store electricity. Water can be very powerful. Learn to fly with wings. I have given you oil and minerals for many uses. Use the AHertz wisely. Keep My water. land and air clean.

4x Then borrow no more but rather lend to Wordful others. Lend to the poor. But lend only with honesty. Supply the needs of others fairly. Prosper your near ones as yourself. Make partners, not servants. Always be honest. Keep your promises. 

4y If you would prosper greatly, tithe 10% to YAshrael, store up 10% and live off 10% of your proft. Then invest the 70% prorated with your partners! (Mtl)

4z Establish leadership over pagans as loving ministers doing The Word of YAH, being the servant people of YAH. Free the slaves that yearn to be free. Shine forth as The Light of YAH, His Obedient people (Auwra-AhabiYA Auwphe Shama YA Am). Then in every place you go, share abundant living, joy and AhabiYA using your wealth. Seek Love over money for life, love and profit.

(The Fifth AHdamic Word

Clean-up and Beautify your environment)

5a Serve AEl YAHby discipling the pagan nations. 

5b Stop the pagan murdering of babies, children and sending the youth to war. 

5c Stop the pollution of youth and My AHertz. 

5d Destroy their weapons which pollute the water, air and land. 

5e Clean up all pollutions! First clean up your own polluted thoughts, words, character, body and your attitudes. 

5f Conform yourself to Our Likeness by cleaning and beautifying yourself. 

5g Then clean up and beautify your home and the land around you. 

5h Clean up your house. Organize the life of your family. 

5i Plant trees, flowers, green and colorful  things. 

5j Live clean. Get yourself organized. Organize your farm. Bury your dung in dung wells which fill with water. Dig your drinking water wells twelve horse lengths away from your dung wells.

5k Take responsibility for Our Eartz, beginning with your own lands! Protect Our beauty; the air, the land, the waters, the seas, the animals, the fresh water and all living things! Keep clean! 

5l Manage and protect Our wildlife. Give them reserves to roam upon. Manage everything that moves both in the skies above and upon the land itself. 

5m Manage nature over the entire Eartz! Build Gardens of Worship to Me with many flowers, trees and animals. 

5n Beautify the entire AHertz. 

5o Become beautiful people.

(The Sixth AHdamic Word, Your Body - His Temple: 

Eat healthier, Get fit, Work smarter)

6a Then the Eternal Loving Savior YAHUW commanded them, “Listen especially to this! It is great importance to My people! 

6b Your body is My temple in which I desire to dwell! You are not your own. We created you for Our Forever Family! Sculp your body.

6c You are made by Our great sacrifice! 

6d Live strong because you carry Our Name!

6e You are not to make or consume contaminations, not with your eyes, your ears, your mouth nor your thoughts! Eat healthy! Think healthy! Eat fresh living foods. Exercise daily. Make no excuses! Your body is your house.

6f Get fit! Stay fit! 

6g Do not be fat as the undisciplined pagans will do, making many excuses. 

6h These are to be your primary foods! We have given for you to eat every seed yielding herb, all vegetables, grains and the green lettuces which grow on the Eartz. Eat from every fruit tree which bears fruit and its seeds. 

6i Second, your primary meat is fish which eats living food and have lived in clean water away from the waste of mankind. 

6j Every grain eating bird and their eggs are good for you. These are your first meats. 

6k You may eat every grass, herb, nut or grain eating animal on the Eartz. That is those which roam wild but also those you will raise yourself, and everything that walks on the Eartz that eats fresh grains and green plants. Green herbs and seeds have strength for your life.

6l We have given you your taste to guide you. All these We have given to you for food. 

6m Drink lots of pure water and fruit juices.

6n Work hard. Exercise daily. Run and walk daily. Get strong. Get fit! Be trim! 

6o Men, you should lift twice your body weight three times a week. 

6p You should exercise or run for one hour three times a week.

6q Every day except Shabat, you should do these seven sweats in units of seven minutes. One to seven minutes each, for 1 to 7 times each day, as you are able. 

6r Stretch slowly first and breathe deeply. 

6s Then do these with all your strength, holding nothing back. 

6t You can measure water, dripping it into a cup. You may count seventy-seven drips of water, for each minute. Or you may measure the moving shadow of a tall tree.

6u First, search to run in a beautiful place with all your strength, as in the day when I appear and you run to Me! Then run back again, for another minute. 

6v Then second is without resting, you can bend your knees, bringing your hands down to touch the ground and then pulling them up, clap your hands together, while you search to jump as high as you can. (1-7 min.)

6w Third, when you get tired, bow before Me on every side touching the Eartz, front and then to each side and backwards, twisting your back slowly. (1-7 min.)

6x Fourth, move your arms in a circle, starting from below, extending them out and moving them straight up above and over your shoulders, while holding stones in your hands with as much weight as you can lift, and at the same time saying 77 inspiring words. (1-7  min.)

6y For these first four, you should learn to bounce on your feet, so as to cause your heart to breathe deeply until your sweat comes. 

6z Then in the fifth, tire yourself by pushing against your head on every side. (1-7 min.)

6aa Then the sixth, is to drop to the land and push your chest up from your toes slowly at first and then as fast as you can, touching your nose to the ground until your arms fail. (1-7 min.)

6bb When you can do your first seventy seven of these, shout praises, as it is a joy to AEl YAH! 

6cc If you can, then do it again, until seven times seventy-seven.

6dd Women, children, elders and those with body problems, do this from your knees.

6ee The seventh, is to roll over on your back and lift up your legs, doubling them at your knees, move them as far as you are able, rolling them over to each side. When you tire, pull your knees up to your chest and stretch yourself. 

6ff Work hard until your strength fails. Then rest seven seconds and Shabaoth it. 

6gg The seventh sweat of the day is to begin with singing joyfully even though you hurt. This also has seven sweats to number your workouts. 

6hh First, hold as much weight as you can in each hand and raise it up and down from your waist until your muscles fail.

6ii Second, put a weight on your shoulders and lunge one step, as far as you can go forward, with a straight back kneeling to the ground and rise again, until your muscles burn hotly. 

6jj Third, pull your body up as many times as you can to your eye level from the limb of a tree, a rock or a iron bar until your arms fail. 

6kk Fourth, hit a bag of sand, dirt or grain with your fists as many times and as hard and fast as you can. 

6ll Fifth, hit a bag of grain with your fists and your feet seventy-seven times or as many times as you can. 

6mm Sixth, wrestle with one larger or equal to your weight. If another one is not near, you may choose a workout for yourself or choose to take a run, sweating. 

6nn Seventh, take a Shabaoth break and wrestle with your pledged lovee in playful delight! 

6oo Then if your back hurts, lay on your stomach, raise your hands and legs, and rock on your stomach. 

6pp You are to do all these in joy as fast as you can, with all your strength, for one to seven minutes each or work up to seventy-seven repetitions for each. 

6qq As you get stronger, you are to increase the number of your ‘seven sevens’ up to seven times each day. 

6rr Modify this as you chose and are able. Start small but be faithful.

6ss Our RUWach will teach you to know to help you strengthen the children, your women, the elders and Our warriors. 

6ttOur people must be strong! Our LeUWYA must lead you. Do not become fat and lazy! 

6uu Try to wash your body daily. Oil your skin. Look pleasing. Trim your hair and your nails! Be clean! 

6vv Organize your life! Be precise. Be on time. Dress nice. Smell good. Be steadfast. Keep your word!

6ww Imitate the Character of WHY until you become Our Character. So you are to praise AEl YAH! 

5xx So it was and forever is for the People of AEl YAH, those YAHUWdai called by My Name.

6yy Eternal Loving YA, Creator of All, examined closely everything that He had made. It was magnificent for teaching The Way of Life to those seeking Truth and to mold His Family in Unselfish Love (AHabe)! 

6zz There was a dark time for testing but then came another Moving of His AUWr by His AHabe Word! This was the Sixth YAom(Movement of YAH).

(The Seventh AHdamic Word, Take a Shabat Rest: 

Rest, worship, play, love, enjoy life, His creation & your salvation)

7a HWHY We are. We began creation. We ordered the creation of the Universes and the AHertz’s seven and seven cycles of energy, with all their vast splender! So it was and is very beautiful! 

7b The entire AHertz vibrated praise to AEl HWHY.

7c On the Seventh YAom (Creative Movement of YA), The Family of Eternal Loving YA, Creator of All, rested from His work of creating energies and molding the universe, radiating light, stabilizing matter and creating life. 

7d He rested in this Shabat day from His creating, according to His Covenant Word (4thCom). Therefore, Eternal Loving YA, Creator of All, blessed all the Eartz’sShabatim (Seventh, Anointedtimes) and perfected it toward beauty.

7e He made every Seventh movement beautiful, especially the Shabat Days, a QadUWsha time for rest, love, play and laughter; for worshiping The Creator, for teaching The Way of Life; playing with your family and making things beautiful. 

7f He made Shabat days for proclaiming Salvation, for the finding of true love, for dancing, for seeking hidden treasures, and for loving your chosen woman and your children.

7g Then the Eternal Loving YA Family, Creator of All, rested from the work of Their creation. 

7h He laughed, blessed, beautified and danced with many Kingdom BeingswhichAEl YAHcreated among many planets! 

7i And so it has been established forever by His Word and so it will forever be for those who honor and love Him. 

7j Truth Seekers will become His YAdi, His YAHdi and then His AmericAHn YAHUWdai (YAHUWans who proclaim boldly The Way of YAHUW). 

7k One YAom, they will all be resurrected to be YAHUWAHdi of The Eternal House of YAH (BethYAH Owlam).

  • Explanations of "Debari YAH Owlam":
  • "Owlam" is used in other languages today and means "Eternal"
  • "Debari" has two MAIN meanings in The Original Scriptures language of YAHUWdith. 
  • One of these is "Word-Principles" and the other is "Law". 
  • Now, together with the "AH" of YAH, which refers to "AHabe" or "The Love of YAH", we have in the ancient Scriptural translations the meanings of "The Eternal Loving-Words of YAH" and "The Eternal Love-Laws of YAH". 
  • We choose here the second form for this level of translation because though we understand that YAHUWAH's Word/Laws are Guides to success, happiness and salvation, as YAHUWAH NEVER forces anyone to obey His Words/Laws as He always gives us a "Free Will", until The Judgement. 
  • So we also know that if we do not live walking in The 14 Love-Laws of YAHUWAH's Eternal Covenant, perfected by The Blood Sacrifice of our Savior YAHUW, we will not obtain Eternal Life. 
  • So we now see that without obeying-walking in these Love-Laws we have NO Salvation. 
  • This makes these Words/Laws much more than Guides, for those that are needing correcting but they are WARNINGS.
  • So clarifying this, living "Wordfully", means living full of The Love-Laws of YAH and so we NEED Debari YAH Owlam to get to eternity with YAHUWAH
  • "Enter in faithful servant, to The Kingdom of YAHUWAH prepared for all those who love-faithfully Debari YAH Owlam!"


Bar Ash YAH, Chapter 2

(Purposing the Fiery Explosion is YA)

1 According to Their created order, AEl HWHY, Almighty Eternal Loving YA, Creators of All, molded every animal of the field and every reptile of the sky, male and female and brought them to the man of YAH, to AHdam, to see what he would name them. Whatever he called every creature, that was its name, all aligned with its purpose in living. 

2S So, AEl HWHY commanded, “You are to care for all animals. You must not breed any animals for violence, as did the first men who perished from the AHertz. You must not destroy their shalom or the balance of life among the animals and their kinds which We have created, for We have made the entire AHertz Wordful, balanced and beautiful before Our eyes. 

3 Do not destroy without Wordful cause Our grass, Our trees, nor Our green herbs, for they are for life, for fresh air, for your food, for beauty and for your health. 

4 The RUWach of AEl HWHY taught AHdam the purpose of every herb and how to use it for his food, his strength, his healing and his health. And when he injured himself, HWHY RUWach taught him in YAH’s Word how to put herbs upon it and it healed quickly.

5 AHdam gave a name to every creature, and to every kind of reptile of the sky and to every kind of animal of the field (124+ million  species) and to every living thing (12+ billion names) but for the man of YAH, there was not found a love-mate suitable for him!

6 So Al HWHY, Eternal Loving YA, Mother Creator of All, caused a deep sleep to fall on the man of YAH and as he slept, She reached into “the spirals of life” (DNA) in his heart and She molded an ishAH (loving woman of YAH) out of the “Spiral of Life” from AHdam’s heart. 

7 Al HWHY spoke, “Love (Ahabi) her according to Our Word of YAH (DebariYAH), in faithful AhabiYA with daily sacrifice. Walk daily in Our BareithiYA (Covenant in YA) and she will magnify your ahabi back to you, so much that you will not have room to receive it all. 

8 Protect her, provide a land for her and a safe strong home and make it securely hers in two Sabaoths of years (14 years). Adore her and speak to her eyes softly, for she is made for your love. She is Our greatest, most beautiful creation. She is fragile, yet is also our most complex creature.

9 Teach her Our Word. Love and protect her with your very life, for she is also Our most precious creation. Be patient and listen to her, for she is also our most sensitive and loving creation! 

10 She will be the mother for your future children. She is your responsibility. We will hold you responsible for her happiness! Each Shabat day, you must sincerely ask her how to make her life happier. Love her all her life, seven days at a time and full moon by full moon.

11 So Al HWHY, Eternal Loving YA, Creator of All, created an ishAH out of Her RUWach (Spirit, Love, Oneness) from the heart of the man of YAH and brought her in all her mysterious beauty to the man of YAH (AHdam).

12 AHdam shouted in great joy, “HUWrAH”! She is the missing part of my echad (oneness, completeness)! 

13 Truly she is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh and the inner heart of my heart. She completes me O Great HWHY! I will thank You forever for her!

14 Indeed, she will be called ‘my ishAH’ because she was taken out of the heart of YAish (YA’s man). Immediately he spoke tender and loving words to her. 

15 Then he taught her to speak, to understand and to read YAHdi, his language. So tenderly, he guided his isha to read and to understand The Way to Eternal Life in AEl YAH by The Words of The Covenant of Life and the Primary applications. 

16 He taught her of AElYAH’s Way of Pledged Loving and pledged his love to her (shabuwa). When she accepted his pledge of love to her, he kissed her tenderly and held her and rejoiced for a whole day and whole night as his most precious gift. 

17 Then she gladly received and multiplied his love back to him and loved him with great passion and with all her heart! AHdam wept with great joy, for he could not even receive itall!

18 She blossomed forth, pledged to the Covenant of  Life, called upon YAHUW for the forgiveness of her sins, was baptized in YAHUW’s Name and became his ishAH, even his beautiful, loving and happy “Heart’s Delight.” 

19 And Al HWHYsaid to them, "In such AhabiYA, you are to become Our Distinct people, even Our Covenant Choosing Nation YAshrael, where “AEl YA The Beautiful Reigns” in love. 

20 There will be rulers from pagan religions, who will scheme to enslave women, who will deceive the poor and abuse the youth and even more terrible they enslave the children. 

21 Then they will scheme long hours to try to establish some authority over you, to control your land, your money and your homes. They will first control and limit your weapons that protect your family. Then they will give you colored idols made of wood which erode away as money for your labor. 

22 They will say “you are free” but they will enslave you with their many taxes. They will tax your labor, then they'll tax you again when you buy your wagons, your clothes, your weapons, your home and your land. 

23 They will tax your crops, your plows and then tax all your produce. 

24 Then they will tax your storehouses and your lands every year! 

25 Then again they will tax your purchases and even your food you eat! 

26 They will tax your possessions every year! 

27 They will tax you when you are old and weak. 

28 Then they will tax your storehouse; your lands; your houses and after all that, they will even tax you at death, until you have nothing left to give your children. 

29 And if anything is left, they will even tax your properties after you die! 

30 Then they will seek to enslave you and your children with idols of shrinking money. 

31 You will labor hard until you die but they will live in ease by your labor. 

32 They will teach your children but it will not be for your children's benefit! 

33 They will belittle Our Guides, Our Name, Our Word and Our Creation. 

34 They will teach your children myths and fables, while calling them “modern truths.” 

35 Their creator will be various idols, gods of the stars, or the sun, or the moon, or the lightening. 

36 In the Latter Days, their creator will be dirt, slime, a worm, a frog and then even green slime on the water! 

37 None of these people will know AEl YAH, ever loving Creator of All! 

38 Unless you listen to Our Covenant Words and walk in boldness as Our people, pagan rulers and their kingdoms will first enslave your minds but then your bodies also! 

39 They will tax you much more than My Tithe Guide of 10% of your profit. 

40 They will steal your gold and retirement assets for your old age. 

41 They will seek to destroy your happiness and freedom. 

42 They will steal the love from many women for their man, often with financial slavery. 

43 They will seek to put you into houses of bondage and enslave you, by your own sweat, all for their pleasures and profit,. 

44 They will seek to hide and pollute Our Truth and little by little steal your freedoms and seek to rule over many. 

45 But their way must not be honored before you and your ishAH, nor between you and all Our YAshrael. 

46 For whoever wants to become a leader among you, he must first become a servant to all the YAHdi. Whoever wants to become first in Our eyes, let him first become your servant. You men are called to be the protector of your ishAH and your family. 

47 Be the chief servant to your ishAH first, for you are made to protect and provide for her from your heart. She must not need to protect you. Then she will honor and love you, as her provider and protector. 

48 You should never be separated more than forty days from her, lest loneliness or depression damage your love. 

50 Normally spend at least seven of every fourteen nights with her, lest her passionate love for you be diminished and thus hinder you from happiness in your calling and work. 

51 You may make a pledge of love, for up to seven weeks to an unbelieving woman or unbelieving man, whomever you desire to be your love, in order to teach them Our Covenant of Life and Our applications. For Our Love for all is strong!

52 If the unbeliever agrees to convert to Our Way and to walk as a YAHUWdai of MeoschiYA, as Our Distinct and QadUWsha People by their own will, then you have brought Eternal Life to that one and also her or his family. You have loved her better than all.

53 But remember, love must be given freely. You must continually set your woman free every first-day morning, to see if she truly still passionately loves you from her heart. 

54 If she no longer passionately loves you, then she must go free, with her pledged money and an equal amount of profit just as your share of the profit, during your pledged time with her. 

55 If you both must separate but let her go with much praises and love.

56 For love without freedom is no AhabiYA at all. To love under pressure, is really slavery. Greed seeks to enslave, but love sets us all free, to love with great passion.

57 In order to love your ishAH every day, both daily loving, love her seven days at a time or through to the Sabbath Day. 

58 Try to love passionately like this for seven weeks, then seven months and then seven years. 59 Then try another Shabat of Years and then seven Shabat years. 

60 After the first Shabat years, you must call for a Love Feast with all your family. 

61 At each Shabat year, you must celebrate your woman’s love for you, as you both are truly blessed! 

62 On the YAUWbilee year, you must have a great Love Feast for your beloved woman, for all these years she chose to passionately and freely love you. Then it will be an inspiration for all to freely love each other from their heart. So you will be very blessed! 

63 Celebrate your love on every anniversary!

64 Tyrants and pagan religions will seek to enslave women with Guides demanding long servitude but My daughters cannot love a controling man! 

65 Her heart is not made to love an unbelieving or Wordless man. 

66 All slavery is wickedness before Our eyes! 

67 If you try to control her, her love for you will turn to harsh words and a cold heart, when it is enslaved. 

68 We forbid slavery among even one of Our people! 

69 But if she does truly love you because you have tried to walk in Our Covenant and Our applications, she will always choose to return to you with great love and joy, filling your days with Our Passionate Way of Loving! This is Our AhabiYA Forever. Walk in it! 

70 Please let Our Light so shine in you, that your ishAH will see Our Love and Our Covenant Word in you. Then the pagans will also come to see and through you, they will learn and then also have faith in Our CovenantWay to a Happy Life of plenty.

71 For HWHY will come in YAHUW, The Coming Savior (Ha Yasha Yatsa) for all YAshrael, to guide the seekers of Truth, so as not to be served but to serve! 

72 For YAHUW has chosen to give His life as a ransom for the sins of all who will love Truth and seek Eternal Life. 

73 Seek Me and I will reveal Myself to you. HWHY is Eternal Truth. 

74 Love your ishAH with your whole heart. Demonstate Our Love with her, for through your love for her and her love for you, will all men and women know you are My distinct people.

75 Make AhabiYA with her, for she is the most miraculous of all our creations." 

76 Thus spoke Al YAHUWAH, “These are the Primary Teachings and applications of The Covenant concerning how to love a woman. Our RUWach will teach you more. Teach them to Our Nation, the People of YAH and through them, to the foreign nations. 

77 Walk in them and let Our Light and AhabiYA shine through you to all peoples. Through you, We come as The Light of Life unto the world, for We are Life.”