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About Co-Founder Dr Ralph c Bethea Jr (RaphAH BethYAH)



About Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH BethYAH Jr)

By The Original Scriptures YAsarAEl Staff

Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr is the 1st Servant Elder for YAsarAEl West and the 7th Elder of YAarAEl World. He has endured more public criticism from Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Jews and Messianics than any missionary in the world in the past 17 years. A brief web search will show he is called a “liar, con man, charlatan, imposter, money lover, sex pervert, and scam artist.” He has been accused of being a “thief of antiquities” (the ROS text), “uneducated” and “doesn’t even know Greek or Hebrew!”(Here after he prefers his baptized YAHUWda of YAsarAEl AmericAH name “RaphAH BethYAH”). For the past 17 years, Dr RaphAH has refused to defend himself against personal attacks, saying the central issue is The Original Scriptures (OS), not RaphAH! RaphAH insists we keep the battle against Satan and spiritual evil, not “uneducated flesh and blood.” 

Whereas we do agree with RaphAH, yet thousands of honest “God Seekers” have been so blinded by the enormous web criticism that YAsarAEl’s Elders have voted for us to tell his true story for your evaluation of the facts. The 470,000 worldwide citizens of YAsarAEl dearly love and admire RaphAH as one of the three Founding Fathers of Latter Day YAsarAEl (49) and indeed, the Latter Day Restoration. His life has been one of enormous sacrifice and suffering for the cause of The Original Scriptures and The Word of YAH, our Creator. 

RaphAH was born in Chicago Illinois in 1948 to a famous John Hopkin’s medical doctor Dr Ralph C Bethea Sr, co-inventor of the spinal block, just returning from the front line of Nazi Germany, and his Native American (CarolinAH) Scot-Irish wife Lizette. He was the first of six boys. His father became wealthy in medical practice in Tennessee. When he reached 10 years of age, his parents felt called to Muslim Indonesia as medical missionaries. RaphAH went to boarding school in Singapore and Malaysia. He learned how to assist his father in various types of surgeries while on vacations. In 1962, the family moved to a small 112 bed hospital in the southern bush-land “Veldt” of Tanzania. The hospital soon averaged 400 patients a day! It began a life-long love affair with Africa. RaphAH soon became the hospital’s supply of food, providing wild game meat daily. He latter, earned his college tuition as a professional hunter, having the world record Cape buffalo horns. (His Cape horns beat the existing world record by 20 1/4 inches but was unjustly categorized as “aberrant.”) During these days, he became a strong advocate of African wildlife conservation. He is presently building a “green hunting” 700,000 acre preserve in Africa with YAsarAEl AfricAH.

RaphAH finished his high school at the famous “Rift Valley” in Kenya. He then attended one year at the University of Bangalore in India, studying Sanskrit manuscripts. He then traveled for 5 months through every country in Africa, South and Central America, returning to the USA after rabbies and two airplane crashes. He attended the Univ of Tennessee, Memphis State Univ before graduating with a BS degree in chemistry and pre med at Mississippi College. He married Lynda Ann Sharp upon graduation in 1970. RaphAH then studied cyto-genetics at Univ Kentucky and Univ Indiana. He did study fellowships at Univ of Zurich and Oxford Univ. He received a PHD in History and Biblical studies at the SBTS Metroversity in Louisville Kentucky. He and Lynda have eight wonderful successful children, and now have 17 grandchildren.

Dr RaphAH and Lynda served as missionaries with the Africa Inland Mission in Kenya, then co-founded “South Tulsa Baptist Church” as Assistant Pastor of First Baptist Church Tulsa Oklahoma. The church soon had multiple services. He then was appointed as a missionary to Muslims in Mombasa Kenya. In six years, 529,438 converts were baptized into Christian churches in the Muslim capital of Mombasa, causing a radical backlash of Muslim leaders. Subsequently, Dr Ralph and Lynda’s house was attacked 8 times, guard dogs poisoned and he was attacked physically 5 times. Finally, he and Lynda were ambushed while trying to help a sick African on a deserted road. RaphAH was left for dead with head injuries and broken bones.  Horribly, his beloved wife Lynda was beaten to death trying to help. Her death shook RaphAH’s faith to the core. Where was his beloved Lord Jesus?

The subsequent suffering led Dr Ralph into the darkest days of his life. For the first time doubting his Holy Bible, Dr Ralph released his inner rage for revenge. Lynda’s murderers had talked Arabic, not Swahili. They were foreign Arabs, not local Africans. After 9 months of healing and rehab, RaphAH returned to Kenya and found through Muslim friends, that a new terrorist group “Al Qaeda” was behind the attack. They had just moved from Khartom Sudan to Afghanistan. Why? RaphAH went to find out and to get revenge on the six Al Qaeda terrorist murderers. Many times, Dr Ralph should have been killed but God had a purpose. A Mujahidin Pastun warrior Ibraham and a Himalayan Buddhist Sadhu Musa became close friends in Afghanistan and began to seek the Original Scriptures of El YAH. After five years of waging a war of revenge, the Spirit of YAH over came Dr Ralph’s revenge. He repented, pledged to the Ten Laws of YAH and pledged Himself to YAHUW. El YAH finally changed Dr Ralph’s mission. RaphAH was born and Dr Ralph Jr died. The new mission was to find Almighty YAHUWAH’s (RaphAH’s new God) Original Scriptures (OS). In this process, the three became true YAdi brothers. RaphAH began adopting fatherless boys to keep them out of Al Qaeda’s “suicide army.” He presently has adopted just over 74,000 boys who are raised by 7,600 YAsarel East families in 27 countries.  El YAH does miracle after miracle to supply all their needs.

Finances-RaphAH often quotes OS saying “Find how a man spends his money, for it will tell you what he truly believes!” You can verify this publicly. RaphAH has given All his personal property (worth over 12 million) to “YAsarel AmericAH”, the American Regional branch of YAsarAEl World. It is a non-profit religious Lawful entity. All the money he makes now goes to YAsarAEl for ministry. Does any “con artist” do this?

The enormous web criticism against Dr RaphAH comes from his claim with his nation YAsarAEl East in 2002, discovering and now translating a buried library of ancient manuscripts claiming to be “The Original Scriptures” called “Roshuwn Owlam ShalemiYAH” or ROS text. The intro scroll dates around 70 AD written by a “MatithYAHUW,” claiming to be the disciple of YAHUW the Son of God, or the “Original historical Jesus.” MatithYAHUW claims the 74 jars of scrolls in that library calling itself “Ha DebariYA Owlam” or ROS text, contained the Perfect Original Scriptures of “Almighty Eternal Loving YAH, Creator of All.” RaphAH’s many critics claim this is impossible because “there are no original scripture manuscripts.” However, the raging hatred and criticism comes from RaphAH’s claim that the Jewish Torah (and thus the entire OT) has been corrupted 67% by Jewish Rabbii during the 1500 year “Babylonian Empire Pollution” of 900 BC-600 AD. 

The ROS text (The Eternal Word of YAH in English) portrays a God who never murders, steals or lies, who forbids sex slaves, polygamy, royal families, rulers, empires, sexism, racism and all slavery! 

The only government God allows on earth is a pure democracy with only “The Ten + Two Love Commandments” and Trial by Jury verdicts over any citizen. We are forbidden to submit to anyone over us except Almighty YAHUWAH and His 10+2+YAHUW Laws of Life. The elected leaders are only secretaries for the will of a 77% vote of YAH’s people. RaphAH boldly challenges Holy Bible believer’s to recognize that thousands of Jewish Rabbi and Roman Catholic priests and bishops have made changes to the Holy Bible, including all the original names and places (thousands) except Abraham and Adam. 

Constantine’s “Holy Roman Catholic Empire” and pagan bishops also made many changes to the New Testament, changing the original Savior YAHUW ChristUW to “YeaSus (Hail Sus) Christos (the King).” They also took out The Covenant of Life 14 Laws and invented a “mystery religion salvation” of obeying the kings and empire Lords/Rulers and believing in “YeaSus.” The British Empire changed YeaSus to “Jesus” in 1536 when Henry VIII formed the Anglican Catholic Church in order to divorce his Catholic wife. Unknown to King Henry and his bishops, “Jesus” in YAdi means “damn Sus” or “curse the sun-gods.” Quoting the ROS, RaphAH claims AEl YAH wrote “Seven Sacred Laws” in every human heart to guide us to our true Savior YAHUW and through Him to our true God, YAHUWAH. 

For instance RaphAH says, “Our first two Sacred Heart Guides all say murder and slavery are evil. So we look for the historical faith that teaches a God who has always called these evil and forbidden these from the beginning. 

We find only ONE historical faith, ONE historical Scripture and ONE Sinless God, YAHUW the Appointed King. He leads us to His Eternal Father YAHUWAH. His people are called by YAHUW’s Name, “the YAHUWda,” just as they have been called since AHdam and KaUWAH. Their nation is called YAsarAEl. Simple! We have now scientifically found our Creator, His Original Scriptures, our true Savior and the “Way to Eternal Life!” RaphAH presents 218 early NT manuscripts and their locale to support his claims. He also presents 77 OT prophets in +12,000 manuscripts who also support his claims. Since the “Christian scholars” are hard pressed to find much evidence to refute RaphAH’s and YAsarAEl research, his enemies have turned to attacking RaphAH personally with many fabrications, hoping to stop the hemorrhage of intelligent adherents leaving traditional Christianity and Judaism. Dr RaphAH has been shot 8 times but lived so it appears he is staying until Father YAH wants him home!

We hope this helps you to see through the enormous empire religion criticism against Dr RaphAH so that you will look at the OS and the ROS text evidence rationally. There is no doubt that the personal attacks against RaphAH will increase, probably including your local church pastor. Lawsuits are being filed against him monthly, trying to bankrupt him and YAsarAEl! Yet Dr RaphAH OWNS NOTHING so the lawsuits can't hurt him!  Anonymous callers are even attacking his children, telling them horrible fabrications of sex orgies and even murders. He gets death threats almost every day. But RaphAH will die faithful to his calling, to teach the Original Scriptures to all who are hungry for YAH’s eternal truth. You can email him at raphahbethyah@yahoo.com

Dr RaphAH is most possibly a Latter Day Prophet.