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"Thy Word is hidden in my heart..."

"My Word is written in Your heart, that you may know me...."


The Word of YAH (WoY)


Still is available on Amazon but latter to be replaced with the revised, 2nd level translation.

For those desiring to begin reading of The Original Scriptures translation into English, the first Book of "Bar Ash YAH", in chapters 1, 2..., are now posted on this website for all to read. This first book may all be posted here.

The Eternal Word of YAH (EWY)


Still available on Amazon but latter to be replaced with the revised, 2nd level translation.

The first Book is Bar Ash YAH and each of these 7 first books will be sold separately at first.

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Why do Christian Scholars LIE about Early Scripture Texts...

Why do Christian Scholars LIE about Early Scripture Texts like P46, here?

This is the earliest NT public NT manuscript. The Savior above is overlined "IHY CPY" (line 5). That's Greek for "YAHUW ChristUW!" What! Our true Savior is YAHUW? Have we been deceived? Yes we have, and about many things! Do you know God even has a government for us? It's a "Pure Democracy!" Why do Christian scholars lie! Why does the Babylonian Empire Holy Bible (Dt 13) tell us to murder unbelievers? Why does "the Lord God" approve slaves Exodus 21)? Why over 2000 Christian denominations when we are supposed to be ONE in love (John 17)? Why have 92% of the wars in the past 1000 years been started by Christian and other "Empire Religion" nations? Why has every "Empire Religion" nation ruled other nations through torture, murder and slavery except America which has freedom of religion in its founding? Could it be Satan rules all "Empire Religions"?

So where are God's ORIGINAL SCRIPTURES? Wouldn't a loving God leave us His pure Word somewhere? Christian scholars all say "There are no Originals" yet Mat 5:18 and Deut 4:2 say NOTHING can change God's Original Word!GOOD NEWS! They OS were rediscovered in 2002 in Al YAHUWda Iraq, near the birth place of AbrAHam! Read on!

These are important questions! The answer is simple but breath taking! Christians don't have the original Scriptures (OS) because THERE NEVER WAS ANY "HOLY BIBLE" (HB) FROM OUR HEAVENLY FATHER! The HB is Satan's masterpiece of deception! Satan took 666 great truths out of the OS but then corrupted and changed it's core truths by many LYING SCRIBES and Rabbii while in Babylon 850 BC-1000 AD. This is easily seen in the ancients manuscripts. The oldest extant Hebrew (Aramaic) Bible is the Leningradensis Codex and dates 1006 AD. It tells you of a "jealous god" who murders children, who commands us to murder all unbelievers and to wipe out entire towns with one unbeliever! Sex slaves and slaves are blessings from its god! It teaches a god who smashes babies heads against rocks (Isaiah 13, Hosea 13)! Horrible! This is not our True Creator God's Original Scriptures (OS)!

With its popularity, the Holy Bible (and it's Jewish-Babylonian roots) is Satan's masterpiece of religious deception! It proves Satan has ruled the religious world for the past 1700 years! YAHUW warned about a coming persecution of the "YAHdi" (followers of YAH) like never before (MtY 24:21). The HB is a collection of 34% Good teachings and 66% of Satan's teachings invented and intermixed over 2850 years by anti-YAHdi Jewish Rabbi in Babylon, "Holy Roman Catholicism" and European Colonialism! The "Good part" is the 34% of it stolen from AEl YAH's Original Scriptures (OS) but even then it gives false credit to "the Lord God" or "the Lord Jesus Christ our savior," both of which are literary creations! They never existed except as spiritual lies! The other 66% in 66 books was directly invented by Satan's Empire Religions (ER) like Babylon, Rome or Empire Britain. This is why the Holy Bible correctly says "Don't Murder" (Ex 20, from YAH's OS) but then preaches worship to a "Lord God" who murdered all the world's children by Genocide in Noah's flood! The Lord god tells you to murder everybody in every village with just one "unbeliever" in it (Deut 13:15ff). There is NO RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE in the Babylonian HB! It is the opposite of Almighty YAH, God of Love's Original Scriptures! It is a "terrorist book!" Warn your children!

The "Holy Bible" (HB) is from "Holi", an ancient pagan god of Babylon, one of Satan's arch-demons. Sadly, under the "times of the Pagans", 93% of the world honored the HB in some form! Rulers and kings of Empires love it for their slaves culture. Rev 12:9 says "that old serpent called Diabolo, Satan, he has deceived the entire world!" And so he has! Satan has every Christian and Jew worshipping a mass murderer as God! Satan is good! He is like our politicians today! He tricked you and me for a season didn't he? But NO LONGER, RIGHT?

That is why OnlyGod's Original Scriptures, The Eternal Word of YAHcan tell us the full clear Eternal Truth! Contrary to Empire Religion Christian Pastors who say there are no originals, Mt 5:18 assures us by The Original Scriptures (OS) and YAHUW our Savior, that The OS will always be on earth! Reason also tells us this if God is indeed a loving God, He would have surely left us His Original Scriptures somewhere! So in 1986, I started looking intensively. I learned 8 languages and studied 13,007 ancient manuscripts. After 21 years of intense seeking, lead by YAHUW our true Savior, 3 Intense Seekers for God, Ibraham (Muslim), Musa (Buddhist), Rapha (Christian) and 124 "Seed of AbrAHam" youth (YAHdi), discovered a 1930 year old pristine library of 74 Original Scripture Scrolls in ancient YAsarAEl, just like He promised! "My youth shall lead you" (in the Latter Days). It is called Ha DebariYAH Owlam(The Eternal Word of YAH). 124 of us Seekers discovered that God's purpose is for us to live forever with Him in His Eternal Kingdom as His Forever Family! God through YAHUW the True Christmade ONE Way to enter Heaven! We must pledge to His Covenant of Life (Ten plus Two Eternal Laws) and be baptized in the Name of YAHUW and into YAsarAEl for the forgiveness of our sins. For mankind over the past 450 years, believing in "Jesus" can bea positive first step toward true saving faith in YAHUWAH our Risen King. However, most religions block you from The Original Scriptures and YAHUW our Savior. 

"The Holy Bible is God's Word"is THE BIGGEST LIE in world history! Faith in "Yea-Sus Name" is the biggest religion in history. Christianity is the "broad way" that leads to death, just like Mt 7:13 states. It has deceived billions from Eternal Life. The Way to Eternal Life "is narrow and few there be who find it." Be one of those few today!

If Revelation 12:9 says Satan deceives the whole world, how then are all 2 billion Christians deceived? Simple. They read only the polluted Babylonian Holy Bible. They don't even look for God's Original Scriptures because they are 1) deceived by easy Christianity and 2) accept lies like SLAVERY, ROYAL MURDER, POLYGAMY, STEALING, LYING AND ENVY are good! They accept Lawlessness is good, magic salvation and Easter bunnies who lay eggs. Worse of all, they ignore clear evils like a god of murder, polygamy, slavery, child trafficking, male superiority, grand theft and sex slavery. It seems impossible but now that YAHUWAH (True God and Christ) has partially restored YAsarel and is ending "the times of the Pagans/Gentiles", if you will seek God's truth honestly, we will show you how to recognize all spiritual deception and how to know your true God and Savior YAHUWAH. And yes, They both have the same Name again after YAHUW's Victory over sin and death. He is the Resurrection of YAHUW the Savior to YAHUWAH THE RISEN KING! 

Our true Savior YAHUW can be introduced best by studying the Prophets, like YAHUW ChristUW said. YashaYAHUW, the real Isaiah, means "The Savior is YAHUW!" Yerme-YAHUW (Jeremiah) means "The Resurrection is YAHUW!" How can any Hebrew scholar miss this! They can't but either money or pride are their gods so they just keep on lying to you and the world. But they will pay a huge price for their lies about YAHUW. This includes Messianic leaders who know YashaYAHUW but rather follow the false savior of Babylon Yehoshua (Yeho is salvation). The short form is called "YEshua" (YE is salvation). Yeho is the Lord god of the Jewish OT and of Babylon. If you like hell, keep following that demon. If you believe the HB or Christianity, you are also a dangerous terrorist, following a god who abuses little girls and who dashes infants to pieces against rocks (Num 31, Hosea 13:16, Is 13:13-16, Ps 137:9). Horrors! Unless you repent with tears of preaching such horrible sins, you will suffer the Lake of Fire like all beastly terrorists.

You can also find YAHUW by studying the ancient manuscripts like P45 and P46 of the name of "Jesus." You will be shocked to find NO JESUS! The Savior is IHY, which is "YAHUW". See above. "Je-Sus" first appears around 1556 in the Bishops (Catholic) Bible. Je-Sus means "damn Sus" in YAHUWdith (YAHdi), man's first language. "Jesus" BLESSEDLY replaced the Catholic "Yea-Sus" (IE-SUS) and "Hei Sus" both meaning "Heil to Sus." Sus was the chief sungod of the pagan Greeks and Romans and the favorite god of Emperor-Enslaver Constantine (Con) who created YeaSus Roman Catholic Christianity in 326 AD. Con created a "Universal Roman Church" (Catholic) by combining parts of 66 pagan religions to form Christianity. The names of 16 pagan Catholic gods are still on the months of the Christian year and the days of the Christian week. 

Empire Christianity grew to its present height of world domination by using torture, slavery, war, deceit, greed, trade and military conquests ("manifest destiny") but its great power came from female and child slavery. Military victories produced new land and lots of new slaves. Islam, ancient Judaism, Hinduism and even Buddhism all did the same. All major religions spread by slavery and honor to the empire king. After the BarbariYAns (freedomites with faith in YAHUW) of Europe finally took out the Roman Empire for the third time, the British Empire arose to continue it under a new name. It was the AmericAn Revolution of 1776 that finally allowed seekers true freedom from Empire religion. The advent of Jesus 250 years earlier finally gave us a nation protecting seekers from the kings tyranny. Now, 240 years later, we have a "Peoples Jesus" who no longer enslaves, tolerates royal murder edicts, concubines, polygamy, abusing children or women or stealing by royal families or governments, right? 

The USA was right in rejecting the kings of the British Empire and their politics but the caldron of mixed immigrants did not have the intelligence to reject the European Empire Catholic Religion and Holy Bible rather than seeking for God's Original Scriptures. Had we done so, we would have quickly cleansed the Americas of the plagues of slavery, land theft and murder brought by European Christianity (beginning with pagan Columbus in 1492). Many of the American Founding fathers knew YAH or YAHshua but it appears none knew YAHUWAH or His Covenant Laws yet. Yet still, not one verse of the HB is quoted in the Constitution! 7 of the 14 great Principles of the OS Covenant are clearly stated! 

However, The slave mongers lead by plantation owner Andrew Jackson "snake eyed" a presidential election in 1830. Against the Supreme Court, he declared war on the CarolinAH native Americans (who led the AmericAHn Anti-slavery movement) and killed every man and woman among them. Then he removed at gun point all Eastern Native Americans off their lands in the horrible "Trail of Tears."The slaughter of the Native American "YAHdi" ended the moral progress of the USA until after the Civil War. Empire Christianity grew rapidly! 

The horrible Civil War would never have happened if even a few preachers had done their work and seen that God hates slavery of all kinds! As in all Empire Religions, slavery is a lazy man's way to get rich, at least until he goes to the Lake of Fire!

The "LORD god" of the Roman Catholic and Protestant Christian Religions break all YAHUWAH's Ten plus Two Covenant Commandments regularly! So how can you know the Original Truth? The Sacred Seven Laws already in your heart tell you! You already know slavery, blaspheming God, murder, adultery, polygamy, stealing and lying are all evil, right? So all you need to do is to find a people that teach God's ancient Scriptures that teach the true Sinless God who never enslaves, murders, condones polygamy, concubines, steals or lies! Slavery alone eliminates Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The LORD God does all these things. Only the YAHUWda of YAsarAEl teach a sinless God! Only The Word of YAH Scriptures never contradict themselves!

The Holy Bible has 33% stolen truth from The Word of YAH and mixes it with 66% lies from the pagan Hindu god "Holy". Yasha-YAHUW was the prophet YAHUW first quoted in Luke 4, which introduces His ministry! This is Isaiah's original name. It means "The Savior is YAHUW." "Yasha" introduces YAHUW, our Original Savior! But very few today know of YAHUW. This is because both the Holy Bible and thus Christianity are deceptions of Satan and seek to confuse you about the Character of God and block you from eternal life. El YAH never murders! "

The "Empire Holy Bible" says God murders innocent people, women and children! The Spirit of YAHUW using Jesus, has been correcting this for the last 500 years! Does Jesus murder children? Does Jesus approve of polygamy? Slavery? We all say NO, NO, NO in spite of the HB saying yes! This is what YAHUW has done in World culture over the past 500 years! Since 1576 when the Reformation Protestants first introduced "Jesus" into English scripture, Jesus (Curse Sus) has gradually superseded the Catholic "Yea-Sus" (Hail Sus). "Jesus" was popularized in 1628 in the fifth edition of the KJV Bible. Jesus is "Yesha," the first five Eternal Characters of YAHUW, the true full Savior. Jesus cannot forgive sin or liberate your life. Now the Restoration of YAsarel introduces the full Salvation Teachings in the OS, the Sacred Eternal 14 Covenant Law Character of God seen through our Savior! The Spirit of YAH who has worked in Jesus for 500 years restoring the second 5 Sacred Laws, now leads us to YAHUW to restore all 14 Sacred Laws of Life. 

Now YAHUWAH accelerates the biggest restoration in history! YAHUWsha now leads us to hear, understand and believe in the full clear Character and salvation plan of God! Now you can know the entire plan of salvation God has for you as told in the Original Scriptures! You will learn what passages in the Holy Bible were inserted by the Empire Religions of history and which are truly from God! 

Overlined in the Greek P46 above, is the earliest NT manuscript in public domain (180 AD), see for yourself IHY (YAHUW) XPY (CrUW- YAHUW the King) on line five! AhleleuYAHUW! (Praise to YAHUW!)

"YAHUW", The Original Jesus gives God's Original Principles for love, family, worship, faith, health, financial freedom and most important, Eternal Life! Empire Christianity (EC) has deceived us from the truth and filled us with thousands of false translations and lies. 

Example of one of these lies is, 'God drowning all the world's children in Noah's flood. 

(The Book of Genesis, chapters  5-9)

Murdering unbeliever's is a dangerous lie. (The Book of Deuteronomy 17) That advocates Terrorism! God would never do that. If you do believe that, you worship a mass murderer! 

If you believe Abraham, Jacob and David had sex slaves (concubines), you worship a sex trafficker! (Abraham in "Genesis, chapters 16 and 21"; Jacob in "Genesis, chapters 29 and 30"; king David in 2nd Samuel, chapter 5:13 says he had concubines, then 2nd Sam 20:3 and also 1st Chronicles 3:9 talks also about his concubines!) 

Cast off this filth! Discover the real Scriptures for yourself! 

Get your real Faith today!

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