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The Original Word of God has Returned!

Why are their so many denominations? Why do so many churches contradict each other? What is our Creator's true purpose for us? Only God's Original Scriptures can tell us the full clear truth! It is to live forever with Him in His Eternal Kingdom! God through Christ (The King) made only one Way to enter Heaven! For us today, believing in "Jesus" is the great first step toward true saving faith! But churches often contradict exactly what believing in Jesus means.Now comes the clear rest of the story! 

Our true Savior is Yesha-YAHUW in the Original Scriptures! This is Isaiah's original name. It means "YAHUW is The Savior." "Yesha" introduces YAHUW, our Original Savior! But very few today know of YAHUW. This is because both the Holy Bible and Christianity are confused about the Character of God. The "Empire Bible" says God murders innocent people, women and children! Jesus, has been correcting this for 500 years! Does Jesus murder children? Does Jesus approve of polygamy? Slavery? We all say NO, NO, NO! This is what Jesus has done in English culture over the past 500 years, since 1576 when the Reformation Protestants first introduced "Jesus" into english scripture. Jesus superceded the Catholic "Yeasus" (Hail Sus) around 100 years later in the fifth edition of the KJV Bible. Jesus is Yesha, the first seven Eternal Characters of YAHUW the true full Savior. Now Jesus introduces the biggest teachings in the OS, the until Jesus and now YAHUW, the hidden Sacred Eternal 7+7 Characters of God seen through our Savior! The Spirit of YAH who has worked in Jesus for 500 years restoring the first 7 Characters, now leads us to YAHUW to restore all 14. Now accelerates the biggest restoration in history! Jesus now leads us to hear, understand and believe in the full clear Character and plan of God! Now you can know the entire plan of salvation God has for you as told in the Original Scriptures! You will learn what passages in the Empire Bible were inserted by the Empire Religions of history and which are truly from God! Thank you Jesus! 

 Overlined in the Greek P46 above, is the earliest NT manuscript in public domain (180 AD), see for yourself IHY (YAHUW) XPY (CrUW-Christ) on line five! AhleleuYAHUW! (Praise to YAHUW!)

YAHUW, the Original Jesus gives you God's Restored Original Principles for love, family, worship, faith, health, finances and most important, Eternal Life! Empire Christianity (EC) has given us part of the truth but also a lot of false translations. Discover the full original story for yourself!

We will send you a free copy of "YAHUW, The Original Jesus" for any donation of $19 or more made to "The Original Scripture KOY," Box 1200, Catoosa, OK 74015. Be sure to include your name and address on a stamped 9x6 envelope.


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