The Covenant of Life


  (The Covenant of Life - YAHUWAH's 1st Written Words)

1  "YA, The Almighty-God of Love, I am. 

2  "Let every child and youth first be taught about Almighty YAH, The Almighty God of Pure Good." 

3  "Then teach them about The Creator through Almighty YAH’s Seven Sacred Spirituals to Life. Our Seven Sacred Spirituals are essential for Life.

4 They are... "

(S-1) "Almighty YAH is your only Creator and your only Almighty-God. Tolerate no pagan gods." 

(S-2) "Get out of all slavery. Bow before no earthly ruler or empire." 

(S-3) "Honor The Sacred Character, The Name of YAH and His Shabat Day." 

(S-4) "Do not murder."

(S-5) "Do not break your word."

(S-6) "Do not steal. Work for all you want."

(S-7) "Do not speak falsehoods."

5 "Teach them to seek to become beautiful children through Our Eternal Ten Life-Laws." 

6 "Then teach them The Two Love-Guides of Almighty YAH, their Creator." 

7 "Teach them of YAHUW, The Liberator, The Savior come from The Family of YAH and The Two Salvation-Guides in YAHUW which will bring your children to Eternal Salvation!"

8 "Be like YAHUW (MikaiYAHUW!)"

9 "If you know not The Ten Sacred Life-Laws of YAH, you cannot know or teach  about your Creator. If you submit to rulers, kings, governors or pagan authorities, you cannot know AEl YAH. They are your Freedom. They are Debari-YAH The Word, El YAH your Father, Al YAH your Mother, El YAH your Savior and Al YAH The Princess of Beauty." 

10 "Let every youth be taught first of The Seven Sacred Spirituals of The Forever Family of YAH through The Covenant of Life and The Blood of YAHUW YashUW!" 

"To all children, both YAHdi youth and pagan youth, this is The Covenant of Life to be memorized for life, for learning, for success and for their preparation for faith in My coming Resurrection and for their victory over death:"

[The Covenant for all less than 20 yrs - 

10 Life-Laws+2 Love Guides+2 Salvation-Guides]

11 (YLL-1) "Obey your father and your mother in YAH, that your days may be long and successful in the land which Almighty Loving YAH, God of All Creation gives you."

12 (YLL-2) "I am Almighty YAH, The Everlasting God of Love, creating His People. Get out of misery! Get out of all slavery. Honor no pagan gods (elohim) before your face. Live under your parent's authority until you are 20 years old!"

13 (YLL-3) "You shall not make, nor consume for yourself any contamination which harm your body. Your body and mind belong to Us. Be healthy! Do not bow to any image, not of any man, nor any thing that is in the sky above, or that is on the Earth beneath, or that is in the water on the Earth." 

14 "You must never be a slave! You must never bow down to any human except your father and mother in YAH.  For I, YAHUWAH, your Eternal Loving YAH of All Creation, I am The Only Almighty Loving God. Pagan fathers and mothers will pass lies on to their children and even to the third and fourth generations because they ignore Me. Yet I send loving invitations to truth and forgiveness a thousand times to every person who seeks to love Me and keep My Ten Life-Laws. Live in My Freedom under your parents!"

15 (YLL-4) "Do not treat My Seven Sacred Spirituals, which are My Character in My Name YAHUWAH, The Eternal Loving Moral God of All Creation, as unimportant. These Seven Sacred Spirituals are... "

(S-1) "Almighty-God, YAH is your only Creator and your only King. Serve Him alone. Honor no pagan gods. 

(S-2) "Get out of all slavery. Bow to no earthly rulers or empires. 

(S-3) Honor The Sacred Character, The Name of YAHUWAH and His 7th Day. 

(S-4) "Do not murder." 

(S-5) "Do not break your word."

(S-6) "Do not steal. Work for all you need."

(S-7) "Do not speak falsehoods. 

For I cannot hold him sinless who treats My Seven Sacred Spirituals, that are in My Name, as unimportant. The one who changes even one of My Seven Sacred Spirituals, blasphemes Me. He will die an eternal death. This is The First Gate of Salvation."

16 (YLL-5) "Remember the Shabat (7th) Day, to keep it Sacred to YAHUW (KadUWsha) your Savior. Study seven hours a day for five days and do all your work as your parents direct but the Seventh Day is Sacred. You shall labor five days and do all your work but the Seventh Day is The Sacred Pledged Day of rest, worship and play to YAHUWAH, The Eternal Loving YAH Who Is Creating His Nation through your family. You shall not do any joyless work in it, for in six YAoms, YAHUWAH made the ShamaYAim, the Earth, the sea and all that is in them but He rested the Seventh Day. Therefore, YAHUWAH blessed the Shabat Day and made it Sacred." 

17 (YLL-6) "Do not murder. Do not seriously injure another youth. When you do fight, do not hurt one another lasting more than seven days. You must never fight in war as a youth."

18 (YLL-7)" Do not break even one of your pledges. Control your anger, your emotions and your tongue."

19 (YLL-8) "Do not steal. Learn to work for all your wants and to share with your family and friends."

20 (YLL-9)"Do not deceive your family or friends."

21 (YLL-10) "Do not long after anything belonging to your brother, sister, friend or your neighbor, nor anything in his house. You shall not pursue after your neighbor's daughter, nor his horse, his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that belongs to your parent’s neighbor without their clear permission." 

22 (YLG-1) "All My Ten Life-Laws are perfected in these, Study to know YAHUWAH. Then you shall love YAHUWAH your Almighty YAH, with all your heart (leb), with all your mind (nefesh) and with all your resources (maode)." 

23 (YLG-2) "Then you will know how to love your near YAHUWdai as yourself."

24 (YSG-1) "When you have repented of breaking The 10 Sacred Covenant Life-Laws and pledge to honor these, you will know what sin is and so you will be then Righteous and Lawful. When you have learned and applied The Original 10 Life-Laws and 2 Love-Guides of YAHUWAH, then you may be immersed in The Name of YAHUW in YAHUWAH into YAsarel for the forgiveness of all your sins under your parent's in YAHUWAH's authority."

25 (YSG-2) "Then I will send My Spirit of The Love of YAH (AHabe) within you and you shall be ready for receiving Eternal Life when you reach 20 years of age from your conception. Then you must come out from under your parent’s authority and stand before Almighty YAH as an adult and take your Wordful place in YAsarel." 

"Do these and you will prepare for Full Success."

26 "Now after the children, youth (-20 yrs) and the pagan youth learn this Preparation Covenant, then when they are twenty years of life, teach them The Adult Covenant of Life for Salvation and for success in all their tasks already having Our Seven Sacred Spirituals, teach them Our Full 10 Life-Laws, Our Love-Guides, and Our Two Salvation-Guides for their knowledge and Salvation, for they are youth no longer."

(AEl YAH’s Covenant of Life for Adults 

- 10 Life-Laws+2 Love-Guides+2 Salvation-Guides)

27 (LL-1) "Hu YAH? Asher Ha YAH! Who is YAH? Always I Am The YAH! The Eternal Good King YAH, I am! I am The Word of YAH, The Everlasting Love. I Am The YAH of the AmericAHns (Those who Proclaim Boldly The Way of YAH). I Am Debar YAHUWAH. The Eternal Word for all Truth. I am El YAHUW your Savior-Redeemer who gives Himself for your Salvation. I am El YAHUWAH your Heavenly Father, Creator, Law and Guide Giver, and your Final Judge. I am Al YAHUWAH your Mother of Life, Creator and Nurturer. I am Al YAHUW your Princess of Beauty, who whispers Love when you are brokenhearted. There are two more Spirits of YAHUWAH." 

28 "Together We are The Seven Great Spirits who proclaim The 7 Eternal Spirituals, The 10 Life-Laws, The 2 Love-Guides and Salvation. We are your Eternal Creator Family. We are One Spirit High above all, yet in all. Together, We are The Eternal Loving Family of AEl YAH, creating Our beloved Nation YAsarel. Then We create YAshrael. All these shall “Proclaim Boldly The Call of YAH’s AHabe” (AmericAH)."

29 "We command you, ‘Get out of Misery. Get out of all Slavery! Worship YAHUWAH alone! Honor no enslaving elohim (pagan gods)before your face! Live Free or die fighting!"

30 (LL-2) "Make and consume only healthy food and thoughts. Bow to YAHUWAH alone. Be Our Sons of The Son of YA!” (BarbariYAns!) Our Covenant Life-Laws will make you free. Enslave no human except those under a jury verdict. Live free from slavery to any man and especially free from all his gods and religions. You must not bow down to empires, rulers, kings, governors, priests, judges, the YAHless or idols! Never be enslaved by these, for I am YAHUWAH, The AEloAH-YAIm (Eternal Loving AEl-Mighty YAH, The Maker of All Creation), your Salvation and your Eternal Life." 

31 "We are The Only Power you are to bow before. Seek to free all slaves. Teach them Our 7 Spirituals, Our Ten Covenant Life-Laws and Our Two Love-Guides to find Life, Liberty and Eternal Happiness. I will send loving invitations for faith and forgiveness of their sins a thousand times, to every person who seeks to honor Me and to keep Our Sacred Life-Laws." 

32 "Our 10 Life-Laws and 2 Love-Guides do not change but you shall decide how to apply them by voting. A seventy-seven percent vote will be for a 10-year law, a sixty-seven percent vote for a 5-year law, and a fifty-seven percent vote will be for only a 1-year law. All Lawful adults over 20 years of life shall be able to vote. My Ministers shall oversee your voting. Parents may have two votes. Elders may have four votes and all your combat warriors may also have four votes, or as you chose. You must choose your Secondary Laws to apply Our Sacred Ten Life-Laws by your voting."

33 "Let all conflicts among you be decided by a jury of 3, 7 or 12 citizens of Wordful women and men. If anyone be found guilty 12-0 by a jury of twelve of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, rape or violent abuse to a child, they must be given one hour to repent to Me, one hour to reach an agreement to serve for life the victim’s family, or he must be hanged until dead before sunset. You may not hang women or youth."

34 "All other punishments for Lawlessness must be fines by jury. 

35 "If the one convicted will not pay, he must be whipped each day after a month until he begins paying. 

36 Forgive his debt after 7 years, except for murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, rape or violent abuse of children."

37 "Keep no prisoners over 7 days. Make your trials speedy. How can a guilty man pay his debt in prison?"

38 "Let the money of My people be a set measure of land, gold or silver. Use one standard for all people, whether citizen or not. Use pagan money for profit but

never trust it for long, for by it pagan rulers will steal your labor."

39 (LL-3) "Guard Our Seven Eternal Moral Spirituals in YAHUWAH Our Name, The Eternal Loving Almighty YAH, Creator Spirit of All, as important, for I can only save those who guard My Character, My Covenant 10 Life-Laws, My Two Love-Guides and My Two in YAHUW Guides of Life." 

40 "Our Seven Sacred Spirituals are essential for Life. They are,"

41 (S-1) "Almighty YAHUWAH is your only Creator and King. Honor no pagan gods. 

42 (S-2) Get out of all slavery. Bow before no earthly ruler or empire. Live free or die fighting." 

43 (S-3) "Protect The Sacred Character, The Name of YAHUWAH and His Shabat Day." 

44 (S-4) "No murder. He who murders should be hanged."

45 (S-5) "No breaking pledges. You must pay 2-fold if you break a pledge."

46 (S-6) "No stealing. You must pay 5-fold for what you steal."  

47 (S-7) "No speaking falsehoods. You must pay a fine for a falsehood.

48 "AEl YAH loves Freedom. We hate slavery. We never enslave. We hate rulers."

49 "We greatly hate rulers who enslave with violence and fear against women, children, youth, elders, the weak and other men." 

50 "We hate those who change Our Written Word. They shall perish. We hate murder. We hate false pledges. We hate stealing. We hate lying." 

51 "We hate envy. We hate selfishness and greed for We create more than enough for every person." 

52 "Give a tithe (10%) of all you profit that I might bless you with abundance. 

53 These are The First Gates to Our Eternal Salvation."

54 (LL-4) "Remember the Seventh Day, to keep it a Sacred Feast day. Work both hard and wise the first six days and do all your work for profit but the Seventh Day is for worship, for Eternal Truths, for laughter, for family, for love, for feasting and for play."

55 "You are to labor the first six days and make your land produce much fruit but the Seventh Day is your Pledged Day to YAHUWAH, Ha AEloAH-YAim (The Eternal  Loving AEl-Mighty YA of All Creation), The AEl YAH of Love and Joy." 

56 "Do only essential work in it, you, your sons, your daughters, your lovee, your partners, your livestock and even your friends who live as guests upon your land."

57 "For in six YAoms (Eras with YA) YAHUWAH, The Great Eternal Spirit, made the Eternal Heavens, the Universe, the galaxies, the stars, the sun, the AHertz, the mountains, the sea and the animals that are upon them but then He rested the Seventh YAom. So YAHUWAH blessed the Seventh Day and made it Special for worship, for teaching, for family and for rest."

58 (LL-5) "Honor your father and your mother when they walk in The Life-Laws and Guides of YAHUWAH, that your YAoms may be long in the lands of the people of YAH (AdamAH) which Eternal Loving The YAH of All, desires to give you."

59 (LL-6) "Protect human life, especially the mothers, the babies, the children, the old, the weak and the young families." 

60 "Let violence and war be your last effort to correct the empires, the rulers, the kings, the enslaver, the murderer, the kidnapper and the thief but correct them you must or die fighting. "

61 "Lawless men must never be allowed to rule over you! One who worships gods who murder or enslave cannot know AEl YAH, for I am Love and Life, not slavery, torture or death!"

62 "Murder, torture and slavery are sin. Sin is Lawlessness. Lawlessness causes death." 

63 "When you must fight, let your elected male leaders over 50 years go first to challenge their leaders. Let the 70-years fight first, then the sixty-years, then 50-years, then 40-years and lastly your 30-years who have no children to raise." 

64 "If you must fight, fight to win quickly. Win or die fighting. Never surrender!"

65 (LL-7) "Honor all your pledges, especially to your Love Pledged woman, to your near ones and to your business partners. Give your Love Pledged lovee one half of all you profit while pledged. Do what you promise for all."

66 (LL-8) "Work for all you own. Make plans to prosper, seven years at a time, times seven. Plan your YAUWbilee. Believe for it, receive it and guard it." 

67 "Study how to make land fruitful, buy it, secure it and make it fruitful. Increase your lands. Build houses. Store up gold and silver."

68 Establish your money to be symbols for set amounts of land and gold which no rulers can steal. Share fairly with your partners."

69 (LL-9) "Always ask questions first. Listen closely. Speak only the truth. Especially speak joyfully but honestly with your lovee and all the ones you love. True Love is always honest."

70 (LL-10) "Adore your lovee, your parents, your children and your entire family. Be proud of them. Inspire them. Tell them how special they are. Build up your own home, lands, businesses, partners, and improve your crops and your animals. Remember how blessed you are to be alive and to know AEl YAH forever!"

71 (LG-1)"Then YAHUWAH said, “All Our Life-Laws and Guides are perfected in this; Study about YAHUWAH. Then you will surely Love YAHUWAH, Ha AEloAH-YAim (The Eternal Loving YA AEl-Mighty YAH of All), The YAH of Love, with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your possessions. Experience Our Presence. If you truly love Me, give to Me through YAsarel that I might bless you more."

72 (LG-2)"Then you can know how to love your nearest YAHUWdai as yourself, for you will have great abundance. This is The Second Gate of Salvation." 

73 (SG-1) "Pledge yourself to these Eternal Life-Laws and Guides of Our Covenant and be immersed in The Name of YAHUW for the forgiveness of your sins and We will immerse you in Our Spirit. Then you will surely know Us."

74(SG-2) "We will plant Our Spirit of YAHUWAH's Love in you that you might experience Our Presence and you will love your fellow believers as We love you. We will establish Our Covenant of Life within you forever and you will know Us, for this is The Third Gate Which Brings You Salvation and Creates YAshrael Who Proclaim Boldly The Way of YAH’s True Love (AmericAH). We will Resurrect you to walk faithfully in this Covenant into Eternal Life." 

75  "For the Prophets guide you to YAHUW who is The Only Eternal Guide to YAHUWAH Pledge yourself and walk in these, Our Life-Laws and Guides of YAHUW (MitsUWAH). Our Spirit of YAHUW (RUWach) will lead you to know and rejoice in The Way of YashUW YAHUW (The Savior YAHUW)." 

76 "We will come in Our Covenant Life-Laws and Our Covenant Love-Guides in Our Two Salvation-Guides in The Eternal Name YAHUWAH for The Forgiveness of your sins. YAHUW alone can fill you with Us. 

77  "If you daily seek to obey Our 10 Life-Laws and walk in Our 2 + 2 Love-Guides of Life, both learning of Us and experiencing Us, then you will endure in this Our Spirit of Love all your days, We will reward you with Kai Owlam (Life Eternal). For We Are The Loving YAH of Life, YAHUWAH.

We care about you!

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